Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Bannerlord and what is lacking in the game Reviews

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Bannerlord and what is lacking in the game Reviews 1 -
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Bannerlord and what is lacking in the game Reviews 1 -

While this game is still technically in early access we know the game will be considered completed soon, sometimes I and many others feel that this game while a 9.5/10 in our mind is lacking a whole lot of substance. Now before anything please note not all of these are my ideas. Many of these Ideas have come from talking and reading ideas from many players! any ways Ill get started (this list is by no means in order)

Religion (or a culture buff): So Cultures will give you a bonus ranging in a variety of things like travel, merchant cost, and xp boosts. Religion or a culture buff can be used to further complexify politics in the game, Example if 2 lords from separate kingdoms follow the same religion they might have a positive bias towards each other that may give a boost in relations between the two. also religious lines should not be the same as cultural lines, example Battanian lords feel the most independent so why not have a different religion in that small area? the king of a kingdom has lands that do not follow the same religion as him so they revolt and the cities rebel against his kingdom and claim independence just like what some cities do now!

civil war: Besides the Empire being in a state of civil wars I think it’s unfair they are the only ones who are experiencing this. Civil wars can start for many reasons such as challenging the legitimacy of a king or a clan within a kingdom trying to take the throne for itself. while I have been told this is possible to do in the game I also never seen any AI challenge its Kings let alone while doing this I don’t think it allows your clan to ever become kings of one of the main kingdoms Example you will never become king of the khuzaits but you can have lords defect to your kingdom where you are a king of your own realm and not the khuzait realm and I believe if you want to challenge Monchug for the throne you should have that ability. REBELLION Has been added so Half a check?

Weather: we do have seasons and snow does land on a larger part of the map during winter, But i never seen it snow on the battlefield or never have seen it rain on the battlefield. These are just small touches to the game.

Plague: we forget that this was a very big part in history, Plague should spread when entering a city, participating in battle, talking to a lord and so on. with a Random chance of it taking out a lord and or your troops as well as effecting how recruitment works in cities and villages. You can die from sickness in game so….. HALF CHECK?

feasts and wedding ceremonies: Players liked when you can see every lord at the kingdom in you castle giving thanks for the food or congratulating a new couple hosting feasts can give you a chance of gaining more influence

moral boosters troops: are banner holders and troops that play instruments during a battle to slightly increase the moral of troops increasing the amount of time they can stay in battle along with war drums and shield bashes to make noise

Joining minor factions/ minor factions turning into a legit clan: Why can’t I be part of the hidden hand? why can’t the hidden hand grow to become a clan and take over castles?

Ship travel/sea battles?: while i’m not fully on board with this Idea it’s a good idea but don’t fully understand how it would work…. Maybe like viking conquest????

More memorable people: Jeremus <3 i don’t fully understand how this works because the Empress is already a meme and Derhert and Monchug are people who will ruin your day

More complex/in depth diplomacy and policy: We only have alliances from marriage and not much else, this alliances will improve relations between two clans. While this is a good thing we don’t have any large scale alliances. No kingdom to kingdom diplomacy. We should have kingdom to kingdom diplomacy as far as alliances, periods of non aggression, defensive alliances, claims alliances. And even more add ons to further the depth such as trade/ trade embargos, child hostages, support claims on territories, claims on land that is not yet yours, defender of a people in a kingdom lets say you are playing as the empire and the Sturgia took over a castle that has villages that is part of the Empire culture you can claim to have protection over those people so no polices will be made that would make them unhappy. Selling land and castles. And more

More options on how to place siege on a castle, village, and city: if you don’t want to capture it you can destroy it ruining the wallet of the lord that owns it now that the lord has to pay to repair it. This was added 😮

Better Raids: Now in Warband raids would give you a lot of money. In Bannerlord the most you will get is grain. Now I think going back to the Warband ways of Raids for profit would be incredibly OP. I do think raids in bannerlord need to be looked at again because Raids only have negative outcomes (unless your party is in dyer need of food) how about decimating a village where it would cost the lord a mild fee to rebuild?

These are a lot of Ideas and not all of them are my ideas… I feel most of these Ideas are good Ideas and would love to see them in the game

TLDR: Religion, civil war, Weather, Plague, feasts, moral boosters troops, minor faction buffs, sea battles, Jeremus, in depth diplomacy and policy, Siege outcomes, Raids.



Hope you enjoy the Guide about Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord – Bannerlord and what is lacking in the game Reviews, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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