Muck – Basic start for beginners

Muck – Basic start for beginners 1 -
Muck – Basic start for beginners 1 -
Tells a basic start for any number of players. Designed for 0h people


Early game

*consider easy mode. The game is ruthlessly hard thanks to its bad balance, so no shame in this.

1. Find a rock, it’s a small gray object on the ground
2. Get 3-4 green (leafed) trees

—if playing with multiple people, communicate to see if there’s a dedicated base already (enter to chat)—
*Keep in mind stuff naturally spawns around you. No need to go far from base, other than to look for rarer stuff that isn’t common yet*

3. If no base, make table via inv (tab)
4. Make an axe, and collect some more trees
5. Make a pickaxe and lots of stone. If it’s night, don’t worry – continue farming. The enemies at this stage aren’t much of an issue.
6. Collect mushrooms along the way – all are good for you, and yellow ones give you food. Getting other types of food is a waste of time, you’ll come to learn
7. Find iron (black ore), then make a forge, smelt the iron, upgrade to an iron pick and axe

Mid game

8. Get birch wood (white wood tree), and blue ore.
9. Upgrade to a blue sword, then some armor, then pick and axe
10. You’ll find enemies are more difficult. Walk-in circles around them, and run away when your health is at half or worse. Eat red or rainbow mushrooms for health.
11. Get green ore gradually, but more so focus on getting chests/loot. The cheap 25c chests are ideal imo for their cheap cost and good items
12. Upgrade to green tier. If you have the time or need for it, make lots of walls (they’re cheap), and place them everywhere. Enemies will focus on these and not chase you, making them an easy and safe kill.

You may get the big rock guy. Don’t worry – just hit him with your sword, circle around him, and jump to dodge his rock attacks when he starts in to look sus

Late game

13. Find green ore and upgrade to it.
14. Continue finding chests. If you have the time, making separate furnaces for smelting gold ore you find, will get you TONNES of coins (make them at the anvil). With your wealth, look for the 250c chests ideally since they have great upgrades – in particular, the sniper scope which gives you a 1 hit kill crit, basically.

By now you should find you’re getting overpowered and can’t die. Play the game out till you get bored.

And, there’s one more armor tier left 🙂 Just keep playing and you’ll discover it.
But unfortunately, it’s pretty sucky – seems to be the same as green stuff.
Hope this helped!

By cate

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Muck – Basic start for beginners, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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