Muck – Self Achievements

Muck – Self Achievements 1 -
Muck – Self Achievements 1 -

[ps when I say “in a public server” I mean on a server with 3 or more people]

Beat the game
Kill the big stone boss


I killed the dinos
Kill 20 little green dinos


Zombie apocalips
Kill 20 zombie caveman


Kill 20 fire dinos


Rock smasher
Kill 15 little rock mans


Holy water
Have 5 fire dinos on the same pond/lake/ocean or whatever you wanna call it


Wave destroyer
Defeat 10 battle monuments


LTN would be proud
Survive 100 days


Serial killer
Kill one person


Kill 5 people


Mass murderer
Kill 12 people


A whole day gone
Play the game for a total of 24 hours


Strong as steel
Get full iron armor tools and sword


Money money money
Get full gold armor tools and sword


Cover me in diamonds?
Get full mythical[frogot the name] armor tools and sword


The stuff of legends
Get full adiantum armor tools and sword


Have 1000 or more coins


One punch man
Have over 1000 max dmg


Health man
Have over 500 max hp


Cow killer
Kill 100 cows


Beat the game without killing any cows


Eat only food made with meat


Balls of steel
Kill the big rock boss with only steel pants


Craft a Bow


Beat the game in under 30-40 min or as soon as the boss spawn


Kill someone or something from over 50 apples away



Die with full adenium armor


Magic mushroom
Eat all four mushrooms


Drug dealer
Have a full stack of any mushrooms


Island time
Set foot on an island


Rarr in co stew and go
Have a full stack of soup or whatever it is called


Meat cannon
Craft a full stack of meat soup


Jonney apple seed
Have a full stack of apples


Cut down 100 trees


Beat the game without killing anything except for rock boss


In a public server make a community without war


War [third horseman]
In a public server make war


In a public server find a base kill residents and take over the base with at least one other person

Market place
In a public server make a working market or store


Famine [first horseman]
In a public server steal someones food all of it


Pustules [second horseman]
In a public server be a pest to someone [take their food hit them at bad times and break their house]


Death [fourth horseman]
In the same public server kill 25 people


The four horseman
In the same public server complete famine, pustules, war, and death


In a public server die a respawn


Get hunted down


Hunt someone


Coin tower
Have the most money on the server


Have a server with 5 or more people end


Build a giant base and boast about it


Take or steal someone’s money


In a public server eat a lot of food from other people even after your hunger is full


In a public server kill someone over the smallest thing


In a public server do like nothing for yourself and only use what other people have made


Jump on a cow and stay on for 30 seconds


In a public server if someone has something better than you in any way kill that person and make that thing worse than yours


Complete all Achievements



By CodyTnT

This is all about Muck – Self Achievements; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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