MX vs ATV Legends – How to Get All 40 Achievements

MX vs ATV Legends – How to Get All 40 Achievements 1 -
MX vs ATV Legends – How to Get All 40 Achievements 1 -

Welcome to MX vs ATV Legends – How to Get All 40 Achievements Guide.

This guide will walk you through completing all of the Steam achievements for MX and ATV Legends.
There are 39 hidden achievements and 40 achievements you have to unlock. These tips might help you to get them. Enjoy!


Below are the steps and the names of each step:

You have to start somewhere… – Get started in your professional career by attending Regional Qualifiers.

Rookie – Celebrate 1 Year in the Career

Veteran – Celebrate two Years in the Career

Legend – Complete your entire Career

Influencer – Get enough fans to unlock your first gate in your Career.

Internet Famous – Complete 250 Amateur Nationals to gain enough fans to unlock the next gate of your Career.

Hot Shot Pro Rider – Complete the 250 Outdoor Championship to earn enough fans for the next gate in your Career.

National Champion – Completion of the 450 Outdoor Championship series to unlock the next gate in your Career.

Trailblazer – Complete the final Invitational series to unlock the next gate in your Career.

Ace in the Hole – Win 10 holeshots

Make it rain – Spend more than 100,000 MotoCoin.

Gotta Fetch ‘Em All – All Collectibles on one Map

Blue Flag – Lap an enemy in a race

Well, Traveled – Complete at least one race on each track.

Dominator – Place 1st in each race in a series.

Factory Mechanic – Equip a vehicle equipped with a Level 3 Tuning Profil Module ().

You’re going to need a bigger garage – Buy one of each vehicle type.

MotoCoin is the best way to take it with you.

Road Trip – Drive more than 100 miles (160.934km).

Circus Act – Get a stunt with a flip.

Best of the Best – Place 1st in any race using Legends AI difficulty.

Long Jump – Jump over 300 Feet (91.44 Meters).

Look Ma, no hands! – Perform a 7x stunt combination that ends with a No Hander stunt.

Complete Set – All 100 Collectibles.

Training Wheels – Complete the tutorial.

Coloring Inside the Lines – Finish a race without getting off-track

Wreckage – Wreck 50 Times

Showboat – Perform 5 unique stunts during a race event.

Stuntman – Perform 100 stunt combinations.

Extreme Birdwatching – Jump higher than 50 feet (15.24m).

Speed Demon – Reach speeds in excess of 80 mph (128,75 km/h).

Step into the Arena – Complete an online match.

Stoppie the Feeling – Hold a Stoppie for 75 feet (22.86 meter) or more

Chain Reaction – Perform an 11x stunt combination.

Surfs Up – Hydroplane above 120 feet (36.58 metres) of water

Tricky – Perform any stunt with success

Tune Up – Equip an Upgrade Part.

To the Max – Equip your vehicle with a Level 3 tuning profile module (TPM or) in each slot.

Unicycle – Use a Wheelie trick to reach 150 feet (45.72 meter) or more

World Cla*s – Complete 25 Online Matches

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Written by PrxJek | Jean

This is all about MX vs ATV Legends – How to Get All 40 Achievements; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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