MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide

MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide 1 -
MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide 1 -

A selection of Dango sets and why they are good for you

Dango Power!

Eating before every hunt is a Monster Hunter tradition, which not only provides you with extra health and stamina, but also gives you several useful buffs you should not miss!

But with that many Dango to select from – which should you eat?

Here are a few set suggestions of mine to help you making preparations extra easy.

Enjoy your meal and Happy Hunting!

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - Dango Power! - EB55AFA

How to get more Dango Tickets

Make generous use of Motley Mix. You can ditch the items created that way, but you still want to take upon Yomogi’s service – as she gives you a steady supply of Dango tickets for doing so. The Dango tickets ensure most of the time you getting the dango skills you want.
Just… do not tell her if you actually throw her cooking away, okay?

A few Basic Insights

My Dango set recommendations are all made with having the endgame in mind.
That means having Dango Defender (High) is a must, as it grants you the effects of a level 3 Divine Blessing, reducing the damage you would receive very often. Not constantly, but with a very high chance.
As implied before, most Dango grant you boni which equal armour skills, such as e.g.
Dango Fighter <=> Constitution
Dango Feet <=> Flinch Free
Dango Polisher <=> Speed Sharpening
Dango Deflector <=> Mind’s Eye

Recognising the skills they grant you allows you to substitute decorations/armour pieces with specific skills with Dango, giving you more flexibility in how you design your armour builds for skill sets.
Dango boni are deactivated for Arena Quests.

1. Standard Slugger

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - 1. Standard Slugger - FCABC2C
Great for Longsword (Punishing Draw) Sword & Shield, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Lance, Switch Axe (Power Phial), Charge Blade (Impact Phial), Bow (Absolute Power Shot).
Dango Fighter has a great universal utility, as every weapon gameplay which uses Stamina a lot, either for dodging or blocking benefits from it.
Another very good utility has Dango Slugger which a lot of weapon can benefit from, stunning the monster more easily and creating opportunities for extra damage.

2. Gunlance Fighter

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - 2. Gunlance Fighter - 4377BC0
Great for Gunlance.
As the name implies, this one is for Gunlance users where the Dango Slugger is replaced with Dango Bombardier, enhancing the shelling damage.

3. Ranger’s Choice (Bow)

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - 3. Ranger's Choice (Bow) - E567649
Great for Bow.
Alternative: Dango Slugger instead of Dango Marksman. Replacing Dango Defender is also possible but not recommended, though it would increase the offensive capabilities significantly.

4. Ranger’s Choice (Bowgun)

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - 4. Ranger's Choice (Bowgun) - 61177B9
Great for Light Bowgun / Heavy Bowgun.
As a Bowgun user relies less on Stamina consumption moves, Dango Fighter gets replaced with Dango Temper for more damage. Be aware of the increased deviation.

5. Ranger’s Choice (Bomberman)

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - 5. Ranger's Choice (Bomberman) - 6DF1D1A
Great for Light Bowgun / Heavy Bogun.
For a specialised use ofSticky Ammo with Bowgun. As an alternative Dango Temper can be replaced with Dango Slugger should you aim for a more stunning playstyle.

6. Safer Hunt

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - 6. Safer Hunt - 868DF3E
Great for difficult hunts.
Better be safe than sorry. In addition to Dango Defender and Dango Moxie it is wise to bring Dango Medic along. The extra heal can make the important difference. If you know that Aurortle are readily availabe for your hunt, you can replace Dango Moxie. Please keep in mind during multiplayer that Endemic Life which goes into the cage are available only as single entities in their spawning locations (every player can grab a Wirebug, but if someone else grabs an Aurortle before you could, it vanishes for you from the map until used and after a respawn cooldown).

7. No Slugger, No Cry

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - 7. No Slugger, No Cry - 2008BDB
Great for Great Sword, Longsword, Dual Blades, Switch Axe, Insect Glaive.
Dango Slugger getting replaced by Dango Polisher for all the weapon gameplay which does not utilise stunning attacks. Some might say Dango Deflector is a good alternative due to its Mind’s Eye-like skill effect. But for endgame where the weapon sharpness is usually very high to begin with it would be irrelevant.

Situational Dango

In some cases it makes sense to prepare a Dango set “on the fly”, depending on what is currently available and the hunt’s target. Very recommendable is the Dango Insurance when facing a monster you are uncertain whether you will survive the encountern unscathed.
Another recommendation would be to boost up your elemental defenses according to a monster’s strength, like having the extra Fire Resistance when fighting Teostra, an Elder Dragon of the Fire Element e.g.
MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - Situational Dango - 3B4B7A0

Veteran’s Tip

When in multiplayer, every player has their own special daily Dango which differs from what the others have available. So you do not need to worry about overlapping non-stackable effects when picking up a certain special Dango which the whole party will benefit from.

Red Herring Dango

Some Dango have very limited and questional benefits you better skip.
Dango Moneymaker
While the 20% Zenny bonus seems significant in solo hunts, it makes no sense to pick this up while hunting in multiplayer.
Dango Bulker
Gives ATK+15 for 30 seconds after 5 seconds posing.
Dango Booster
Gives ATK+10 and DEF+15 for 10 minutes once the hunt starts.
Effective usage time in average 5-7 minutes (unless it is a quest which uses the arena map).
Dango Weakener
In theory, on paper. not that bad. But will not work with multiple targets.
Also I rather recommend to enhance your combat abilities instead of hoping that your target will be weaker than it would be normally. Good luck in looking for the legendary elusive 1HP monster!
Dango Summoner
The extra loot is not worth it, despite the chance for Orbs/Gems on maps where the creatures appear.
Dango Bird Caller
Whether you are >>this<< or <<this>> close to a Spiribird to get its effects should not really matter.
Dango Reviver
If you already take into account and count on it that you will go down before your teammates, you are clearly doing something wrong. Please coordinate with your fellow hunters if your Fortifygameplay is accepted by them.


I hope these set suggestions of mine do help you having an easier time when preparing for the next hunt. It certainly has some benefits just to pick a fitting set, rather than to scroll through all available Dango again and again before every hunt. I wish you a good time, and like always ~

Happy Hunting!

MONSTER HUNTER RISE - Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide - Afterword - 97BBEE6

Written by アンジェル

This is all about MONSTER HUNTER RISE – Gameplay Tips & Crafting Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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