Mount & Blade: Warband – Gensyoko Warfare Backgrounds Guide

Mount & Blade: Warband – Gensyoko Warfare Backgrounds Guide 1 -
Mount & Blade: Warband – Gensyoko Warfare Backgrounds Guide 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Mount & Blade: Warband – Gensyoko Warfare Backgrounds Following this guide step by step.

A breakdown of the background in the Touhou total converter mod Gensyoko Warfare. Plus, more for beginners!


Gensokyo is your home! The first question that you need to answer to discover who you really are is: “Who are you?” Below are the information and facts about each of the four races.

  • Humans are just halfway good at everything
  • Fairies are able to regenerate 1 hp per minute with a tradeoff of 10% less heat, but they have 10% less health.
  • Youkai are prone to slight injuries, movement, and health problems.
  • White Wolf Tengu can move and attack faster than 5% and come with 150% HP

Because everyone has their own strengths, I wouldn’t recommend playing human.

Before this, you were a _____________.

This section may change depending on your race. Here are the human ones that will apply to you in some cases.

BackstoryRaw StatsAdditional AttributesProficiency
Unremarkable+2 INT and +1 CHR+2 Riding, +1 Wound Treatment, +1 First Aid, +1 Leadership+18 One Handed
Spirited Away+3 INT and +1 CHR+1 Leadership, Inventory Management, +1 Trade+13 Two Handed
Accidentally+1 STR and +1 AGI, respectively.+1 Ironflesh. +1 Power Strike.+7 One Handed and +19 Two Handed. +26 Poles, +26 Firearms.
No Memory+2 STR and +2 AGI+1 Power Draw. +1 Athletics. +1 Tracking.+13 Two Handed


As a child, you were

ChildhoodRaw StatsAdditional AttributesProficiency
Martial Arts+2 STR and +1 AGI+1 Ironflesh and +2 Power Strike+10 One Handed, Throwing, +24 Every Other
Apprentice+1 STR and +2 INT+2 Engineering, +1 TradeNone
Shop Assistant+1 INTER, +1 CH+1 Inventory Management, +1 TradeNone
Urchin+1 AGI, +1 INT+1 Looting and +1 Spotting+11 One Handed, +3 Tossing


Your adulthood

JobRaw StatsAdditional AttributesProficiency
Shrine Maiden+2 INT and +2 CHR+2 Power Throw & Draw; +3 Athletics; +1 Riding; +1 Wound Therapy; +1 First Aid; and +2 Persuasion+5 One Handed; +51 Archery, +51 Throwing
Village Guard+2 CHR+1 Weapon Master. +1 Pathfinding. +1 Persuasion. +1 Leadership.+17 One Handed, +32 Pistolarms
Craftsman+2 INT+1 Weapon Master. +1 Training. +1 Wound Treatment.+14 Crossbows, +26 One-Handed
Merchant+1 INT or +1 CHR+1 Riding and +1 Pathfinding. +1 Inventory Management. +1 Trade+19 Polearms
Doctor+1 ST, +1 IN+1 Weapon Master, +2 Wound Therapy, +2 Surgery and +2 First Aid. +1 Persuasion+10 One Handed
Peasant+1 STR+1 Athletics, +1 Tracking, +1 Spotting+13 Polearms and +45 Archery


These are the Top Reasons to Travel

ReasonStatsAdditional Attributes
Destroyed Village+2 STR+1 Power Strike
Loss+2 CHR+1 Ironflesh
Wanderloss+2 AGI+1 Pathfinding
Change Gensyoko+1 INTER, +1 ST+1 Weapon Master
Ambition+1 INT or +1 AGI+1 Looting


Skills that are worth considering

Mod-Specific importance is placed on certain skills in this section. Solo stats have a higher value because of the additional leveling system for health/damage percent. I’ll list.

  • Oni Javelins with 90p damage per gallon can be used for power throw. Area of Effect satchels can also be used to get the damage bonus on direct hits.
  • Power Draw’s damage multiplier for danmaku launchesers applies to them, making the 6+ Arrow blasts that much more deadly and able pierce heavier armors (important).
  • Riding is something I enjoy doing anyways, but mod’s powercreeped horse that can go 60 mph are worth a try. Additional increases can make you a real menace with 80 armour, 500 hp, and more.
  • First Aid allows you heal yourself on a timer and is a strong competitor with Ironflesh
  • Prisoner Management is vital for recruiting powerful lord units. The broker will charge you between 2500 and 4000 for grabbing five more elite units.



For Mount & Blade: Warband – Gensyoko Warfare Backgrounds Guide, see this guide. Please let us know in the comments below if you find anything incorrect or outdated, and we will attend to it as quickly as possible. I hope that today turns out well for you. A big thank you to guappodiablo2 for his post that inspired this guide. If you liked this post, be sure to bookmark us so you can easily find more of our great material in the future.

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