Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Ripley would be proud and Anti-Vaxer Achievement DLC Guide

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Ripley would be proud and Anti-Vaxer Achievement DLC Guide 1 -
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Ripley would be proud and Anti-Vaxer Achievement DLC Guide 1 -

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Explaining how pod Spawners work for the Achievement “Ripley would be proud” and the requirement for “Anti-Vaxer”

Pod Spawner

Information will be for Very Hard Spawners but as the lower difficulty modes have lower stats it works for them as well.
Hp: 30
Armor: 2
+Spawns a “Pod” enemy on it’s third turn, will be seen making preparations on it’s second turn.
+Has no shown detection range on it’s own but seems to have the same range as other units though it is invisible so if an enemy is killed silently close by it will still become active. this means that you can’t ambush it by itself, however you can initiate an ambush for another unit and instead attack Spawner and as long as the detection range for the first unit is far enough away the combat will end when Spawner dies.
+Given above it also can’t detect units in battle meaning any unit that hasen’t attacked it yet or used a loud weapon will have the Hidden +Crit chance.
+It can’t alarm other units by itself.
This means that if there is any single unit close to it that you can kill silently in one turn will leave you with 2 turns to kill it assuming you Ambushed it, if you were found you have 2 turns to kill it but at that point you will be swarmed by any nearby unit so unless you are playing on Iron Mutant you are better off loading a save.
Given it’s armor it can’t be taken down in one turn silently without all silent weapons maxed out (including the Wraith that has higher base/crit damage), the Twitch Shot ability and having all 3 attacks crit (can be easily done with the new DLC hats and the Silent Assassin trait)
Luckily you don’t have to use them for the pod itself, however you might need it for the units close to it so save a few weak foes in other maps.
Spolier Ahead
For the Goran Boss fight you can’t kill of the last 4 units one by one so instead go to the upper floor near the Pod Jumber, it’s the one closest to the Pod Spawner here, you can kill Jumper without alerting Goran or the second Jumper but the Spawner will notice.
As it can’t sound the alarm by itself you now have a turn to kill off Goran and Jumper before they fight back, given 30 Hp for both Goran and Jumper you can use 3 Grenades or 2 Grenades and the Gunslinger ability to kill all of them now (Spawner needs one more turn) and they won’t have a chance to attack.
Spawner if you have the High Ground hats and Ability bonus can be killed in one turn after even if you don’t hurt it with Grenades (it’s in range so blast along with the rest, no reason not to)



It like the Scrap collected only start counting when you first access the DLC locations, so you can still get it even if you have used Med-kits in the base campaign.
So make sure you never heal with Med-Kits after you have gone to the first DLC location “Mausoleum of Suburbia”
You can still heal with Corpse Eater/Feaster ability.

Ability Achievements tips (DLC included)

For the Kill X enemies with ability you can setup the field (get at least one enemy in kill range) save, use ability and wait for animation to end and then load. will speed up for example chain lightning kills.
Saved the 3 enemies in the “Cave of Fear”. (pyro, bot and butcher) but any place with weak enemies close to each other will work, later on Greandes does 8 (12 with DLC) base damage so more clusters are viable for these types later on.
Achivements that work with Cave of Fear:
-“Om nom nom” Eat enemy while medbot is healing
-“Taste like Chicken” Eat a bleedingout ally & “My bad” Kill an ally (use Greandes for this) (can be done anywhere but is convenient to do here)
-CC ability uses:”Green Fingers”, “And Stay Down!”, “The Power of Flesh”)
-“Frying Tonight” kill 10 enemies with Chain lightning
-Butterfingers (kill with pyro molotov) Shove the butcher on the left side with either Bormins charge or with the Pushback weapons (either inherent (Gaper) or weapon mod)
-Vampyr, Kill 3 foes while invisible, need to have reached DLC and upgraded Duxs Chameleon ability, use either grenades or weak weapons to get foes in kill range, with the Silent Assassin and the sneak hat (Fertility Crown) 10 hp or lower will do.
-Repurposer, turn 3 enemies into cover at once. Need to upgrade Selmas Plant Ability after you have access to DLC
-Homerun, Push 3 enemies back at once with Big Khan, hes a DLC exclusive character so won”t have access to him until you have finished base game, need to give him a +move hat and be close to detection range for it to work, just get in the middle of them and use ability once.
I saved the Pyro, Butcher and Med bot in the Cave of Fear for these types of Achievements but any
(if you save these 3 foes you miss out on one of the +2 crit damage weapon mods but i did all of the base game without it mostly silently with ability uses so it might be nice to have but not essential)
If you need help with the new DLC achivements not listed above you can check here: – [] 

Written by Hollowriller

This is all about Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Ripley would be proud and Anti-Vaxer Achievement DLC Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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