MORDHAU – How to rank up in ranked

MORDHAU – How to rank up in ranked 1 -
MORDHAU – How to rank up in ranked 1 -
So you finally decided to get into ranked? Awesome! Get ready to have your skill and your sanity tested! In this guide, I will explain how I play ranked and how I try to rank up every few months of trying rank.



Before you even think about starting ranked, make sure you have a basic understanding of the game and the different kinds of attacks. I would suggest playing on duel servers and asking any questions you might have. I would also suggest watching a few videos that will explain the different attacks you can perform in the game (i.e morphs, drags, accels, chambers, etc.)

Just as a fair warning as well, just like any other game, competitive can be toxic! In this game, the only way to prevent toxicity is to beat your opponent to the punch. I’ll go more in-depth on this later.

Getting Started

First things first is we need to know our ranks before getting into the ranked game mode. The ranking system is relatively simple and similar to most other games. Here are the ranks in their respective positions in an image that I quickly pulled off of google

MORDHAU - How to rank up in ranked

It is also important to know the difference between the two different ranked game modes! Duels is a 1v1 game mode, where it’ll be just yourself and your opponent. Teamfight is a 3v3 game mode. For this guide, we’ll be mainly focusing on the 1v1 game mode, but both are pretty much the same thing.

Once we know our ranks, you will want to finish your placement matches! We can’t know how to rank up unless we know what rank the game thinks we are, so just play the first 10 matches and hope the game blesses you with a high rank! This will also serve as a good opportunity to see if you can handle ranked and understand the kind of people you are likely to face.

Getting Started pt.2

Now that we have a rank, it’s time to start winning matches and climbing the ranks to get your name on that big beautiful leaderboard!

Hold on there sport, we’re not done just yet! Before we can move onto ranking up, you still might be using the default classes or some bad class you just made quickly because your favorite default class couldn’t be used in Ranked.

I would recommend using the Longsword or Poleaxe with full T3 (heavy) armor with your preferred perks. If you’re feeling bold and good, go nak*d! Armor will only slow you down if you end up being able to read all of your opponents attacks, so s*rip down to your pantaloons and charge the fool with the warcry of a thousand men!

Ranking up

To rank up is an experience in itself, but ranking up to a new tier is a whole other challenge.
You will likely fight many, many people before you rank up to the next and depending on your starting tier will depend on how easy it might end up being.

So how do you actually rank up? Well, just win!

I know, I know. It’s a lot easier said than done, but you will only get better with each match you play. The more games you play the better you’ll end up getting. The more you’ll learn about the people in your tier, common themes or metas that you can exploit.

Speaking of exploiting, exploiting someones weakness will easily carry you to the next rank! Now exploiting a weakness is an easy task, however finding the weakness itself can be extremely difficult, especially higher up in the ranks as weakness’s and mistakes become less common. Test your opponent. Push them to their limit! See what they can and can’t handle, and punish them for every mistake they make.
As I said earlier, ranked isn’t just about how well you can swing your sword, it’s about how well you can play mind games.

Here are some useful tricks you can try on your opponent!

  • Fake Riposte – When riposting, time it a little later so it looks like a riposte, but actually isn’t! This is best paired with a morph or a feint
  • Morphs – Morphing is a very easy thing to do, and can make or break you. Be careful of your stamina while doing this, and don’t let it become predictable!
  • Chambers – Chambering can best be paired with morphs as it’s not technically a riposte, but consumes a lot of stamina. If you can play it right, you can trick your opponent and sneak in a hit! This is also the best counter to feinting that the game currently has (to my knowledge at least).

Still having trouble ranking up?
Don’t worry! I’m sure every person who has actually tried playing ranked has had those times where they just get stuck. Just keep playing and trying new things. You’ll eventually find a way out of your rank-lock! If all else fails, then the issue might (in all honesty) be you. Next time you take an L, find out what you did wrong and work to fix it. Maybe you easily fall for feints, or maybe you’re running out of stamina too early. Head into a duel server and work on your issues, then head back over to ranked once you’re ready to test yourself again.

Tips & Tricks

There are a few more things that I think are helpful to mention, but not necessary when it comes down to the main gist of things.

  • Broken Animations – Sometimes people find a way to abuse an animation is just the right way, and in those 5 to 9 matches you fight them in, you might not be able to get used to it fast enough. My best advice is to simply taken your headset off, walk away from your computer and grab a drink or something and wonder how this still happens after nearly two years of this game being fully released! Don’t be afraid to vent your frustrations to your opponent during the match. I’m sure they’ve probably been told off by everyone else they do it to, but it wouldn’t hurt to remind them!
  • Toxic Players – Toxic players have always been a part of the Mordhau experience. There are many things you can do to combat toxic players. One thing which a lot of players will suggest you to do is to turn off the chat, but don’t do this! You’re turning off the very thing that makes this game so much fun to play! I would suggest keeping chat turned on and laughing at whatever your toxic opponent is telling you. My favorite thing to do is screenshot what they say, put it into a folder, and turn them into inspirational quotes that I hang on my wall! Remember, if all else fails, grandpas book of slurs and insults from 1922 is always available for your viewing! If you can’t silence them, you might as well out-toxic them!
  • Having Fun – Sorry! You’re playing the wrong game mode if that’s what you’re here for.
  • Chivalry – Chivalry might be dead, but here’s to hoping the second game will stay alive longer than we anticipate! In the mean time, showing actual respect and Chivalry to your opponent is key to “looking cool”! Make sure to flourish and spam the “Respect” voice line. Keep spamming until you get hit. When you do get hit, start spamming the “Insult” voice line and spam your war cry button. Show them who is boss!


Closing Thoughts

Ranked is a very miserable, energy draining, and hilarious experience that I would recommend to every Mordhau player who is up to the task. For those who wish to take it seriously, your skill with your mind is just as important as your skill with your blade.
A wise quote I think I heard once went something like this. “Battles are won with weapons, wars are won with minds.”

Written by toasty boy

Hope you enjoy the Guide about MORDHAU – How to rank up in ranked, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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