Mondealy: Day One – How to Complete All Achievements in Game – Gameplay Tips

Mondealy: Day One – How to Complete All Achievements in Game – Gameplay Tips 1 -
Mondealy: Day One – How to Complete All Achievements in Game – Gameplay Tips 1 -


Sit on the stool in front of the bartender
Speak to Ellie – she will join your party
Head to the beach
Approach the pier (cutscene will begin)
Leave the pier and collect 4x logs
Leave the beach and return to collect more logs until you have x42 in inventory
Achievement: Pocket Forest
Head to your bedroom and collect the batteries from the table and pink jacket from the wardrobe
Save game to start the next day
Go south-east to police station
Pickup the documents in the bush
Enter the police station and hand the documents back to Chelsy
Achievement: Police Assistant
Head west to the forest
Enter the shack
Put the batteries into the radio
Achievement: Radio Enthusiast
Continue west until you reach the Forest Tower
Pickup the dagger and head upstairs
Speak to Ellie
Fast travel back to town and enter Dary’s house
Receive a key and fast travel back to the tower
Pickup the tiara
Achievement: Grabby Hands
Rip off the cloth and enter the next room
Save before entering the castle
Follow Hass to the castle
Head south to United District
Head north
You will approach Rufus’ house
Mondealy: Day One - How to Complete All Achievements in Game - Gameplay Tips - Prologue - 43A3225
He will be pacing the back garden repeating the numbers
2 right
2 forward
4 right
1 forward
This will become important later on
Head east to the plaza and speak to the snake & fox at the table
This conversation triggers 2 limited achievements
Savior of shy: Help the snake out. You will receive coins. Enter the shop directly above to buy some sweets for the date
Heartbreaker: Say that you dont know the snake and you wont leave him alone
Continue south and speak to the bat hanging upside-down on the Gazebo.
Push the bat to get bitten
Achievement: Provocateur
Enter the caves and climb the ladder
Head to your bedroom and sleep to start the next day

The Castle

Plushie 1
After the day starts head left
Open bedroom door
Collect your items
There will be a plushie on the cupboard shelf
Head out of the room and downstairs
Speak with Evelyn and Katrina at the bottom of the stairs.
Both pretty
Upper district
Achievement: Simple Questions – Simple Answers
Follow the path down to the room on the left
Enter Corsic’s room and save the game
Need a helping hand to save ?
Travel to the Water District through the town
Plushie 2
Before you enter the water district, past the lifeguard the plushie is located at the rightmost changing room at the top of the scene
Plushie 3
In the water district, the plushie is sitting on the platform outside building “Buy your pleasure building”

Rufus’ House

Enter Buy Your Pleasure building and receive a shopping list
Leave the water district and return back to town
Once you reach Rufus’ house, they will ask you to navigate through the house to reach “engine room”
The rooms are randomly generated
Immediately after you enter go
2 right
2 forward
4 right
1 forward
Achievement: Eavesdropping
Pickup Rufus’ keys from the table and leave the house
Speak to Rufus to trigger a cutscene. You will receive an amulet allowing you to re-enter the randomly generated dimension
The last plushie spawns randomly inside the dimension
Achievement: Ah, My Muse
There are 8 pieces of paper to read in order for
Achievement: Stories from the Outer World
One of the possible rooms has a bright yellow tinge, upon entering this room return back through the same entrance you came in through for
Achievement: Euclid Minded

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