Muck – How to play

Muck – How to play 1 -
Muck – How to play 1 -
A tutorial from starting the game to defeating the hardest boss in it!


Starting the game

When you think “hmm, I want to play this game called ‘MUCK’ and you download it on steam, but oh no! you are troubled with the fact that you don’t know how to start the game!

When you download this game (and maybe any other game on steam) we are all troubled with the fact you don’t know how to start it, but I am an expert in this topic and I am here to tell you that after you download any game, you need to click the green play button with your mouse cursor (or with your finger if you are on mobile!)

Muck - How to play


when you begin the game you walk around with WASD and in the corner it gives you instructions. Follow those instructions and you should have a rock, some wood, and a workbench. mine some more trees and make some bark, after, craft an axe with the bark and wood. After knock down some trees and farm wood until it becomes night.

Muck - How to play

Night time

Hopefully you followed what happened in the section before and you have an axe. When the night sets over the muck lands multiple instances of ‘Dave’ will appear, Daves are pretty easy to kill but if you are building something they can be a real pest.

Nights in this game are pretty fast so the first night will be a breeze unless you are bad.

The second night is pretty rough so strap in!

When you start off the second night you probably wont have to much different items because the days go by as fast as the night. When the sun sets bone goblin men will spawn, the bone goblin men have about the same health of Dave but the bone goblin men throw bones at you so be wary of their projectiles.

The stone golems… are rude. The stone golems not only are strong but they pack a punch. One mistake I made was trying to fight back, and that led me into getting 3 concussions at once, 4 broken ribs, and launched me into the hospital. Now you may be wondering “hey so what do I do if im not supposed to fight it?!” and there is just one, simple, answer.

The Big Boss

Now this… this.. thing…. it is a menace to all things good, the broken tooth to the worlds best set of teeth, the embodiment of pure evil. Big Chunk is the big and OP boss of the game. Run into it in a multiplayer server and that server will done in a jiffy.

Did you know that the creator of this video game is Dani? Dani is a swedish youtuber who specializes in making dumb (in a good way) games. Dani also made KARLSON, now you may be wondering “Now what is this ‘carl son’ this man is talking about?” You’re wondering what Karlson is? Im glad you asked! Karlson is just a game Dani’s working on currently it’s one of the most wishlisted game on steam wishlist it so we get it to the #1 spot, Smash wishlist now gamers.
Fun fact: Dani has a milk fountain at home (paparazzi confirmed it)

Muck - How to play

By noaln

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Muck – How to play, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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