Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1 – S+/S++ rank reward complete list

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1 – S+/S++ rank reward complete list 1 -
Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1 – S+/S++ rank reward complete list 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1 – S+/S++ rank reward complete list Following this guide each steps.

The requirements and battleclips you can obtain in “Megaman Battle Network 3” are listed below.


Busting Lv. Score system

The rank system will be based on this following rule:

Virus Delete Time

0.00 ~ 5.00: +7 points

5.01 ~ 12.00:+6 points

12.01 ~ 36.00: +5 points

36.01 and up: +4 points


If Megaman move more than 2 times during a battle, the point will be deducted

0 ~ 2 steps: +1 point

3 or more: +0 points

Times You Took Damage and flinch

No flinch :+1 point

1 time : 0 points

2 times : -1 points

3 times : -2 points

4 or more: -3 points

Note that only when Megaman recoils from an enemy assault will a point be subtracted. In addition to keeping Megaman from being interrupted by adversaries, wearing “Super Armor” stops enemies’ attacks from deducting points.

Multiple Deletion:

Double Delete: +2 points

Triple Delete: +4 points

To get “S rank” : the game requires you to have 11 or more points.

For example : ToĀ get “S rank” You must defeat the viruses within 5 seconds (+7 point), take no damage (+1 point), Megaman must not move more than 2 units (+1 point), and Multiple deletion is required (+2 point for double Double Delete). Once the battle end, the game will concluded the point from all actions/performance (7+1+1+2) = 11 points in total.

For the boss battle, the time rule will be slightly different, player can earn up to 10 points by defeat the boss under 30 seconds. the other common rules such as : Movement, Damage count will still apply for boss battle.

Navi/Boss Delete time

0.00 ~ 30.00: +10 points

30.01 ~ 40.00:+8 points

40.01 ~ 50.00: +6 points

50.01 and up: +4 points

S+ / S++ rank requirement:

The special hidden rank will be only available for “Custom style” and “Team Style” only, which allow you to get the special reward.

The addition rule must met:

Viruses battle S+

– For “Custom style” only

– Must not fire regular-shot (mega-buster)

– Must not using Navi-Chip

Viruses battle S++

– For “Custom style” only

– Must not fire regular-shot (mega-buster)

– Must not using Navi-Chip

– Must not visit Custom screen more than once

Navi battle S+/S++

– For “Team style” only

– Must defeat the boss within 20 seconds

Viruses : part 1

Name Reward Rank requirement Exclusive for game version
Mettaur ShockWav L S+/S++ (White)
ShockWav R S+/S++ (Blue)
Mettaur2 SonicWav G S+/S++
Mettaur3 BigWave P S+ (Blue)
BigWave Y S+ (White)
BigWave E S++ (Blue)
BigWave M S++ (White)
Canodumb Cannon * S+/S++
Canodumb2 HiCannon L S+/S++
Canodumb3 M-Cannon S S+/S++
Fishy DashAtk * S+/S++
Fishy2 Burning F S+ (White)
Burning R S+ (Blue)
Burning A S++ (Blue)
Burning S S++ (White)
Fishy3 Condor B S+/S++
Swordy LongSwrd R S+/S++
Swordy2 FireSwrd F S+/S++
Swordy3 AquaSwrd P S+/S++
Ratty Ratton1 A S+/S++
Ratty2 Ratton2 A S+/S++
Ratty3 Ratton3 A S+/S++
HardHead CannBall A S+/S++ (Blue)
CannBall L S+/S++ (White)
ColdHead IceBall * S++
HotHead LavaBall B S+ (White)
LavaBall C S+ (Blue)
LavaBall * S++
Jelly Wave E S+/S++ (Blue)
Wave S S+/S++ (White)
HeatJelly RedWave B S+/S++ (White)
RedWave R S+/S++ (Blue)
ErthJelly MudWave D S+/S++ (Blue)
MudWave G S+/S++ (White)
Shrimpy Bubbler A S+/S++ (White)
Bubbler P S+/S++ (Blue)
Shrimpy2 Bub-V S S+/S++ (White)
Bub-V V S+/S++ (Blue)
Shrimpy3 BublSide B S+/S++ (Blue)
BublSide R S+/S++ (White)
Spikey HeatShot B S+/S++ (White)
HeatShot P S+/S++ (Blue)
Spikey2 Heat-V K S+/S++
Spikey3 HeatSide C S+/S++ (Blue)
HeatSide T S+/S++ (White)
Bunny ZapRing1 P S+/S++
TuffBunny ZapRing2 G S+/S++
MegaBunny ZapRing3 C S+/S++
Puffball PoisMask * S+/S++
Poofball PoisFace * S+/S++
Mushy Spice1 * S+/S++
Mashy Spice2 R S+/S++
Moshy Spice3 D S+/S++
Dominerd CrsShld1 * S+/S++
Dominerd2 CrsShld2 C S+/S++ (White)
CrsShld2 S S+/S++ (Blue)
Dominerd3 CrsShld3 E S+/S++ (Blue)
CrsShld3 R S+/S++ (White)
Yort Yo-Yo1 C S+/S++ (White)
Yo-Yo1 D S+/S++ (Blue)
Yurt Yo-Yo2 H S+/S++ (Blue)
Yo-Yo2 L S+/S++ (White)
Yart Yo-Yo3 P S+/S++ (White)
Yo-Yo3 Q S+/S++ (Blue)
Shadow Shadow H S+ (White)
Shadow N S+ (Blue)
Shadow * S++
BrushMan HolyPanl J S+ (Blue)
HolyPanl L S+ (White)
HolyPanl * S++
Beetle SnglBomb * S+/S++
Deetle DublBomb A S+
DublBomb * S++
Geetle TrplBomb E S+/S++
Metrid RndmMetr S S+/S++
Metrod HoleMetr C S+/S++
Metrodo ShotMetr A S+/S++
SnowBlow AirStrm1 S S+/S++
LowBlow AirStrm2 C S+/S++ (White)
AirStrm2 G S+/S++ (Blue)
MoBlow AirStrm3 G S+
MoBlow AirStrm3 A S++
KillerEye Sensor1 L S+/S++
DemonEye Sensor2 S S+/S++
JokerEye Sensor3 E S+ (Blue)
Sensor3 P S+ (White)
Sensor3 B S++
Momogra Mole1 D S+
Mole1 * S++
Momogro Mole2 B S+
Mole2 * S++
Momogre Mole3 C S+/S++
Basher Magnum1 C S+/S++
Smasher Magnum2 B S+/S++
Trasher Magnum3 D S+/S++
Heavy Shake1 R S+/S++
Heavier Shake2 L S+/S++
Heaviest Shake3 M S+/S++
Pengi IceWave1 A S+ (White)


Viruses : part 2

Name Reward Rank requirement Exclusive for game version
Pengi IceWave1 K S+ (Blue)
IceWave1 * S++
Penga IceWave2 H S+
IceWave2 * S++
Pengon IceWave3 R S+/S++
Viney Rope1 D S+ (Blue)
Rope1 M S+ (White)
Rope1 * S++
Viner Rope2 E S+/S++
Vinert Rope3 H S+/S++ (Blue)
Rope3 I S+/S++ (White)
Slimer MetaGel1 K S+/S++ (Blue)
MetaGel1 Y S+/S++ (White)
Slimey MetaGel2 P S+
Slimey MetaGel2 S S++
Slimest MetaGel3 U S+/S++
Elebee Arrow1 B S+/S++
Elewasp Arrow2 F S+/S++
Elehornet Arrow3 P S+/S++
Needler Needler1 R S+/S++ (Blue)
Needler1 S S+/S++ (White)
Nailer Needler2 F S+/S++ (White)
Needler2 H S+/S++ (Blue)
Spiker Needler3 D S+ (Blue)
Needler3 O S+ (White)
Needler3 L S++
Trumpy Fanfare C S+ (White)
Fanfare E S+ (Blue)
Fanfare * S++
Tuby Discord F S+
Discord * S++
Tromby Timpani A S+
Timpani * S++
Quaker RockArm1 P S+
RockArm1 * S++
Shaker RockArm2 P S+
RockArm2 * S++
Breaker RockArm3 C S+/S++
N.O NoBeam1 F S+ (Blue)
NoBeam1 G S+ (White)
NoBeam1 C S++
N.O-2 NoBeam2 E S+ (White)
NoBeam2 Y S+ (Blue)
NoBeam2 S S++
N.O-3 NoBeam3 M S+ (Blue)
NoBeam3 V S+ (White)
NoBeam3 Z S++
Eleball Plasma1 B S+/S++ (White)
Plasma1 R S+/S++ (Blue)
Elesphere Plasma2 A S+/S++ (Blue)
Plasma2 G S+/S++ (White)
Eleglobe Plasma3 P S+/S++ (White)
Plasma3 S S+/S++ (Blue)
Volcano LavaCan1 G S+
Volcano Y S++ (White)
Volcano Z S++ (Blue)
Volcaner LavaCan2 D S+
Volcano G S++ (White)
Volcano J S++ (Blue)
Volcanest LavaCan3 E S+
Volcano A S++
Totem Totem1 H S+
Totem1 G S++
Totam Totem2 C S+
Totem2 A S++
Totun Totem3 I S+
Totem3 D S++
Twins Team1 * S+/S++
Team2 * S+/S++
Boomer Boomer1 F S+
Boomer1 * S++
Gloomer Boomer2 I S+
Boomer2 * S++
Doomer Boomer3 Z S+
Boomer3 L S++



Name Reward Rank requirement Exclusive for game version
FlashManĪ² FlashMn4 F S+/S++
BeastManĪ² BeastMn4 B S+/S++
BubbleMnĪ² BubblMn4 B S+/S++
DesertMnĪ² DesrtMn4 D S+/S++
PlantManĪ² PlantMn4 P S+/S++
FlamManĪ² FlamMan4 F S+/S++
DrillManĪ² DrillMn4 D S+/S++
GutsManĪ² GutsMan4 G S+/S++
ProtoManĪ² ProtoMn4 B S+/S++
MetalManĪ² MetalMn4 M S+/S++
KingManĪ² KingMan4 K S+/S++
MistManĪ² MistMan4 M S+/S++
BowlManĪ² BowlMan4 B S+/S++
DarkManĪ² DarkMan4 D S+/S++
JapanManĪ² JapanMn4 Y S+/S++

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