Military Conflict: Vietnam – Strategy for Capturing Flags and Points

Military Conflict: Vietnam – Strategy for Capturing Flags and Points 3 -
Military Conflict: Vietnam – Strategy for Capturing Flags and Points 3 -

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Gamemode – bomb

(At time of creating the manual this mode is very crowded and not stable for user maps.


Military Conflict: Vietnam - Strategy for Capturing Flags and Points - Gamemode - bomb - BE91F7B

You will need two entities in one bundle to create a mode:

> vietnam_demolition_controller (Bomb pick-up point)

> vietnam_demolition_target (Bomb bookmark point)


Pick-up point:

World Model – Create a dynamite-crate model. Click “Use” and the player can take explosives out of the model.

The team who can pick up weapons. – A group that can pick up explosives.

weapon to give: Which weapon will be issued? It is suggested to set weapon_c4 or weapons_dynamite.


The point in laying the bomb

World Model – This is the model that will go on display around the globe.

I recommend one of these two models.



Tam whitch the target belongs to – The command to which this bookmark-point will be available

Letter – The Bomb Bookmark itself is the letter of bomb

(Letters available from A to Z)

Type of explosion – Type of explosion used in explosives, C4 and Dynamite

Time delay before blast – The time that the fuse on the bomb will ignite

Time to defuse-The time it takes the bomb to explode

Sound settings are also available for different events

Gamemode – Captuure The Flag

This mode can be created by 1 entity and 1 Brush entity

> vietnam_ctf_point (Simple entity)

> vietnam_ctf_point (Trigger)

Military Conflict: Vietnam - Strategy for Capturing Flags and Points - Gamemode - Captuure the flag - 3056CE1

—- Analysis the Entity ——–

Name – The name must be provided to link the trigger with a flag

World Model – It is obvious that this is a model for the flag. There are many readymade models.

Skin – It would be a good idea immediately to apply the command flag to the skin.

Points awarded to player when they capture the flag

Time taken to capture the flag

Points awarded to player who picks up the flag

Time to raise the flag

Team to which this flag belonged –

The parameter will select the flag-bearing team.

You can also choose different sound effects for the flag. However, it is up to you.

—- Parsing ——–

The trigger’s name has been described previously.

This trigger belongs in the hands of –

You’ll need to choose which team the trigger will go.

It is necessary to be able to sell the captured enemy Flag.

(This means that if a US flag was captured, and the VietCong team triggered it, then this trigger can sell this flag.

Name of vietnam_ctf_point responsible for this area

Enter the name of the flag entity. If you are triggering the USA flag, you must enter the US flag.

Gamemode – Capturing point

We need the same thing as capturing the flag two entities to do this.

> vietnam_conquest_point (Entity)

> vietnam_conquest_area (Trigger)

Let’s start by looking at the flag.

Name – it’s also necessary for the trigger.

World Model – A model that represents the flag itself, there is already a number of ready-made templates

Skin – The default skin will be used when the map is launched. It is best to create the skin of your team, to which it will belong, from time-to-time.

Letter – This parameter is responsible to the letter of flag, letters from A-J are available

This variable will still need your attention.

This flag belongs Team Whitch. This parameter will determine which flag will be used to start the game. (Available as: USA, Viet Cong. Neutral).

—— Trigger ——–

Name – It is already clear here

name of vietnam_conquest_point controlling this area – enter the name of the flag entity here

How many players are necessary to capture this flag – How many people will be needed to capture it?

Time in seconds required to capture this flag – How long does it take to capture that flag?

Time required to neutralize flag – How many seconds does it take to neutralize flag

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