Monster Prom – All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC

Monster Prom – All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 1 -
Monster Prom – All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 1 -
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This guide contains all the secret endings of the game ” Monster Prom”. 35 endings from the standard game + 12 endings from the DLC

in order to pass the ending correctly, you need to choose the answer option whose statistics you have more!


Polly Geist (Secret Endings).

Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC - Polly Geist (Secret Endings). 
To pass Pass Polly you need the following stats: 
• Short: 7+ BOLDNESS and 10+ FUN 
• Long: 10+ BOLDNESS and 15+ FUN 
• Short: 6+ BOLDNESS and 8+ FUN 
• Long: 7+ BOLDNESS and 12+ FUN 
———-PARTY End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Polly’s route. 
2. “Oh, you’ve got some ideas, and they’re the spiciest:” 
o Spike the punch with mandrake root. It turns monsters into actual humans! (SMARTS) 
o Okay, you go as a sexy tax attorney. I’ll go as a sexy tax EVADER. (CREATIVITY) 
3. “Anyway, I’m going to a bar mitzvah tonight and I need your scientific advice: what can we do to push this part over the edge?” 
o The electric slide… but with actual electricity. (FUN) 
4. “So, brainstorm time, how can we put the “fun” back in “funeral”?” 
o Possess the body of the deceased, bringing him back for one last party! (FUN) 
o Bouncy castle. (CREATIVITY) 
5. Go to Prom with Polly. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-WILKINSON End Guide———- 
1. The event may randomly trigger on Polly’s route. 
2. “…Oh well.” 
o “I’ve…done that one loads of times! Just name a time and a place, and I’ll reverse all over your Romanian Wilkinson.” (CHARM) 
o “Throw a smoke bomb and escape while leaving a replica of yourself. That should buy you time to figure out what a Reverse Romanian Wilkinson is!” (CREATIVITY) 
3. Purchase ‘A Penguin Mask’ from the Shop ($10) 
4. “There’s not much more time to lose here… the solution is clear.” 
o “You’re tackling online searching in a very short-sighted way… you need to come up with unexpected search terms that will point you in the right direction.” (CREATIVITY) 
o “Use your people skills to get the three witches to admit they know what a Reverse Romanian Wilkinson is, and to tell you what you need for it.” (CHARM) 
5. “But this is going to cost you, my fellow friend.” 
o “Use your sweet negotiation skills and toss all the money you can find in your pockets at him.” (MONEY) 
o “Blackmail him! You’ll take the guac in exchange for never telling anyone he’s a kinky vampire who carries guac around.” (CHARM) 
6. Go to prom with Polly. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-LOCKET End Guide———- 
1. Buy The Cursed Locket of Winston Montgomery from the shop. ($7) 
2. “You couldn’t agree more. You share your number one haunted locket-snorting safety tip with her, to show her you know what’s up.” 
o “Polly, you deserve othing less than pure, unadulterated spirit! Test this locket to make sure it’s not cut with lich, or banshee, or Clorox.” (CHARM) 
o “Always stay hydrated!” (SMARTS) 
3. “Okay, we’re on the same page now. But what are we supposed to do in order to learn about the unfinished business of a troubled ghost?” 
o “In these situations, there’s always a pale, creepy kid who talks to ghosts. We just need to get that little ♥♥♥♥♥♥ to spill the beans!” (CHARM) 
o “Use a Ouija board… to call her mom.” (SMARTS) 
4. “For once… maybe it would be better not to debate between absurd plans. Maybe today is a good day just to be sincere…” 
o “Go ahead and just tell her you do want to understand her. If she wants to tell you more about her father, you’re here to listen.” (BOLDNESS) 
o “You can see she’s hurting. So start by making her see you understand that you were wrong to judge her so fast on her relationship with substances… today you’re not here to judge.” (CHARM) 
5. Go to prom with Polly. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Vera Oberlin (Secret Endings).

Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC - Vera Oberlin (Secret Endings). 
To pass Pass Vera you need the following stats: 
Short: 10+ SMARTS, 9+ CHARM, and 8+ MONEY 
Long: 15+ SMARTS, 11+ CHARM, and 10+ MONEY 
Short: 8+ SMARTS, 6+ CHARM, and 6+ MONEY 
Long: 12+ SMARTS, 9+ CHARM, and 8+ MONEY 
———-BLOODY QUEEN End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Vera’s route. 
2. “The only question is where exactly I can find the details for a proper blood ritual.” 
“Why don’t we ask the Coven!? They are witches; they should know all about blood magic!” (CHARM) 
“Literally just search the internet? Like, that’s literally what it’s there for?” (SMARTS) 
3. Purchase A Tampon Used by the Former Prom Queen ($1) from the shop. 
4. Visit the Bathroom. 
5. “OH HEY. Good afternoon, Principal Giant Spider! I’m just holding this skinned goat on school property because… because…” 
“Because it’s for Animal Abuse III — we’re getting a head start on our homework!” (SMARTS) 
“Because this goat is a spy from a rival institution, who was sent here to blow up the school!” (FUN) 
6. I mean, they’re not wrong, but there must be some way to get them to fork over the earrings so you can complete the ritual… 
“No, no, Coven, you’ve misunderstood: WE’RE trying to save the world, too!” (CHARM) 
Make replicas of the earrings, find out where the Coven lives, break in, and replace the earrings with the fakes when they’re asleep. (BOLDNESS) 
7. Go to prom with Vera. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-CRIME End Guide———- 
1.The event will randomly trigger on Vera’s route. 
2. “I need a way to get ahead of the pack. And since you’re SUCH a good advisor…” 
Differentiate yourself by being the only service that offers free range organic murders. (CREATIVITY) 
Viral marketing. Literally. Tailor a highly contagious virus to make people love Murdr. (SMARTS) 
3. “Come on, think of something! You’re my most trusted advisor!” 
Quit crime. They’ll come crawling back once they see how bad it is without you. (CHARM) 
Write a song about it. I’ll help! (CREATIVITY) 
4. If you don’t save Vera now, you’ll never have a chance to confess your feelings! So you take a deep breath and… 
Confess your feelings! (CHARM) 
Kiss Larry the Croc on his big crocodile mouth! (BOLDNESS) 
5. Go to prom with Vera. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-CULT End Guide———- 
1. Purchase A Cult Ring ($7) from the shop. 
2. “Crap, you just bought yours in the shop! Better concoct a zany lie to impress him!” 
“No way, the truth will always prevail!” (BOLD) 
“I had to eat my entire body and replace it with an exact replica of myself.” (CREATIVITY) 
3. “They’re all looking at you now. Quick, what’s your favourite part of this cult you got into by buying a ring in a store?” 
“The bonds of friendship that we all share. Also how hot my hand looks with this ring on it.” (CHARM) 
“The fact that I can now turn into a dinosaur whenever I want.” (CREATIVITY) 
4. “…Fine. I suppose we can brainstorm a recruitment initiative. But only so long as our strategy doesn’t jeopardize the cult’s exclusive brand.” 
“Subliminal messages in cereal advertisements.” (CREATIVITY) 
“Secretly declare everyone a member of the cult!” (FUN) 
5. “…And I don’t know what it is. Any ideas?” 
“Draw a pentagram on the floor and place a fat stack of money in the center of it.” (MONEY) 
“Why don’t you ask… Vera!” (SMARTS) 
6. Go to prom with Vera. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-ICE QUEEN End Guide———- 
1. Purchase Val’s Declassified Gorgon Befriending Guide ($10) from the shop. (Item not available until completing the GIFT ending) 
2. “Problem is, Vera is the smartest person you know, and so she will ace any test… but only if the test depends on smarts.” 
MAKE THE TEACHER REMEMBER THE SPIRIT OF THE SIXTIES! Traditional tests are just an oppressive tool to suppress students’ inventive thinking. (CREATIVITY) 
Abduct the teacher and force-feed him anime until he doesn’t want to base his tests on smarts anymore… buy on a bunch of epic, over-the-top ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. (BOLD) 
3. “It’s up to you now to think of an interest you can have in common with her… think fast!” 
Snake hair grooming. You just need to find a snake nest and put all those snakes on your head. Foolproof plan! (BOLD) 
She loves death threats, so maybe you can become death threat pen pals? Be proactive and start sending her a very admiring death threat. (CHARM) 
4. There may be multiple results, unconfirmed 
Failed both previous events: “Okay, you don’t have many options left… so now it boils down to how you can become part of the Oberlin clan, I guess?” 
Bring a delicious dinner made with love so the Oberlin family welcomes you into their Thanksgiving dinner. (CHARM) 
Slay your audition to become part of Cats, the musical. (CREATIVITY) 
5. Go to prom with Vera. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Miranda Vanderbilt (Secret Endings).

Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC - Miranda Vanderbilt (Secret Endings). 
To pass Pass Miranda you need the following stats: 
Short: 9+ CHARM and 9+ MONEY 
Long: 13+ CHARM and 13+ MONEY 
Short: 7+ CHARM and 7+ MONEY 
Long: 10+ CHARM and 10+ MONEY 
———-THRONE End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Miranda’s route. 
2. “…Which is why we must destroy her reputation immediately. Any thoughts?” 
Let’s convince everyone she likes humans. (SMARTS) 
Fart joke. (FUN) 
“No reason! But if you’re friends with that singing harlot Ariel, you’d best say your goodbyes.” 
Umm. Do nothing? Every student at our school is some kind of bizarre monster (SMARTS) 
We need a diversion. Release the Kraken! (BOLDNESS) 
3. “Can you think of something while I flay my salmon?” 
No more talk. We. Bring. War! (BOLDNESS) 
I will build a monument to you, your highness. It will rival the sun and the atrocities your family committed! (CREATIVITY) 
4. Go to Prom with Miranda. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-REVENGE End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Miranda’s route. 
2. “Ummmm, OBVIOUSLY! And what would make the gesture even better is the personal touch of…” 
Toppings! Caviar, eel, chocolate-covered sandcrabs — they’ll never forget this was a present from a merprincess. (CREATIVITY) 
An elegant, stencilled card with your sincerest apologies, a list of all their fears, and a bundle of compromising photographs! (CHARM) 
3. “… break into Principal Giant Spider’s office, access his private computer, and alter my grade?” 
Stick a web of files outside the Principal’s office. When he goes out to eat, we sneak in to cheat! (SMARTS) 
Burst into tears. Spiders hate tears. (CHARM) 
4. “There’s something fishy about this request, but you’ve never let that stop you before. You come up with a foolproof plan:” 
Hire Scuber, the underwater taxi service, to deliver the letter for you. (MONEY) 
Dynamite the toilet, dive into the sewer, and swim there yourself! (BOLDNESS) 
5. Go to Prom with Miranda. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-ELL/SERF PARTY End Guide———- 
(The EEL ending is achieved by failing two or more of the presented scenarios. If enough events are passed, a different ending, SERF PARTY, will be presented). 
1. Buy The Gift That Keeps on Giving from the shop. It may randomly contain Mind Control Classes 
2. “Think Fast! It’ll break Miranda’s heart to know her serfs are planning to assassinate her… but you can’t let her die before Prom! She’s the only one with a hookup for an underwater limo!” 
“Drinking is overrated, Miranda, You can’t have drinks at your party… or do you want your serfs getting ideas?” (BOLD) 
“You know what? Nowadays cool kidz only drink the latest, trendiest soda flavor: poison antidote.” (FUN) 
3. “Impress Miranda with a killer party activity! Well, not literally killter. Ideally, you’re hoping for something fun, family-friendly, and assassination-proof.” 
“The Security Game! If you murder someone, you lose!” (CREATIVITY) 
“You are looking for a game that serves as the opium of the people…but there is no better opium of the people than actual opium. so, a game about smoking lots of opium!” (FUN) 
4. “Mr. Pheel the Eel slithers away. Quick! come up with a counter-surprise that will neutralize Mr. Pheel the Eel’s deadly cake assassin!” 
“Very convincing propaganda in favor of royalty.” (CREATIVITY) 
“The assassin’s grandma, in order to scold him about committing regicide. Grandmas hate regicide!” (CHARM) 
5. Go to prom with Miranda. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-TRUE CALLING End Guide———- 
1. Purchase A Fake Title of Nobility ($5). 
2. “Regardless, you take on the task and say: “Ha! Fool that you are, Bellanda, let me present to you the fourth daughter of the Vanderbilt Crown…”” 
“Miranda Vanderbilt, of the very nice hair. Keeper of the best hairstyle in all of the Merkingdom. She commands with style.” (CHARM) 
“Miranda Vanderbilt, of the commanding voice. Very good at asking stuff from other people and treating them like serfs. She commands… by commanding?” (BOLD) 
3. “But maybe with a bit of help she can find strength from within… but what can be the real source of her motivation?” 
“Miranda, just make cute eyes! VERY CUTE EYES!” (CHARM) 
“Miranda, fight that plank with the inner power… OF THIS CHAINSAW!” (BOLD) 
4. “Ugh, this is going nowhere; but maybe with a gentle push…” 
“People that are… not millionaires! Who would decide not to be rich and pretty like you? Such sketchy life choices can’t mean anything good!” (CHARM) 
5. Go to prom with Miranda. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Liam de Lioncourt (Secret Endings).

Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC - Liam de Lioncourt (Secret Endings). 
To pass Pass Liam you need the following stats: 
Short: 12+ SMARTS and 12+ CREATIVITY 
Long: 16+ SMARTS and 16+ CREATIVITY 
Short: 9+ SMARTS and 9+ CREATIVITY 
Long: 13+ SMARTS and 13+ CREATIVITY 
———-PROM KING End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Liam’s route. 
2. “…But what to do?” 
“Use his account to post a bunch of p*rn and bomb recipes.” (FUN) 
“Pay a million homeless people to follow Liam on Instagram.” (MONEY) 
3. “Now, how can we secure a win for Liam, when he is opposed to running or making any effort to win?” 
“I’ll dress up as Liam and give the best campaign speech anyone has ever given.” (CHARM) 
“Pay a million people to vote for Liam for Prom King.” (MONEY) 
4. “You tell Miranda not to worry. You’ve seen plenty of teen rom-coms. You know how this part goes:” 
“You need a grand romantic gesture. Race to the airport to confess your feelings before Liam boards his plane!” (CHARM) 
“Pay a million people to spell out “I’M SORRY” so it’s visible from space.” (MONEY) 
5. Go to prom with Liam. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-YAOI End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Liam’s route. 
2. “Oh no, they discovered your erotic fanart of them… You can’t think of any way to calm down both of them.” 
“What the ♥♥♥♥ is this? This ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥, dear Damien, is ART. I present to you… yaoi” (CREATIVITY) 
“Don’t be silly! You don’t want to “fight me… you’re clearly fighting your urge… for cuddling!” (CHARM) 
Note: choosing this will cancel the secret ending 
3. “Okay, think. What’s the first lesson of yaoi?” 
“Yaoi is all about tenderness. For our first lesson, we will practice Advanced Cuddling.” (CHARM) 
“Draw me like one of your French girls.” (BOLD) 
4. “You’re not sure he meant that how it sounded, but that’s not important right now. What should his next yaoi be about?” 
“A cute young boy falls desperately in love… with his handsome yaoi instructor.” (CHARM) 
“Kill your darlings. Literally. It worked for Sport of Seats.” (BOLD) 
5. “♥♥♥♥, you don’t know any secret techniques. But you didn’t make it this far by telling the truth. Quick, tell him something!” 
“You can only write truthfully about what you know. It’s time for me to show you the secrets of yaoi… intimately.” (CHARM) 
“You must perform a ceremonial sacrifice to… Ama and Shinu, the Japanese deities of…yaoi. Yeah, sure, that!” (BOLD) 
6. Go to prom with Liam. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Scott Howl (Secret Endings).

Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC - Scott Howl (Secret Endings). 
To pass Pass Scott you need the following stats: 
Where the other primary romanceable character require a certain amount of specific stats in order to successfully ask them to prom (given stats aren’t overridden by a secret ending), Scott has no stat requirements other than getting a certain amount of “love points” with him, which is an invisible stat that isn’t easily traceable. 
———-COKE End Guide———- 
(This event is exclusive to the PC version of the game.) 
1. The event will trigger randomly while pursuing Scott. 
2. “You need to do something to calm him down… but what?” 
Using your vast knowledge of aromatherapy, give him some lavender-scented cocaine to neutralize the regular-scented cocaine and relax him a bit. (CREATIVITY) 
3. “You’d love to help. The only question is… how?” 
Spike the punch with coke on prom night! If the whole team’s on coke, Coach will have to let you play! (FUN) 
All we gotta do is convince Coach that cocaine is a good thing! A little hands-on demonstration wouldn’t hurt… (CHARM) 
4. Depending on your outcome in this event, the third event will be different. 
Purchase ‘A Bag Of Regular Cocaine’ from the shop ($10) 
5. (Spike the punch option) “Oh, yeah, you totally have a plan. It’s super well thought out, and it involves…” 
Pretending to be a renowned punch chef and suggesting the prom punch could use a bit more cocaine. (CREATIVITY) 
Seducing Abercrombie McGizz, the cafeteria troll in charge of the punch. (CHARM) 
6. (Talk to coach option) “Well, the floor is yours. You whip out your cocaine and give Coach your best pitch:” 
Coke is great for sport! Here, try some! (CHARM) 
If coke is so unhealthy and wrong, why am I snorting so much of it right here in front of you? (BOLD) 
7. Go to Prom with Scott 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-CAGE End Guide———- 
(This event is exclusive to the console (Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation) versions of the game.) 
1. This event will trigger randomly while pursuing Scott. 
2. “So, where can you find something wolf-proof on such short notice?” 
Go on an adventure to steal the legendary cage of Krok’to’az, the vengeful deity of torment. It’s actually where Krok’to’az puts his dog when he needs to go to the vet. (BOLD) 
Just put one of those “DO NOT DISTURB” hotel things on the inside of the cage, so Scott, being a good boy, won’t disturb the outside. (FUN) 
3. “Well, Wolf-Scott is the one you’ll hopefully be boinking later, so his happiness is definitely a priority. What could spruce this prison up?” 
A very positive piece of abstract art. (CREATIVITY) 
Nothing is as beautiful as Scott… so 50 posters of Scott’s face. (CHARM) 
4. “Yeah, okay. A distraction sounds reasonable. What could keep Scott occupied while he’s sitting in a box for several hours straight?” 
A friend! …Carefully crafted out of a football, with a silly face drawn on it. (FUN) 
A werewolf’s favorite pastime: were-sudoku! (SMART) 
5. Go to Prom with Scott 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-FURRY End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Scott’s route 
2. “Aww. Poor Scott! It’s up to you to help him rally –“ 
Scott, a good king is a strong ruler — physically strong!!! If you can do a hundred push-ups, you can be a good king for sure. (BOLD) 
True royalty has been inside you all along — why else would your eyes be royal blue?! (CHARM) 
3. “Which are very very generous in their proportions… I just think they deserve the best leader! 
Normal rulers make their subjects pay taxes… but what if you paid taxes to them?! (MONEY) 
Flag time! You can’t rule a kingdom with no flag. Without a flag it would be just… a bunch of flagless people! (CREATIVITY) 
4. “Not on your watch. Not today. You think quickly –“ 
You know how deer shed their antlers and then they grow back? Talking furry forest creatures shed their heads! (SMARTS) 
SCOTT! That panda must have been a cursed prince… and now you’ve turned him back into a person!!! (CHARM) 
5. Go to Prom with Scott. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-FAMILY End Guide———- 
1. Buy The Gift That Keeps on Giving from the shop. It may randomly contain A Drawing From a Random Kid. 
2. “Whoa. You know this is a serious situation if it’s causing Vera to show empathy. Quick, divert Scott’s attention by…” 
“Starting a disucssion on the history and development of jazz as a musical art form!” (SMART) 
“Making a silly face!” (FUN) 
3. “♥♥♥♥ it, you’ve got a flexible relationship with the truth anyway. And Scott seems so sincerely invested in this. So you do the only reasonable thing:” 
“Convince the proprietors that you’re a time traveler from the future and giving free pizza to Scott is the only way to stop the pizza uprising.” (CHARM) 
“Act like an entitled piece of ♥♥♥♥ until they give you a free pizza. ” (BOLD) 
4. “You can’t tell Scott the truth about his dad! You’re already in too deep! Quick, convince him everything’s okay!” 
“Explain that some people have a hard time putting their emotions into words, especially if they’re a bag of potatoes.” (CHARM) 
“Pin a ribbon on the potato sack that says, ‘I’m proud of you, Scott.’” (CREATIVITY) 
5. Go to prom with Scott or Vera. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Damien LaVey (Secret Endings).

Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC - Damien LaVey (Secret Endings). 
To pass Pass Damien you need the following stats: 
Short: 12+ BOLDNESS and 7+ FUN 
Long: 17+ BOLDNESS and 10+ FUN 
Short: 10+ BOLDNESS and 5+ FUN 
Long: 14+ BOLDNESS and 7+ FUN 
———-FIGHT End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Damien’s route. 
2. “AND YOU!!!! You’re standing in my way!!!!!! Move, before I punch you so hard you’ll remember with melancholy the times when you could move without all of your bones hurting!!!” 
“Jokes on you, pal: I’m a pragmatist. I avoid any kind of idealization of the past because it has no use, and therefore I refuse feeling any kind of melancholy.” (SMARTS) 
No time to think of anything clever… start dancing for no reason! (FUN) 
3. “No, you need to put a stop to this nonsense before it escalates somehow into arson.” 
Defend the banana’s honor. (CHARM) 
Eat the banana (BOLD) 
4. “That’s a good question! What are you going to do about this? Seems like you’re pretty screwed. But maybe, if you play your cards right, you can convince one of these two to teach you how to fight! 
Here’s what I’m gonna do, Vera: I’m gonna give you a hundred bucks, and you’re gonna teach me your secret Oberlin combat style.” (MONEY) 
“I don’t know. Probably die, unless some big, strong, good-at-sports man decides to teach me how to fight. But where would I ever find such a man?” (CHARMING) 
5. Go to Prom with Damien. 
(NOTE: You only need to get the first two interactions right in order to get this secret ending. If you fail the last one Damien will still fight you in Prom. The difference is that if you get all three right you will f*ck Damien. If you fail the last one Damien will just beat you up.) 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-HAIR End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Damien’s route, but it helps if you are in the classroom. 
2. “Okay, it’s clear Damien is losing his ♥♥♥♥ over this. You feel kinda responsible, so the least you can do is handle some damage control by stopping Miranda and Polly from seeing his phone too.” 
“Divert their attention by making money rain.” (MONEY) 
“Turn Damien’s phone into a bird.” (SMARTS) 
3. “But I feel that I’m not yet meeting my full potential. I need an even more badass training method. Any ideas?” 
“Witness a loved one getting killed, or almost killed, and get so angry you end up unleashing a new level of stylism.”(BOLDNESS) 
“Meet a tough adversary and build a rivalrous frenemy relationship that pushes the both of you to improve.” (CHARM) 
4. “C’mon! Let’s think of a plan! [Player name]. any ideas? You’re the one with all the wacky plans!” 
“Practice the art of stealth makeover! Give your dads a complete makeover while they sleep for them to naturally discover the advantages of your dream.” (CREATIVITY) 
“Speak a language they understand: change your scissors for a dagger and your makeup for blood.”(BOLDNESS) 
5. Go to prom with Damien. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-SUN End Guide———- 
1. This event may randomly trigger on Damien’s route. 
2. “Hey, you, [Player Name]! Not because arm wrestling isn’t going my way… but I’ve decided YOU should settle this tie by proposing a way to decide who the real Ultimate Warrior is around here!” 
“I happen to be a registered Ultimate Warrior judge and I always carry this ’10 Step Ultimate Test’ with me, which coincidentally will require both of you to do whatever I say with no complaints, like real ultimate good boys. Who’s ready to follow my lead?” (CHARM) 
(Note: choosing this will cancel the secret ending) 
“Whoever can punch the sun in the face.” (BOLD) 
3. “The only question is… where to get one of those things?” 
“Go to that most authoritative of all resources– WikiHow!” (SMART) 
“Just check out the school spaceship! I mean, what kind of high school would we be if we didn’t have our own regulated high school spaceship? A very bad spaceship-less one at least!” (BOLD) 
4. “No way are you letting these witches get between you and your spicy red man crush. But what to do?!” 
“Forge an elaborate scroll proving that your mission to punch the sun is part of an ancient and righteous quest.” (CREATIVITY) 
5. “But you can’t stand to see him like this! No, you’ve got to give him some killer advice for guaranteed sun-punching!” 
“To punch the sun, you must first surrender your ego. We should beg the internet for advice! I’ll check my phone!” (SMART) 
“Nothing beats the element of surprise! Wait until it’s nighttime, then BAM! The sun will never see it coming!” (FUN) 
6. Go to prom with Damien. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Zoe (Secret Endings).

Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC - Zoe (Secret Endings). 
To pass Pass Zoe you need the following stats: 
Short: Hearts 9, Creativity 12, Charm 7 
Long: Hearts 18, Creativity 16, Charm 10 
Short: Hearts 7, Creativity 9, Charm 6 
Long: Hearts 9, Creativity 13, Charm 7 
———-DEITY End Guide———- 
1. Buy The Power Totem of Z’gord, Ruler of the Dark Realms ($10) from the shop. 
2. “Aww. You’d better find a great sacrifice for the widdle deity– and it’ll make the gals so happy, too!” 
“Start a giant sacrificial bonfire… of weed” (FUN) 
“Be self-sacrificing: sacrifice yourself!” (CHARM) 
3. “The Coven prepares to attack, their sights set on your precious totem. You better think fast!” 
“Swallow the totem whole and keep it safe in your belly!” (BOLD) 
“Use sleight of hand to make the totem **disappear** !” (SMART) 
4. “This could definitely spiral out of control. Better do something, and fast!” 
(Note: choosing this will cancel the secret ending) 
“Ask the Dark Deity to Monster Prom!” (CHARM) 
5. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-IDENTITY End Guide———- 
1. This may randomly trigger on Zoe’s route. 
2. “You totally know Zoe is way capable of defending herself… but if she does, her wrath might damage reality severely. Also, standing by your friends is the right thing to do, so you defend change in terms that Leonard can understand…” 
“Leonard, but you only buy your videogames once their prices have CHANGED while in a sale!” (SMARTS) 
“Leonard, as you seem immune to rational thinking… I challenge you to a Pokeman duel in order to change your mind!” (FUN) 
3. “So… it’s your turn.” 
“You sometimes aren’t born in a way you truly feel like yourself. Like… you were born as individual werewolves (I guess) before becoming a wolfpack!” (SMARTS) 
Produce a dumb action blockbuster full of explosions that unexpectedly serves as a metaphor for the nuances of identity and transitioning. (CREATIVITY) 
4. “Damien was all hot and sensitive back then, but now it’s your time to shine! If you could only come up with a plan to make the cultists leave Zoe alone for good…” 
“Don’t let this puny tentacled mortal girl deceive you! Z’Gord is really trapped inside this ancient totem!” (CHARM) 
You need something that satisfies their need for mindless adoration and pack behavior. Introduce them to K-pop. (FUN) 
5. Go to prom with Zoe. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
1. This event may randomly trigger on Zoe’s route. 
2. “Eh, ♥♥♥♥ it. You’ve got nothing better to do. You device to be a prophet for the day. You tell them what they should really be sacrificing:” 
“It’s important to learn from your mistakes. So sacrifice another goat, but write “We’re Sorry” on the side.” (CHARM) 
“Sacrifice…your own harmful prejudices!” (CREATIVITY) 
3. “…We don’t, do we? Well that won’t do! Please, [Player Name], grace us with your wisdom. How shall we choose our Grandmaster?” 
“You need to learn to think like your mistress. Become a high school student for a day, and the answer will be obvious to you” (FUN) 
“The title of Grandmaster should go to whoever can compose the best theme song to sing to Zoe every morning as if it’s a new episode of her life.” (CREATIVITY) 
4. “As you have not yet lead [sic] us astray, O Great and Terrible Prophet… we humbly petition you for advice. What ritual would be worthy of the mighty Zoe?” 
“A classic cult suicide, except instead of drinking poison we all drink a delicious blue-flavored energy drink!” (CREATIVITY) 
“The most powerful bonding ritual ever: A CUTE SLUMBER PARTY!!!” (FUN) 
5. Go to prom with Zoe. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Calculester Hewlett-Packard (Secret Endings).

Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC - Calculester Hewlett-Packard (Secret Endings). 
To pass Pass Calculester you need the following stats: 
Short: Hearts 9, Smarts 12, Fun 7 
Long: Hearts 18, Smarts 16, Fun 10 
Short: Hearts 7, Smarts 9, Fun 6 
Long: Hearts 9, Smarts 13, Fun 7 
———-FLOPPY DISK End Guide———- 
1. Buy An Arcane Floppy disk ($8) from the Shop . 
2. The initial event will occur in the Library. 
3. “You see Damien getting a matchbox from his pocket, so you’d better come up with a better solution before the library burns to ashes.” 
4. “You only have seconds to intervent… and you know exactly how:” 
“No way. If he was really a computer… why would he be wearing that cool hat?” (FUN) 
“Calculester IS a robot… as we all are, being programmed slaves to the big machine of society!” (SMARTS) 
5. “Anyway…” 
“I feel alive when doing something crazy outside my comfort zone. ” (BOLD) 
“I feel alive when drinking this magic drink I made from other people’s souls.” (SMARTS) 
6. “Oh no, this might be the end of Calculester unless you save his a*s again once and for all!” 
“Pretend to be a disguised robot yourself… by doing the best robot dance ever.” (FUN) 
“Protect Calculester through the power of a heartfelt speech.” (CHARM) 
7. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-CALCAREERS End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Calculester’s route. 
2. “This is clearly going nowhere and these two are not the best at metaphors. It’s apparently up to you to lead them into building a valid life lesson… but how?” 
“We’re talking a lot about what this orange is supposed to do or to be… but have we asked the orange how it feels?” (CHARM) 
Eat the orange. (BOLDNESS) 
3. “No way! You’re all about satisfying your classmates. You need to push one of these two into further reflection. PUSH THEM!” 
You’re always angsty against the status quo, Liam. Tell us… what the status quo did to you? What’s the origin of this rivalry? (CREATIVITY) 
Sure, art might be about Miranda. But what’s Miranda about? (CHARM) 
4. “[PLAYER], we need to help our friends reaching truce on this disagreement, which is about pasta and nothing else, as I can’t sense any kind of subtext to it.” 
“Vera, you can too get lost by focusing too much on mastering everything you do. Sometimes you must enjoy the little effortless pleasures of pasta AND life, like caressing this plate of ravioli I just cooked. C’mon, plunge your hand into it…”(CHARM) 
“Polly, there is an added pleasure to enjoying something that took some effort and mastery. Like any decent pasta lover knows making s*x to a plate of cuore di zucca with tartufe al parmigiana is waaaay better than just ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ some plain mac ‘n’ cheese.” (SMARTS) 
5. Go to Prom with Calculester. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-VR End Guide———- 
1. The event will randomly trigger on Calculester’s route. 
2. “You tell him he should innovate, because that way you can tell him all your stupid physics ideas. First and foremost:” 
“Bad artists copy. Good artists steal. Specifically, you should steal the physics engine from the award winning mobile game, “Very Upset Birds”.” (FUN) 
“You just need to spruce up the originals a bit! How about Calculester’s First Law of Thermodynamics: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but after a little while it can turn into ravioli.”(CREATIVE) 
3. “I must devise a way to cure them of this unhealthy obsession! But when I tried telling them to stop, all it did was spark a holy war! What do I do?” 
“Involve your highest rank worshipers in a controversial scandal with minors.” (CREATIVE) 
“Produce a little grumpy Nietzsche!” (SMART) 
4. “Organic Deviousness is your middle name! You had it changed from Regular Deviousness because you care about the environment. You suggest:” 
“Send all your most suspicious citizens to an even MORE virtual reality so they believe they’ve “woken up” in the real world!” (SMART) 
“Your people are only asking so many questions because they have no mindless diversions to distract them. That said… have I told you about the Kardashians?” (CREATIVE) 
5. Go to Prom with Calculester. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Other (Secret Endings) Page 1.

———-ANGEL BLOOD End Guide———- 
1. Buy The Blood of an Angel ($12) from the Shop. 
2. “On the one hand, you’re happy your friends are happy. On the other hand… the world will end if the Coven doesn’t get that blood.” 
“Listen, Vera. angel’s blood is pretty rare… maybe we can bargain with the Coven and make this into a sweet business opportunity?” (SMART) 
“Don’t you see, Polly?! The most powerful drug of all is the friends we make along the way!” (FUN) 
3. “See? I have nothing to live for, but I also have nothing to lose. You will never, ever, ever be as powerful as I am. Give up now.” 
“Seduce Dmitri into being your opponent-ally who might seem to fall back in league with the enemy at times, but always proves himself to be on your side in the end! ” (CHARM) 
“The Coven’s ability to care isn’t their weakness; it’s their STRENGTH. Prove this to them with a well-crafted montage of flashbacks to times they’re protected each other!” (CREATIVITY) 
4. “‘And Liam and Scott are built SO differently! It isn’t faaaaair!’ wails Fatalism or whatever” 
“Sob over Joy’s corpse… so she revives!” (CHARM) 
“Selflessly use that magic Orb of Healing +4 you’ve been saving this whole time.” (SMARTS) 
5. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-CAGANER End Guide———- 
1. Buy The Gift That Keeps on Giving ($0) from the shop. It may randomly contain The ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. 
2. “Wow, it really looks as if it was about to kill him by giving him a seizure. Maybe you can help solve the mystery:” 
“Catch a real ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and interrogate them about it.” (BOLD) 
“Get into the mind of the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ by re-enacting the scene” (CREATIVITY) 
3. “OK… now what? We should’ve thought this through before buying those plane tickets.” 
“Go to Belen and check all the security cameras to know once and for all if a guy was taking a ♥♥♥♥ while Mary was giving birth to Jesus.” (SMART) 
“Go to Belen and collect all ♥♥♥♥♥ in the vicinity in order to discover the true identity of the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.” (FUN) 
4. “Liam is too nervous, as is to be expected from someone being held at gunpoint by none other than the Pope. It’s up to you to come up with a diversion plan so good that you can calm the Pope…” 
“Divert attention from the mystery behind the ‘Caganer’ by turning it into a mindless souvenir, selling toys of various celebrities taking a ♥♥♥♥ as if they were the Caganer.” (SMART) 
“Use all the resources of the Catholic Church to combine the two strongest entertainment forces in the world: K-Pop and Garfield.” (FUN) 
5. Go to prom with Damien or Liam. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-CORPSE End Guide———- 
1. Buy A Corpse ($5) from the shop. 
2. “No time to lose! How can you convince them the corpse is actually… a very hot fashion accessory?” 
“Trivia fact about fashion accessories: most of them are worn on your head! Quick, put the corpse on your head!” (SMART) 
“Shallow social creatures respond only to status: rip the brand logo off the most high-end accessory you own and put it on the corpse!” (MONEY) 
3. “What should we do boss?” 
“As Vogue rules dictate, the only way to subdue a Vogue journalist is by out-journalising them in a journalism duel… TO THE DEATH (CREATIVITY) 
“Sometimes people need a little push in the right direction: kill his family and send him their severed heads as a warning.” (BOLD) 
4. “This can’t be good. You’re surrounded by jerks! It’s time to fight for your corpse and for a more inclusive and corpse-friendly society! …But how?” 
“NO! You’re woke enough to acknowledge your corpse doesn’t need a knight(ess) in shining armour to protect it, it can protect itself!” (SMART) 
Go to Prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-DRAGON HEAT End Guide———- 
1. Buy Dragon Heat ($6) from the shop. 
2. “Nothing to worry about, you’ll just be revealing your inner kinks to us. No pressure.” 
“Easy: the ‘Sexcalibur’ arc, where they want to discover the chosen one who can control the mythical Sexcalibur dildo, and they have a super orgy so everyone can have their turn with the dildo.” (FUN) 
“What about… this exclusive chapter I’ve written myself?!” (CREATIVITY) 
3. “I just desperately want to know what happens next in Dragon Heat! Do you think Harold is capable of being so… mean-spirited?” 
“True art imitates life. Let’s look at Damien’s Tinder messages to see what he’s capable of, shall we?” (CREATIVITY) 
“Harold may or may not be a scoundrel, but love is alive and well! Let me take both of you on the greatest three-way first date ever to prove it!” (CHARM) 
4. “But… how? I’m sure you’ll give us an absurd yet effective idea for a solution, as can be expected from good old [Player name].” 
“Let’s ask them nicely if they can stop behaving like internet trolls and instead start respecting your opinions.” (CHARM) 
“Let’s write a powerful fanfic set on the Dragon Heat wiki where you’re depicted as the coolest users who should be respected.” (CREATIVITY) 
5. Go to Prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-GHOST End Guide———- 
1. Buy A Blanket With Two Holes ($5) from the Shop. 
2. “Oh, yes, divulge! Divulge!” 
“Basic ghost knowledge: ghosts’ main power is levitating stuff.” (SMART) 
“Ultimate ghost prank: haunt someone into despair” (FUN) 
3. “Yeah, do something! Something ghostly!” 
“Throw a rock at the Interdimensional Prince.” (BOLD) 
4. “So tell me, how did you die? We have to share so much ghost gossip… or ghostsip as I like to call it!” 
“I was offered as a sacrifice… TO THE GOD OF PARTYYYYYYY!!” (FUN) 
“I only tell how I died on the third date, boo. GHOST WINK!” (CHARM) 
5. Select a date for prom. 
You may always go alone. 
You may ask any of the six main love interests, although they will reject you if you do not have sufficient stats for the character and the run of the current game length, or if you have not had enough positive interactions with them. 
Each character’s acceptance and rejection message are unique to this route. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-GIFT End Guide———- 
1. Buy The Gift That Keeps on Giving ($0) from the shop. It may randomly contain A Date With Valerie. 
2. “Help me out here, [Player Name]. how can I give Aaravi the surprise she deserves?” 
“Disassemble the bear to make its true nature less obvious. Just ilke Ikea furniture!” (CREATIVITY) 
“Travel to Nepal to study the secret arts of the gift-giving monks, whose wrappings defy both space and logic!” (SMART) 
3. “So come on, fellow gift guru. Which of these coupons do you think would make the best gift for the Coven?” 
“A lore coupon, so they can stop being minor recurring characters with such little depth..” (SMART) 
“The pizza one.” (FUN) 
4. “So, uh…. any ideas as to how we can find out more about Blobert’s deepest desires?” 
“As a real fake anthropologist, I can tell you that the best way to get inside Blobert’s head is to dress like him for a day.” (CREATIVE) 
“Go all in or don’t go at all. Hire a retired FBI agent to secretly analyze Bolbert’s body language and crack his mind wide open!” (BOLD) 
5. “Oh, boy. Better think of something good. How about…” 
“A course in optical physics, so she can finally figure out why she’s never caught that laster pointer.” (SMART) 
“A full e-commerce website built using your sick web design skills. Nothing is sexier than free labor!” (CREATIVE) 
6. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Other (Secret Endings) Page 2.

———-GREETING CARDS End Guide———- 
1. Buy A Set of Weirdly Specific Greeting Cards ($12) from the Shop . 
2. “After all, Blobert just said it! Everything can be solved with greeting cards! So, naturally, you…” 
“Hand the corpse a card that says ‘Sorry you died in an accident we had 100% nothing to do with :(‘” (BOLD) 
“Hand Principal Giant Spider a card that says ‘World’s Sexiest 8-Legged Principal!'” (CHARM) 
3. “You’d better step in and help Vera out… with an oddly specific greeing card! Maybe–” 
“Hand the prince one that says: ‘Princes are special / Your Rule’s absolute / Stop assuming that people are going to be flattered by you kidnapping them / It’s really not cute.'” (CREATIVITY) 
“*fold card along dotted line to make paper airplanes, throw as far as possible*” (FUN) 
4. “OBVIOUSLY. You step in between the Slayer and your friends whom she’s attempting to kill, and hand her the greeting card that says…” 
“‘I’m sorry about your missing brother and understand why you are misdirecting your rage into killing monsters rather than dealing with your issues, but inside this card is the number for a therapist just in case.'” (SMART) 
“‘Gurl, those boots were made for ROCKIN’! Keep on, be-YOU-tiful!'” (CHARM) 
5. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-LEMON End Guide———- 
1. Buy the Lemon ($4) from the shop. 
2. “You check the last project you backed on Startkicker. And after reading through the Human Prom 2 campaign for inspiration, you have the PERFECT idea for a fancy reward:” 
Exclusive beta access to lemonade. (SMARTS) 
A body pillow of a sexy glass of lemonade. (FUN) 
3. “Luckily, you majored in crowdfunding at Hot Witches University. Help your friends become a viral sensation so they can make a sour citrus drink and also tons of cash!” 
Convince an internet celebrity to voice the lemonade… whatever that means (CHARM) 
Make the lemonade the center of the latest internet controversy. (BOLDNESS) 
4. “The stakes have never been higher. You’ve gotta come up with the best stretch goal ever, so once again, you scroll through the Human Prom 2 Startkicker for inspiration… and find the perfect idea!” 
An exciting sequel for your lemonade: a new flavor! (CREATIVITY) 
One of the backers gets to be a character IN the Lemonade! (BOLDNESS) 
5. Go to Prom with Scott or Miranda. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-ORGY End Guide———- 
1. This event may randomly trigger on Liam and Polly’s route. 
2. “You need to make them rethink the orgy thing!” 
“What about an orgy… but afterwards an intense chess tournament. Chess tournaments are the best pairing for an orgy!” (CREATIVITY) 
“Just start chanting: ‘ORGY! ORGY! ORGY! ORGY! ORGY!’ and hope for the best, champ.” (CHARM) 
3. “You don’t have high hopes of them coming up with a bright idea that doesn’t involve setting the orgy on fire, so you need to give ’em a better alternative…” 
“You can study this book, ‘The Little Book of Orgy Etiquette: Take Off Your Clothes, but Not Your Good Manners'” (SMART) 
“Wear Fancy Hats” (FUN) 
4. “You always feel like you’ve seen everything at this school, yet every day you’re surprised by a whole new unexpected problem…” 
“Your parents want you to choose a suitor, but an orgy is a great way of judging your suitors’ prowess. Invite all of them too!” (CREATIVITY) 
“Parents never trust children. Put them at ease by letting them come as orgy chaperones.” (CHARM) 
5. “So you think you can actually solve that, while also focusing on Vera’s interests…” 
“Vera, a blowj*b is about s*x, a thre*some is about s*x; but an orgy… an orgy is about networking! Look all the people who are coming…” (CHARM) 
“Polly might be all about s*x. But she’s pouring her soul into this because she wants to go beyond just s*x. This notebook shows our super weird out-of-the-box ideas for the orgy!” (CREATIVITY) 
6. Go to prom with any of the six main characters. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-PRANK MASTERZ End Guide———- 
1. Buy ‘Ancient Tome Of The Forbidden Arts’ from the shop for $7 
2. “It says here that we need ‘the kidney of an angel.’ Where are we ever gonna get one of those?” 
Fake a serious illness that requires a kidney transplant, but only accept kidneys from David Boreanaz, acclaimed star of the hit TV series “Angel.” (CHARM) 
Buy one from the Angel Kidney Store. (MONEY) 
3. “Uh oh. How are you going to salvage this?” 
“Oh, this? No, this is a family relic that has been passed down for generations. It’s a… hand ring or something. Enough talking! High five!” (CREATIVITY) 
“Yup, you got me. The thing is, I’ve already done this to every other person in school, so do you really want to be… left out?” (CHARM) 
4. “[Player name], fix this before I end up with a case of interdimensional prank blue balls!” 
“Seems like it’s a connectivity problem. We need to upgrade to a top-notch dimensional network with a way stronger arcane signal.” (SMARTS) 
“You’re not an expert at interdimensional antics. Sometimes it’s better to stay humble… and convince a certain interdimensional freak you know to open the rift for you.” (CHARM) 
5. Go to prom with Polly or Scott. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-SUPPORT GROUP End Guide———- 
1. Buy Conspiracy Theories on Why You’ve Never Gotten to See Kale Around Here ($7) from the Shop. 
2. “Now you just need to make a great first impression… But how?” 
“Disguise yourself as a sexy GameKid console, so these boys will have no choice but to press all your buttons!” (CHARM) 
“Show off the Dylan Rupert you’ve strategically bred so he has max elasticity stats in order to… LICK HIS OWN ELBOW!” (FUN) 
3. “What would that be though…?” 
“The taste buds of a true marijuana sommelier, capable of pairing any strain of weed with the perfect junk food.” (SMARTS) 
“The hands of a true joint origami artist, capable of creating the most delicate and beautiful blunts ever.” (CREATIVITY) 
4. “So here we go…” 
“Go to the police. Convince them this is an emergency… a true love or death situation.” (CHARM) 
“Defer to experts. Consult a plant biologist with expertise on whatever Kale’s plant species is. They may tell you Kale’s most regular biomes!” (SMARTS) 
5. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-THANK YOU End Guide———- 
1. Buy Thank You Letter ($0) from the Shop. 
2. Go to prom alone or with any of the six main love interests. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-VALERIE End Guide———- 
1. Visit the Shop three times and leave without buying anything. Visits during lunch count to this total. 
The route is available if Valerie says “Okay, this is it. I get that you’re here for me and not my stuff. Fair enough. Next time you’ll just get me, no shop. Let’s see if you’re less annoying then.” 
2. Visit the Shop again. This may again be at lunch. 
3. “Damn, you can almost feel the weight of the social pressure. How the ♥♥♥♥ can you upgrade her sword!?” 
“ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE: OUTSOURCING! Call the best tech engineer you can pay.” (MONEY) 
“DIY! This sword is our canvas and some duct tape will be your brush.” (CREATIVITY) 
4. “Hey, [Player Name], do your thing: save this situation! Hope, Joy, and Faith need our help.” 
5. “Too late! The Prince’s army is holding Valerie and if you don’t do something soon, this will be your worst date yet. Think fast!” 
“Share a pic of Valerie’s abduction on Momentgram to alert everyone, using some intense filters to convey urgency.” (CREATIVITY) 
“Start a fire.” (BOLD) 
6. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

DLC Other (Secret Endings) Page 1.

———-DAHLIA End Guide———- 
Buy A Map($8) from the Shop . 
“you’re no tactician, but you’re not above taking a little inspiration from the classmates in front of you. You suggest…” 
“Every team needs motivation, and an army is just another kind of team! Nothing says ‘motivation’ like a fun, silly mascot!” (FUN) 
“Read Swedish poetry to them.” (SMARTS) 
“Well, when she puts it that way, it really IS simple! all you’ve got to do is…” 
“Build a very powerful bomb and then disguise it with a wig and some lipstick so the legions think it’s a sexy demon they all want to kiss.” (CREATIVITY) 
“Hire Dante Alighieri as your Hell Consultant.” (SMARTS) 
“You’re her advisor (apparently), so go on! Advise her!” 
“Fight gentrification by strictly regulating new condo developments, which will ultimately lead to rampant property speculation and displacement of long-time residents.” (CREATIVITY) 
“Free WiFi!” (FUN) 
Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-A CHANGE OF PLACE End Guide———- 
1. Buy A Change of Place (Love interest Mask) ($8) from the shop. 
2. “Maybe you should be more careful what you wish for (unless you wished for a robo-pony, which would be rad to get). So you’d better defuse this whole nonsense.] 
“Convince the Prince that joining the Dark Side would be like… marrying the night! Wink!” (CHARM) 
“Explain to Dmitri the Prince is a better suitor for the Dark Side, as his disregard for consent and obsession with fooling people into marriage are clear signs of evil.” (SMARTS) 
3. “These two don’t seem like they’ll leave you alone until you give them a stupid rule to help their relationship. So here we go…” 
“RULE 1: Playing sexually with other people is OK, but playing Monopoly with other people is totally off limits.” (FUN) 
“RULE 1: Never make your relationship follow rules dictated by a semi-stranger. That’s not a good start.” (SMARTS) 
4. “So you’d better improvise something that is cool while also fitting these two weirdos’ ♥♥♥♥♥♥ up personalities.” 
“STRIPPERS! But the strippers should cater to the tastes of these bizarre grooms: the Prince will marry his and the other stripper should join the Dark Side.” (MONEY) 
“These creeps are all about invading other people’s privacy, so instead of hiring strippers, they should act as strippers crashing other bachelor parties during the whole night.” (CREATIVE) 
5. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-FAIRY End Guide———- 
1. Buy A Fairy in a Bottle ($10) from the shop. 
2. “Amazingly, you can actually be helpful in this situation, because you’re secretly the most overpowered RPG class…” 
“A compliement caster!” (SMART) 
“A ranger! But like a ranger who’s super nice and cares about your friends.” (CHARM) 
3. “These two are never going to agree on an adventure, and you desperately need to boost your stats if you’re going to be ready for the water temple! Luckily, you know an adventure that will be equal parts epic and personally enriching…” 
“Let’s journey to the depths of Lof-Yars-Elf, the perilous dungeon of…meaningful self-discovery!” (SMART) 
“We shall battle Relaxas, Knight of the Order of Yoga!” (BOLD) 
4. “Help your friend vanquish the ultimate enemy: WILD RAGING OWLBEAR, and also EMOTIONS!” 
“Toss Aaravi the Legendary Garmagorian Axe of Introspection!” (BOLD) 
“Convince Aaravi to suplex the owlbear. Suplexes are like the hugs of wrestling! It’s violent and emotional all at once!” (CREATIVITY) 
5. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-FAITH End Guide———- 
1. Buy A Free Lore Coupon ($7) from the shop. 
2. “So who will it be, [Player Name]?” 
“Faith.” (SMART) 
Note: This stat check does not need to be passed, and success or failure will not gain or lose the player any stats. 
“Hope.” (BOLD) 
Note: choosing this will enter Hope’s route instead. 
3. “Whatever, this is not your first time going with a lie.” 
“I like how their feet are so…foot-y. And I love that they have… organs and… probably skin too? And it’s a very great idea that they come in… different colors?” (CREATIVITY) 
“I like… I like… I LIKE THE FACT THAT THEY ARE 17 FEET TALL (probably?)” (BOLD) 
4. “Do you have any idea? If I were to die, how could we prevent anybody from mistaking her for me?” 
“To always be sure you’re the real Faith, we should have a super secret handshake!” (FUN) 
“You’re everything but the same! She looks like someone who would be into Doom Metal, while you’re into Death Metal! The difference is too big for anyone NOT to see it!” (CREATIVITY) 
5. “But how? Violence is your favorite resort for absurd solutions, alongside pop culture references and saying ‘it was inside you all along!'” 
“Let’s gamble! If I throw these dice and get a double six, you leave us alone. If not, I guess you can murder Faith.” (BOLD) 
“Evil Faith’s plot to murder Faith might just be her way of asking for a hug!” (CHARM) 
6. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-FELLOW STUDENT End Guide———- 
1. Buy Police Report ($8) from the shop. 
2. “No! You can’t let Scott sell out Vera! You’ve got to stop him! But you’ve got to do it subtly…” 
“Scott! Wait! My Insta feed just told me that “snitching” is last week’s challenge! The new hot thing is to record yourself opening a successful pizza restaurant!” (CREATIVITY) 
“No Scott! Choosing a favourite crime wouldn’t be fair to all the great crimes Vera’s done! The other crimes would be sad!” (CHARM) 
3. “Sure, that’s a thing. So, what’s the one thing that really defines a millennial?” 
“To be a true millennial, you’ve got to be blamed for ruining an industry that was becoming obsolete anyway.” (SMARTS) 
“To be a true millennial, you need a job so hard to explain that not even YOU are sure why you’re getting paid.” (CREATIVITY) 
4. “Wow. LAME! Find a way to convince this guy to buy everybody booze!” 
“The alcohol isn’t for drinking. It’s to treat a wound! This wound!” (Then stab Damien) (BOLD) 
“We’re just trying to support the local liquor store owner through hard times. You believe in small business, don’t you?” (CHARM) 
5. “Fellow Student seems to… have doubts? Maybe he just needs a gentle push in the right direction to stop Vera going to prison and stop Scott from being sad.” 
“If you stop being a fellow student… you’ll have to stop using your signature kick-a*s baseball cap. You look too good in that baseball cap just to give up on it now!” (FUN) 
“You can’t do this, Fellow Student! Remember all the good moments we shared over summer camp!” (CHARM) 
6. Go to Prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-FOURTH WALL End Guide———- 
1. Buy Very Weird Drugs ($10) from the shop. It is only available when there are exactly 3 events left, not counting a lunch. That is Week 2 Morning and Lunch on a short play and Week 5 Morning and Lunch on a regular play. 
2. “Either way, you know in your fictional bones that Polly is right. You’ve just got to prove it. But how?” 
Lets walk to the limits of reality, and then walk some more! (BOLDNESS) 
Turn off the game. (SMARTS) 
3. “You’re all scared! That’s why you’ve got to find a way to convince Liam of the terrifying truth!” 
“Okay, Liam, we’ll leave you alone. All you have to do is raise your right hand.” (CREATIVITY) 
Note: Selecting this option with Creativity lower than Smarts will earn you a Steam achievement. 
“It’s true, I swear! You can see it all at!” (SMARTS) 
4. “Don’t you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ try it [PLAYER NAME]. I see you eyeing those options and I am NOT PLEASED.” 
Maybe there’s a secret way out. Have you tried looking behind you? (CREATIVITY) 
We can’t escape all on our own. We need help from someone … from the outside! (CHARM) 
5. Go to Prom with Liam, Polly, or Scott. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

DLC Other (Secret Endings) Page 2.

———-HOPE End Guide———- 
1. Buy A Free Lore Coupon ($7) from the shop. 
2. “So who will be, [Player Name]?” 
“Faith.” (SMART) 
Note: choosing this will enter Faith’s route instead. 
“Hope.” (BOLD) 
Note: This stat check does not need to be passed, and success or failure will not gain or lose the player any stats. 
3. “Yup, that’s your thing. Go for it, champ!” 
“Create a device to enhance your telepathic powers in order to know what people want before they even order it! Success in the era of big data is about not giving a ♥♥♥♥ about customers’ privacy.” (SMART) 
“Draw a very cute cat saying, “thank you!” on every package. But like a VEEEEEERY CUTE cat.” (CREATIVE) 
4. “This is spiraling down and nobody seems eager to reveal a thing. Only viable solution is to come up with a theory so wrong they feel forced to tell the truth.” 
“Those memories aren’t hers, and she isn’t a small business fighting big corporations… she’s actually a billionaire big corp CEO trapped in the body of a young witch!!!” (CREATIVITY) 
“Hope is not the real Hope! The real Hope is trapped inside of Joy and we need to free her using this… ‘magic’ knife.” (BOLD) 
5. “It is a very complex situation…but maybe you could help…” 
“Such a traumatic experience calls for a journey to find yourself again… let’s go to Thailand together on a spiritual journey full of deep introspection and very inspirational Instagram pictures.” (FUN) 
“You must find closure by having a thoughtful talk with the past Hopes. Channel their spirits…. by making a Whatsapp Group.” (CHARM) 
6. Go to prom alone 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 
———-NARRATOR End Guide———- 
1. Sit at the Narrator’s table during lunch. It will be located in an initially off-camera room to the left of the cafeteria that may be accessed using arrow keys or other directional inputs. 
2. “Oh, [Player Name], would you? Would you take me on one of your silly misadventures? Please, make me feel like an actual character for once!” 
“Yes. YES! I’ll be the playable character to your non-playable character!” 
Note: This stat check does not need to be passed, and success or failure will not gain or lose the player any stats. 
“Nah, If you were a character it’d be a mess. If you stop narrating to start acting by yourself, then… who narrates the narrator?” 
Note: choosing this will cancel the secret ending 
3. “How about you, [Player Name]? I know for a fact that you’re good at coming up with crazy ♥♥♥♥ to try, right?” 
“Let’s launch a line of talking Narrator dolls to dispense pre-recorded bits of bite-sized wisdom!” (CREATIVITY) 
“The Narrator is just like us… which basically means anyone can do his job. Why not narrate for each other?” (CHARM) 
4. “…Looking at you, [Player Name]. It’s time for advanced narrating advice.” 
“Always remember, WWDD: What Would Dostoyevsky Do? Give your narration some dismal gravitas!” (SMARTS) 
“Consider … sound effects.” (FUN) 
5. “… but it’s just hard to get in the mood when I’m acutely aware of the private hell I perpetually inhabit, you know?” 
“But you’ve never been to Monster Prom! How do you know that going won’t like, break the curse or something?” (SMARTS) 
“But what about … s*x?” (CHARM) 
6. Go to prom alone. 
Monster Prom - All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC 

Written by Dr. Negativ

This is all about Monster Prom – All Secret Endings 35/35 + DLC; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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