Muck – Tribal Villagers Strategy Guide

Muck – Tribal Villagers Strategy Guide 1 -
Muck – Tribal Villagers Strategy Guide 1 -
This guide tells you what to do and what not to do when encountering these weird and bean-wielding tribes



While you are mucking around, you may see some tribal villages. 
The villages are filled with stupid green-pants nitwits that are holding spoo beans. However, not all are green-pants-spoo-bean-holding nitwits. Those ones trade items with you for coins, according to their profession. But, sadly, these trades are seriously unbalanced. 

Special tips

-Breaking the barrels gives you wood, stone, bread, coins, and maybe other things I haven’t gotten yet. (put rare drops in the comments) 
-Rock piles and wood piles are great ways to get lots of food and rock fast. 
-The weird hut things that have no walls are indestructible, so you can hide on top if you ever get them angry. 
-Open the chieftain chest once in one village in a completely brand new session, because you really just want the achievement and the chest loot is so bad… 
-This is it, now put stuff in the comments. 

How unbalanced the trades are


Grinding adamantite tools:


-Mine wood, then get wood tools 
-Mine iron and chop birch, then get steel tools 
-Mine mithril and chop fir, then get mithril tools 
-Mine adamantite and chop oak, then finally get adamantite tools 
This process takes very long, and the whole time you have to worry about bosses, enemies, and food. 

Buying adamantite tools:


-Just find a smith selling adamantite tools (75 coins per 
-Chop open the barrels (that give you coins and food) and loot chests if you are short. 
-This process can take less than 5 minutes, and you can challenge big chunk already before the day ends. 



Good or bad


From the start, all tribe members will be calm and happy and not attack you. However, they will attack you if you do any of these 2 things: 
-Deal damage to a tribe member 
-Open the special chest that is perched on a rock (Also, it contains literal garbage) 
If you don’t do any of those you will be fine! 
The latter is the easiest rule to not break, but the former is quite hard. if you are defending yourself from a mob or a boss, you may accidentally hit them. So the best thing to do is make a base away from all villages, remember where they are, and visit them only in the early morning, and never attack. 

Oh god no! the bean guys are chasing after me! aAaAaA!!!!!


Either you wanted the achievement, or it became nighttime and you were cornered by mobs and an unfortunate bean was nearby. No matter what, you have a horde of bean holders chasing after you. 
How to run and hide 
The simple and easy method is to hold S and LMB, while looking at enemies. This attacks them while running away. If you are out of stamina or they are really close, jump on one of those wall-less huts, they are indestructible. It may take a while, but they all will die, or you die. If they form a complete circle around you, you are done for. 

Pros and cons of instigating tribe people:


-You no longer have to live in fear of the attack button 
-You can get the stunning, awe-striking, extraordinary loot from the chieftain chest. (About 2 raw meat) 
-Can’t trade 
-Now you are completely alone for the rest of your life, never to have fun with friends again… 

The loot might not be bad?

Put in comments if your chieftain chest had more enticing contents than 7 wood. 
(i know if you are lying) 

Written by VelocityMagnet

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Muck – Tribal Villagers Strategy Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!


  1. the chieftain chest has a 1% chance to have the cheif’s spear sooo its worth opening once you bought adamanite tools and ripped off the villagers

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