Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure – Town Services Guide

Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure – Town Services Guide 1 -
Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure – Town Services Guide 1 -
This guide lists the various NPCs that you’ll meet in town and explains what they can do for you. This includes NPCs who won’t arrive until late in the game, additional features that NPCs eventually gain, and some non-obvious or random effects that NPCs offer.



Misla is the first friendly monster that you’ll meet. She invites you to First Village, but doesn’t have any non-storyline role.


Mayor Tarte

The mayor manages your friends. You can have up to two active friends at a time, and you can talk to the mayor to switch which of your friends are active. You can also see your friends’ stats. She will also allow you to dismiss friends to free up space, though you can elsewhere expand your maximum number of friends up to 120.



The house has two doors that you can access. The left door allows you to save your game or return to the title screen. The latter does not save your game. The right door allows you to keep items in storage. Once you have purchased the relevant upgrade from DIY Mana, it also allows you to store money. This is important because dying in a dungeon causes you to lose all of your unequipped items and half of the money you are carrying.


Grocer Tanukichi

The grocer sells a variety of simple items to you in town in unlimited quantities. Some items are always available in unlimited quantities. Others are only sometimes available, but are available in unlimited quantities when she has them at all. If you’re trying to buy one, you can repeatedly return to the title screen and reload the game until she offers the item you want. Her complete inventory:

Item Price Always
Club 100 yes
Wood shield 100 yes
Bread 300 yes
Small Recover Fruit 100 yes
Recovery Staff[5] 720 yes
Grimoire of Return 100 yes
Grimoire of Dispel 1000 yes
Highest Aburaage 1000 no
Sake MURAICHIBAN 1000 no
Silver Vine 1000 no

Tanukichi will also buy any item from you at half of the price that she would sell it for.


Grocer daughter Kotanu

Kotanu doesn’t do anything while in town. She’s just a storyline character, as explained in the shop section of the dungeons guide.


Smith Oyakata

Oyakata can upgrade your swords and shields. There are two kinds of upgrades: strengthening and synthesis. Strengthening is straightforward, and typically increases the item enhancement level by 1, at least up to the item’s cap on enhancement level. It costs 1200 money for her to strengthen an item, and occasionally (about 20% of the time), it will increase the enhancement level by 3 instead of 1.

Synthesis is more complex. At a high level, the idea of synthesis is that you can combine two swords or shields into one new one with the properties of both of the old. There are a lot of limitations on this, however. The enhancement level of the new item will be the sum of the enhancement levels of the old items, provided that this doesn’t exceed the item’s cap.

The new item will keep the old base item’s name, base stats, and marks. If the old base item had empty mark slots, then marks from the other item will be transferred to the new item to fill those empty slots. However, purple marks can never be transferred between items via synthesis. Furthermore, a sword can have at most one red mark, so if both of the items had a red mark, the new item retains the red mark of the base item and does not gain the other. Once all mark slots are full (other than the leftmost purple mark slot), any additional marks from the other item cannot transfer to the new item and will be lost.

After you beat the first six dungeons, Oyakata gets an improved version of synthesis. If you synthesize two items with the same name, the maximum enhancement level of the resulting item will increase by 10, up to a cap of 99. To determine whether two items are the “same”, only the base item counts, not other stats or marks on it. For example, if you synthesize a Bronze Sword with a Steel Sword, the items are different, so it won’t increase the maximum enhancement level. If you synthesize an Alone Steel Sword with a Brave Steel Sword, they are both a Steel Sword, so they count as the same sword and will increase the maximum enhancement level.

Oyakata also allows you to remove unwanted marks from gear, to make room for a new mark that you want to transfer to the item. This costs 1000 money per mark. Purple marks cannot be removed or otherwise modified, but other marks can be removed.


Smith Apprentice Rina

Rina sells swords and shields in unlimited quantities at fixed prices:

Bronze Sword: 1000
Bronze Shield: 1000
Steel Sword: 2000
Steel Shield: 2000

There’s really no reason to care about a bronze sword or shield, as the steel versions are better in every way that they differ. Rina also buys unwanted items from you, just like Tanukichi. Rina can be valuable as a way to sell your unwanted gear if Tanukichi gets injured and is gone from town for a while.


DIY Mana

Mana allows you to upgrade your house. The strongbox is a one-time purchase that allows you to store effectively unlimited money in your house. Upgrading your main storage allows an additional 10 slots to store items. I’m not sure what the maximum upgrade level for storage is, but it’s above level 10. Mana also allows you to upgrade the number of friends that you can have. This can only go up to level 10, which is enough for 120 friends. As there are only 111 recruitable monsters in the game, this allows you to have all of them.

Stone and timber for upgrades drop in many places, but seem to be most plentiful in the early levels of the Beginner Dungeon. You can get a magic ball for the friends list upgrade from clearing the Labyrinth of Crystals, Village Exit, Demon Kingdom, or Hidden Elven Village dungeons. You get an additional magic ball each time you clear the dungeon. Magic balls are also rarely available in the Mysterious Adventure dungeon.


Compounder Barbara

Barbara offers special synthesis, which allows you to use a fruit to add a mark to a sword or shield. The list of fruits that can be used for special synthesis, along with the marks that they add, is:

Fruit Sword mark Shield mark
Small Recover Fruit Attack Recovery Damage Recovery
Recover Fruit Attack Recovery Damage Recovery
Big Recover Fruit Attack Recovery Damage Recovery
Large Recover Fruit Attack Recovery Damage Recovery
Power Fruit Rise in Pow Rise in Pow
Antidote fruit Anti-Decrease in Pow
Swift Fruit Increase Charge Speed Increase Charge Speed
Mana Fruit Skill Enhancement Skill Enhancement
Sleepy Fruit Sleep Attacks Anti-Sleep
Paralysis Fruit Paralytic Attack Anti-Paralysis
Slow Fruit Slow Attack Anti-Slow
Confusion Fruit Confusion Attack Anti-Confusion
Poison Fruit Poison Attack Anti-Poison
Seal Fruit Seal Attack Anti-Seal
Angry Fruit Rage Attack Anti-Rage
Blinding Fruit Anti-Blinding

The four recover fruits all create exactly the same mark, so there’s no need to hunt down better fruits to get a better mark. For the condition fruits, the sword marks generally give you a chance of inflicting that condition on a monster you hit, while the shield fruits make you completely immune to the condition.


Porter Puree

Puree will fly you to various places in the Beginner Dungeon, which allows you to start partway through the dungeon rather than at the very start. She will not take you further into the dungeon than you have previously been on your own. Initially, the further you want to go into the dungeon, the fewer the items you can take. Once you clear the Beginner Dungeon, Puree becomes stronger, so that she can take you to any location in the dungeon with as much inventory as you can hold.


Porter sis Serena

Upon reaching level 20 of the Demon Kingdom, you’ll meet Serena. She can fly you back to level 20 later, so that you don’t have to start the dungeon from the beginning every time. Unlike Puree, she only offers to take you to one spot.


Treasure Hunter Coco

Coco offers three meals at her cafe. There are 11 that she can offer in total, and she’ll pick which three to offer at a given time randomly. You can eat one meal for buffs in the next dungeon you attempt. You can only eat one meal, and it wears off the next time you leave a dungeon. You can reroll which of three meals are available by returning to the title screen and reloading your game. Her meals, together with prices, durations, and effects:

Meal Price Duration Effect
Kiten Tate soup 200 All time Start at level 6
Healthy breakfast set 250 All time Increase max health by 10 and attack by 3
Field meat steak 1000 All time Increase attack and defense by 5 each
Pumpkin soup 1200 All time Prevents you from being charmed (sometimes)
Honey cheese 500 Long Prevents you from being poisoned
Muddy sake cheesecake 800 Long Prevents you from being confused
Combo of chicken and cat hair 1500 Long Prevents you from being thrown
Mori Mori Fruit 2000 Long Restores some health when you take damage
Combo of cheese and mandragora 1000 Medium Eating fruits sometimes doesn't use them up
Peaceful lemon tea 1000 Medium Reading books sometimes doesn't use them up
Intelli raw vegetables 5000 Not Long Identify items that you pick upMeal Price Duration Effect
Kiten Tate soup 200 All time Start at level 6
Healthy breakfast set 250 All time Increase max health by 10 and attack by 3
Field meat steak 1000 All time Increase attack and defense by 5 each
Pumpkin soup 1200 All time Prevents you from being charmed (sometimes)
Honey cheese 500 Long Prevents you from being poisoned
Muddy sake cheesecake 800 Long Prevents you from being confused
Combo of chicken and cat hair 1500 Long Prevents you from being thrown
Mori Mori Fruit 2000 Long Restores some health when you take damage
Combo of cheese and mandragora 1000 Medium Eating fruits sometimes doesn't use them up
Peaceful lemon tea 1000 Medium Reading books sometimes doesn't use them up
Intelli raw vegetables 5000 Not Long Identify items that you pick up

While I haven’t tested them, the meals that have limited duration are probably the same effects as are available from other items:

Honey cheese Anti-Poison mark
Muddy sake cheesecake Anti-Confusion mark
Combo of chicken and cat hair Heavy Equipment mark
Mori Mori Fruit Damage Recovery mark
Combo of cheese and mandragora Small Eater sword or shield
Peaceful lemon tea Booker sword or shield
Intelli raw vegetables Identify Bracelet

Pumpkin soup does not make you completely immune to all charms, however. It does make you immune to being charmed by Pink Slime, Succubus Slime, Succubus, or Empusa, which allows you to recruit them. It does not make you immune to Hecate’s or Lilyth’s charms.


Dispeler Arachne

Arachne can remove the curses from any cursed items that you have in your inventory. It’s a fixed price of 500, regardless of how many items you want the curse dispelled from. It only removes curses from items in your main inventory, and not also from items inside of bags.


Mayor sis Melt

Melt can prestige your friends to make them stronger. If you have a friend at 100 love and at least 80% of her maximum level, then Melt can increase her level cap by 5, at the expense of resetting her level to 1. This makes your friend slightly stronger at a given level, but the main purpose of it is increasing the level cap by 5. This allows your friend to be much stronger while at the new cap. Friend level caps are always multiples of 5, so 80% of her maximum level will always be an integer.


Aide Gabli

Before you’ve completed the first six dungeons, Gabli will keep track of which dungeons you have completed and which you haven’t. After you’ve completed them, you can talk to her to have her allow certain town NPCs to assist you in dungeons. On some random floor, up to three of the NPCs that you choose will spawn and offer you their usual services. Porter Puree will offer to fly you 5-9 floors deeper into the dungeon, rather than taking you to the Beginner Dungeon. Coco will sometimes refuse to serve you, insisting that you’re already full. If you do get a new meal from her, it will overwrite the effects of the previous one, not add to them.


Appraiser Nibi

Nibi can reveal the full stats of swords and shields for you. Any item that you get as a drop from an alpha monster already has its full stats revealed. Other swords or shields purchased from vendors or found on the ground in dungeons have their full stats hidden. They’ll show the base stats, mark, and an enhancement level, but not a full name with additional intrinsic stats. For example, it might show as a Dragon Hater +1, but not an Aisle Lover Dragon Hater +1.

For a price of 1500 money, Nibi will reveal the full name and stats on the item. The full stats are chosen when you pay Nibi, not when you acquire the item. This allows you to save your game with an item in your inventory, pay Nibi to reveal the full stats, and then if you don’t like them, return to the title screen, reload your game, and again pay Nibi to reveal the full stats. That rerolls the stats, so you can do that until you get something you like.

When Nibi reveals the full stats, there will be one to four intrinsic stats on the item. The first stat has far more options than the others, and affects the item name. The proabilities for the total number of stats are approximately:

1 line: 15%
2 lines: 45%
3 lines: 30%
4 lines: 10%

The second, third, and fourth lines can be:
Increase item base power
Decrease item base power
Increase item max enhancement level
One extra mark slot
Immune to a particular condition

Increasing an item’s enhancement level does allow you to go over the +99 cap on enhancement level once you unlock the improved enhancement from Oyakata. For example, I have a sword with a +13 max enhancement level stat on it, and that allows it to be enhanced up to +112.

There are a lot more options for the first stat. By rerolling several hundred times, I’m pretty sure that I’ve found all of them. There are 42 in total, most of which are available both on swords and shields. I’ll split them into several categories:


Damage mods:

Damage mods increase the damage you deal if on a sword, or decrease the damage you take if on a shield. I’ll list both at once as “damage mod while…”, rather than “increase damage while…” on a sword and “decrease damage while…” on a shield:

Aisle Lover: Damage mod while in an aisle
Alone: Damage mod while no friends with you
Begging: Damage mod while on top of money
Brave: Damage mod while adjacent to multiple monsters
Firehouse: Damage mod while low on health
Focusing: Damage mod while other type of gear not equipped
Foggy: Damage mod, but speed up fog generation
Hunt: Damage mod while fighting bosses
Magicians: Damage mod for having more staves in inventory
Mercenaries: Damage mod for having more swords or shields in inventory
Skinny: Damage mod while affected by a condition
Travelers: Damage mod for having fewer items in inventory
Water Lover: Damage mod while in or adjacent to water

I haven’t tested a lot of the weapons, and am unsure of what some of them mean. I have no idea what Begging means, and am partially guessing on Firehouse, Hunt (alpha monsters?), and Skinny. If you take too long on a given floor, the level will become foggy, which makes monsters much stronger. Foggy gear presumably makes that happen much sooner.


Modify base stats:

Wonderful: +10 base power
Amazing: +5 base power
Great: +3 base power
Good: +1 base power
Bad: -1 base power
Degraded: -2 base power
Crude: -3 base power
Big: +1 mark slot
Huge: +3 mark slots

These are all self-explanatory. Huge is my favorite item name for endgame. Wonderful can be pretty good earlier on.


Other mods common to swords and shields:

Booker: Reading a book sometimes doesn't use it up
Small Eater: Eating a fruit sometimes doesn't use it up
Staffer: Swinging a staff sometimes doesn't use it up
Magick: Using a staff or book sometimes doesn't use it up
Bomber: When you throw items, they explode on impact
Fraternity: Recovery fruits also heal friends, with half of the effect
Gambling: Half or double damage dealt or taken


Sword-only names:

Bloodsucking: Disables natural health recovery, but recover health when you attack
Expert: Can shoot an equipped arrow during a normal attack
Melte Gold: Increase damage dealt, but each attack costs 1000 money
Melte Silver: Increase damage dealt, but each attack costs 100 money
Unpopular: Increase damage dealt when attacking monster that has a condition


Shield-only names:

Adapt: Reduce damage taken when hit repeatedly on the same turn
Chicken: Sometimes warp when taking damage
Overpowered: Take much less damage, but lose health every turn
Pervert: Explosions heal you rather than damaging you
Pleasure: Restore health if damaged by friends
Scouts: Invisible for first five turns on a floor
Selfless: Disable natural health recovery, but avoid bad status
Vitality: Increased natural health recovery

Chicken is like sometimes randomly eating a teleport fruit when you take damage. Overpowered causes you to lose 1 damage per move and not get natural health recovery, so it will kill you quickly if you use it for long. I’m not sure if “selfless” is referring to status conditions or if it’s the BAD status from when you rob Tanukichi.


Insurance Insya

Getting stronger swords and shields is a major source of progression in the game. It takes a long time to enhance them up to their cap, and increase the base enhancement cap to 99. So losing your equipped gear could be devastating. Insya offers insurance: for 1000 per item, she’ll ensure any sword, shield, or bracelet. If you lose that item in a dungeon, she’ll replace it for you. Insurance is removed from an item when sold at a vendor, used in synthesis, or given to a friend as a gift. It’s there to protect you from losing items if you die with some items that aren’t equipped, or from having items lost and destroyed such as from the goblins’ flip attacks.


Porter High Elko

Elko takes you to the start of the Hidden Elven Village dungeon. I list her here because she shows as an NPC on the map. Other dungeon entrances aren’t so labeled.

Written by Quizzical

This is all about Monster Girls and the Mysterious Adventure – Town Services Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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