MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Tech Support Live Chat Guide

MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Tech Support Live Chat Guide 1 -
MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Tech Support Live Chat Guide 1 -

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Live Chat

Join one of the biggest Monster Hunter discord communities available:
Monster Hunter Gathering Hall – [] – [] 
You could see them in the past being even occassionally endorsed by official English community managers. They have channels for for any Monster Hunter game available.
If you do not own discord, you can register here – []  for free and use it right away in your browser. No app installation needed! Quick and easy.
German Speaking players might like this one: – [] 
MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Tech Support Live Chat Guide - Live Chat - 3360586

Official Support

Customers in North and South America – [] 
Customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa – [] 
Customers in Japan – [] 
Customers in Asia other than Japan – [] 

Originally posted by Capcom Customer Service:
For technical support and general queries, please send an email to [email protected] - [] 


Originally posted by Official support account for Capcom USA:
Send us an e-mail at [email protected] - []  ! Or, you can open a Customer Service Ticket by going to - []  and clicking "Contact Us". European users can e-mail [email protected] - []  for all customer support inquiries.

Japanese users can visit - []  for all customer support inquiries.

Users in Asia can e-mail [email protected] - []  for all customer support inquiries.

The official guidance threads on the forums are:
MONSTER HUNTER RISE Troubleshooting & Issue Reporting Thread – [] – [] 
Network / Connection Troubleshooting FAQ – [] 
MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Tech Support Live Chat Guide - Official Support - 06F3F17

Tried Everything

If you tried everything, that means it is everything.
That includes doing a magic dance, ritual sacrifices and buying a top-notch PC made of 100 PS5 consoles to run the most demanding games flawlessly.
If your game still does not work by then, then nothing else can be done.
Save your time well knowing, that you tried everything.
MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Tech Support Live Chat Guide - Tried Everything - 87FAFD5

Ask at Forums

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Tech Support Live Chat Guide - Ask at Forums - 0D13B89
When you ask at the forums, please be respectful as you are asking fellow players and Steam users with no official support agent around to take care of things. Being respectful means using a respectful language, either in English or your native tongue, having taken proper note of the content which allows you forums access and the pinned threads about troubleshooting.
If you still feel lost and need further guidance, feel free to ask. Just make sure to provide a list of what you tried already from the list of suggestions offered in those pinned threads, and details about your gaming systems specifics. In this universe mindreading is still underdeveloped and Skynet is not sentient yet to answer to your thoughts before you realise them. Google is just a search engine. Yet.
Make good use of the forums search functions, as many questions asked have been answered by now, especially in regards of common issues. Help others by marking your thread/issue as resolved by using forums functions properly.

By all means: in more than 7 out of 10 cases, threads with issues I have read resolved by themselves with banal reasonings. From players not having updating their drivers to not restarted their PC and some banal stuff which never crossed my mind ever, like a webcam’s microphone causing sounds issues. How should anyone know what kind of setup you are having?
MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Tech Support Live Chat Guide - Ask at Forums - 209470E

Mod Support

If you need mod support, you are at the wrong place at Steam.
But there is a modding discord! – [] 
MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Tech Support Live Chat Guide - Mod Support - B654066

Remember Live Chat

If the forums features are too much for you, always remember there is still community help via Live Chat.
Monster Hunter Gathering Hall – [] 
Forums are not the same as discord. Just saying.
MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Tech Support Live Chat Guide - Remember Live Chat - 524F21F

Helpful Tool Collection

Random without context.
Or rather: you know the context from the pinned threads and other guides.
Here is the official manual how you do verify your game’s files: – [] 
Display Driver Uninstaller. – [] 
The latest Nvidia drivers you can find here – [] 
The latest AMD drivers you can find here – [] 

Adjust VRAM to match your actual RAM – [] 
Remote Save Game Storage – [] 
CrystalDiskInfo – Check your Storage for possible issues – [] 
It can always be the case that there are hardware issues you do not know about, and by coincidence a game just reveals them without actually causing them.

CPU-Z – System Profiler – [] 
Helpful for people who want to help you so you can share details about your system’s specification.
GPU-Z – Graphics Cards Specific – [] 
As above with CPU-Z but for graphics cards
Revo Uninstaller – Mostly you do not need this… – [] 
… but it is great for reinstalls to be sure that a game leaves no leftovers you do not know about. CCleaner and XPAntiSpy used to be default tools to get rid of leftover files which can cause issues.
DirectX – [] 
Visual C++ Redistributables – [] 
Checking your Internet Connection – [] 
Borderless Gaming – [] 
REFramework – [] – [] 
DeviceStutterFix – [] 
RiseTweaks – [] 
MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Tech Support Live Chat Guide - Helpful Tool Collection - CE0E4B8

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