MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Zenny Farm Guide 1 -
MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Zenny Farm Guide 1 -

Become a rich man/woman in no more than 13 minutes of gameplay!

Introduction and the rest

Hello everybody.
This video will show you my personal route for farming lots of money.
What you will see is my route, my gear and my buddies.
You will need the following things for maximum efficiency:
1 Palamute for fast travelling
1 Palico as Gatherer, for he will farm some extra ore
Mining upsurge (A MUST HAVE, because we want MAX ore)
Geologist (A MUST HAVE, because we want MAX ore)
Wirebug Whisperer Level 3 (Not neccessary, but it will help a lot)
Wallrunner (Same as above)
The mission itself is an exploration in the flooded forest with the mining upsurge buff, so wait for said tag to appear for the exploration.
After seeing GaijinHunters video in the lava caverns, I had the idea of trying something like his video, but in another region. I dont like the lava caverns, so I opted for the flooded forest. Though I thank him a lot, because he gave me the idea in the first place and made us aware of how much money you can earn from selling the ore, that you’ve just collected. Each run will net you around 300-400k zenny and the route itself isnt that complicated.
In my opinion, my route is nearly perfect, as you will see in the video. If you got the route down to my speed, you will see the ore respawn in front of you, which is actually good, because you will always have ore ready to be harvested.
If you got any suggestions on how to optimize my route, feel free to leave a comment or let me know ingame!
Thanks for watching
People using this guide, said this:
very informative and easy to understand guide, now I’m racing against Elon Musk to become richest person in the world 10/10.


Written by Flash

This is all about MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Zenny Farm Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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