Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – How to Get More Money Tips

Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – How to Get More Money Tips 1 -
Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – How to Get More Money Tips 1 -

Currently The Fastest way to grind money


With the Guide i’m hoping to keep the most profitable and “least” Boring money earning as possible
Any help/Tips or information of Routes/Delivery’s That i haven’t listed Please feel free to comment so i can add then along with all the other information
I’m still running and doing most the jobs to see what is the most profitable and least boring so this will hopefully be continued to be updated


This is currently THE fastest way to earn money in the game besides Delivering/Hauling

Get your Bus level up enough to use the City Bus usually only take 5 or 6 rounds in the Townie. dont bother using the Cheetah MK 1 as its only bigger capacity which doesn’t matter because you’ll only ever have 20 – 24 people on the bus at one time.
After your level is high enough you need to head to JEJU and either take a city bus there or get one there and do THE shortest Route there JEJU 1

Delivery / Hauling

Currently the best hauling job is the toy factory to ROUTE 1100 which is always (1,860?)
(However it is Possible THE MOST boring a*s job in the game)
It can be extremely profitable if you do own you’re pickup truck
Although if you DONT “rent” the basic pickup truck and attach a trailer and save for a Truck you can afford/want
The best truck to OWN and Run this route with is the Tronko/Box truck as it can hold 4 pallet type B

Gasoline Hauling

This isnt The best but is a very average profit earning Haul.
However it is a very and painfully slow to get to your destination AND back to the port.
Its only really worth it if you own either the FL1 or the SRT as they Both can hold the Largest Liquid Tanker. Although if your truck has a trailer Hitch you can use your truck
(from personal experience its a painful drive and isn’t worth the money)

Written by Doomhunter1122

This is all about Motor Town: Behind The Wheel – How to Get More Money Tips; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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