Minecraft – Top 5 Best Seeds in Minecraft Java Edition – Minecraft 1.17 PC (2021)

Minecraft – Top 5 Best Seeds in Minecraft Java Edition – Minecraft 1.17 PC (2021) 1 - steamlists.com
Minecraft – Top 5 Best Seeds in Minecraft Java Edition – Minecraft 1.17 PC (2021) 1 - steamlists.com

Top 10 Best Seeds in Minecraft

This guide will tell you the top 5 best seeds in Minecraft Java Edition 1.17!


Seed 1: 3444202850832351

It has 2 different ruined portal villages close to the spawn point.

Taiga Biome – Southwest of spawn

  • The first ruined portal village is located towards the Southwest of spawn.
  • The portal placed on the edge of a dark forest biome right next to the village farm
  • If you enter inside the ruined portal, you can find a golden items such as, golden chest, apple, golden axe.
  • This village was also a blacksmith village were you can find some items.

Second Ruined Portal – Northeast of spawn

  • This portal is surrounded by lots of trees, small plains inside the forest good for building location.
  • Inside the ruined portal chest you can be able to find loot items.

Seed 2: 1848767226921206774

Mushroom Fields Biome

  • This biome has a decent size map and its near the ocean, near mesa and mountains.
  • Near the mushroom island there’s also icebergs in the frozen ocean. You can also findΒ  shipwreck and loot from the chest.

The Mesa Biome

  • Inside of the mesa, you can be able to find erroded bandlands variants.

Seed 3: 2027137130838960293

The Jungle Temple Seed

  • The best spot location to build and its close to the spawn.
  • It has a little lake area with the terrain stretching area creates a nice looking view.
  • There is also a ravine here which can be used to get some ores, you can also find dripstone blocks at the bottom.
  • Inside the jungle temple you can also find some loot items and a hidden chest.
  • If you travel East of spawn, you’ll be able to see a Mesa Biome, the Mesa map is quite a large and there’s also a village at the edge of the Mesa.
  • This is seed is best for you if you are looking to build a jungle village.


Seed 4: 1276159713567299839

A Desert Island Seed

  • This village is surrounded with ocean which is really nice looking view.
  • Towards the North part you can find a frozen ocean.
  • When you travel to the ocean a bit you’ll be able to find a cool spots like an Ocean Monument and a ruined portal.
  • The chest are buried underneath that you have to dig in for loot.


Seed 5: 216483793212331067

This seed has a Taiga Village next to a Mountain Biome

  • This is the best spot location for farming
  • There’s also a blacksmith within the village and a loot item inside.
  • If you dig down the coordinates (x: (0) y: (22) z: (70)) ), you can get Amethyst Geode you can grab the new 1.17 blocks just by digging at spawn.
  • There’s also goats nearby.


Seed 5: 233276390797483 – x: (0) y: (70) z: (0)

This seed has a Desert Temple Village at spawn, it has a decent size with a bunch of small buildings.

  • The desert temple is right on the edge of the village and an ocean.
  • Inside the temple there is a small collection of smooth sandstone and some chest for loots.
  • Right near the Icebergs ( x: (50) y: (53) z: (75), you can find a shipwreck under water. It’s a Jungle and a Spruce Ship.
  • If you travel a bit into the ocean ( x: (140) y: (56) z: (320), you can find an ocean monument.
  • Final location ( x: (150) y: (72) z: (-300 ), there’s a small village with one farm and a small buildings, and a mountains nearby.
  • If you are a looking for a desert, this maybe a good map for you

Thank you for reading this guide, I hope this will help you to find the right see you to play!

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