Mechajammer – Character Creation Guide

Mechajammer – Character Creation Guide 1 -
Mechajammer – Character Creation Guide 1 -

Deeper information on character creation, such as virtues, studies, employment history, advantages & disadvantages.

Welcome To Character Creation

When you start your game, you’ll be able to put together your character sheet. Choose which virtues your characters posses, what studies they’ve mastered, decide on their employment history and gain advantages and disadvantages.



Pain ThresholdYour body’s natural immunity to physical ailments and abuse.
Every die in Pain Threshold:
-Increases life regeneration speed by 1 turn
-Is added to success rolls for Blocking defenses
-Increases maximum life points
Muscle MassRaw strength gives your close range attacks force and vigor.
Every die in Muscle Mass:
-Increases damage by 1
-Allows you to carry extra items in your bag (up to three dice)
-Is added to success rolls for Unarmed attacks and Pole, Impact, Two-Handed Edge and Chained weapons
PerceptionHow far you can see and how well you discern the shapes in the shadows. Better eyesight improves targeting precision for all weapons.
Every die in Perception:
-Adds a +1 modifier to weapon aiming rolls
-Is added to success rolls for Slug Guns, Plasma Guns and Laser Guns
GraceAgility on the move and in the air.
Every die in Grace:
-Reduces action recovery turns by 1
-Reduces reload turns by 1
-Reduces negative modifiers from attacking on an unstable surface by 1
-Reduces damage roll from stepping on hazardous materials by 1
-Is added to success rolls for items that use Throwing skills, One-Handed Edge weapons and for Burglary rolls
QuietnessMove through the world with a whisper or a thud.
Every die in Quietness:
-Reduces noise from jumping, walking and sneaking
OccultThe mind’s stability in the face of unknown forces.
Every die in Occult:
-Is added to success rolls for Organics and Social
LearningLearning abilities are essential for those dabbling in chemistry, computers, and mechanics.
One or more die in Learning:
-Is added to success rolls for Repair, Chemistry, and Hacking
-Improves ability to decipher other languages



One-Handed EdgeYour skill with knives. Success rolls for chained weapons are augmented with your Grace die.
Two-Handed EdgeYour skill with swords. Success rolls for chained weapons are augmented with your Muscle Mass die.
Cannot use two-handed edge weapons with Marshmallow condition.
UnarmedYour skill with punching and kicking. Success rolls for unarmed attacks are augmented with your Muscle Mass die.
ImpactYour skill with blunt weapons, including clubs, hammers, crowbars and shovels. Success rolls for impact weapons are augmented with your Muscle Mass die.
PoleYour skill with polearms and harpoons. Success rolls for pole weapons are augmented with your Muscle Mass die.
ThrownYour skill with any item that can be thrown, a wide variety of objects ranging from throwing knives to flasks of chemicals. Success rolls for thrown weapons are augmented with your Grace die.
ChainedYour skill with chain whips and nunchaku. Success rolls for chained weapons are augmented with your Muscle Mass die.
BowsYour skill with crossbows. Success rolls for bows are augmented with your Perception die.
Slug GunsYour skill with pistols, rifles and stocked weapons. Success rolls for slug guns are augmented with your Perception die.
Laser GunsYour skill with laser guns. Success rolls for lasers are augmented with your Perception die.
Plasma GunsYour skill with plasma guns. Success rolls for plasma guns are augmented with your Perception die.
BlockingYour ability to use a shield to fend off close range attacks. Success rolls for blocking are augmented with your Pain Threshold die.
SocialYour ability to manipulate, charm, or persuade others to do your will. A higher number increases your ability to successfully hit a target.
Use your social charm to:
Ask others to join you
Convince hostile or neutral parties to leave their post
Gather rumours
BurglaryYour aptitude in the realm of petty thievery. A higher number increases your ability to successfully hit a target.
Use your Burglary training to:
Do sleep attacks (roll combined with Organics)
Lock pick
Set and disable traps
OrganicsYour knowledge in the science of the human body.
Use your Organics training to:
Use lightning rods to resurrect fallen bodies to do your bidding
Heal your companions without items or aid
RepairYour knowledge of mechanics and engineering.
Use your Repair training to:
Repair damaged weapons
Create drones from unused weapons and armor
ChemistryYour knowledge of chemical compounds and their known effects. A skilled chemist can create elixirs of fire, oil, acid, and hallucinogens.
HackingYour skill with computers and knowledge of the mechanical world. A higher number increases your ability to successfully hit a target.
Use your hacking training to:
Turn off lights, doors, cameras and electricity via terminals
Hack ATMs


Age & Birth Kits


Even with enhanced genetics, bodies eventually falter with age. As the mind grows keener, muscle and dexterity deteriorate over time.

Birth Kits


US Gov’t Public OptionYour birth kit, the common term for the Genetic Synthetic Stim (GSS) first developed by Quinton Syndicates. DNA modification results in improved physical condition, immunity to disease, and intelligence.
Those who cannot afford to buy a private kit can accept the public option provided by the US Government. Birth kits often determine jobs paths later in life.
Natural BirthYour birth kit, the common term for the Genetic Synthetic Stim (GSS) first developed by Quinton Syndicates. DNA modification results in improved physical condition, immunity to disease, and intelligence.
Quinton Genetics BioPlusYour birth kit, the common term for the Genetic Synthetic Stim (GSS) first developed by Quinton Syndicates. DNA modification results in improved physical condition, immunity to disease, and intelligence.
Citizens can purchase premium injections from Quinton Syndicates, improving their native abilities and minimizing the need to labor at learned skills. Birth kits often determine jobs paths later in life.


Advantages & Disadvantages

RummagerYou’re always peering into piles of trash for usable items. Find quality items to collect where others find nothing.
ElitistYour sheltered life leads you ill equipped to scavage good loot out of piles of trash. You struggle to find quality items outside of shops and vendors.
CommandingFriends and foes alike fall in line when you speak. The mantle of command sits naturally on your shoulders, and your Social attempts will succeed more often than not.
ResourcefulTurn small medical kits into better ones using your field skills.
Oath To HealYour sworn oath to help someone in need of medical assistance is hard to shake. Give medical supplies to anyone who asks for it.
HesitateViolence is something you watch on TV, not live with daily. You freeze with nerves when you first encounter an enemy, adding 2 turns to your first action prep time.
InitiateGunshots and sirens are more predictable than dinner on the table. When someone turns their fire on you, you don’t hesitate. Drop 2 turns from your first action prep time.
CowardSweaty hands fumble a good aim. -1 modifier to hit rolls.
HonorA life without honor is not a life worth living. You can’t bring yourself to deliver stealth attacks, even to get an edge on an enemy.
BartererYou never walk away from a deal the loser, well versed in the arts of haggling. Merchant goods cost 10% less.
NaiveVendors look at you and see a stack of Wondoons. Pay an extra 10% at merchants as they pull the wool over your innocent eyes.
OverfumedExposure to an endless cocktail of chemicals has frayed your nerves. Recover slower from the negative effects of stimulants.
Always On The JobAs you run through crowds of civilians, Wondoons seem to leap out of pockets into your palm.
AddictAnticipation is a luxury your brain can’t afford, and pills seem to find their way into your bloodstream before you can read the label.
HungryImmediately eat any food that comes your way. You never know when another meal is coming.
Lead PoisoningLead Poisoning Exposure to lead has affected your development.
SwimWorking next to the sea day in and day out makes you a strong swimmer. Move through the water like a fish.
CoughConstant air pollution has permanently inflamed your lungs, and you cough constantly. Roll to cough every 20 rounds, drawing the attention of anyone nearby.
Lost FingerYou lost a finger in a work injury. Not an important one, but you’ve never been quite as nimble. +1 to all your action prep turns for weapons with a difficulty greater than 3.
Head InjuryThe nails in your prefrontal cortex were removed, but your personality OneHandMelees like a pendulum between anger and depression. -1 to your Social success roll.
Bad BackYears of heavy lifting have taken their toll. +1 to all recovery turns using melee weapons.
Animal EmpathyThe stains of overpopulation ease outside high city walls, and in the farmlands you spend more time with animals than other humans. Use your Social aptitude to charm them to follow you.
Nerve DamageChemical agents on battlefields have sapped the strength of your nerves and left you susceptible to shock. If two limbs receive mortal wounds, you’ll collapse until medical attention revives you.
Pinky PromiseA slip in a knife fight has left you down a little finger. Working with small tools requires extra caution. +10 turns to action prep time for hacking and chemistry skills.
Bad LungsThe never-ceasing pollution sits heavily in the city, and years of inhalation have permanently damaged your lungs. +1 turn to your jump recovery time.
ExhaustionExhaustion Your battered body slows more easily after years of heavy use. Roll every 10 founds to receive a fatigue ailment.
MarshmallowA soft life has led to a soft, squishy body. You can only use one-handed weapons.
Two Left FeetYou tell people it’s a mutation, but you’re just terribly clumsy. Roll every 10 rounds while moving for a chance to trip.
PTSDThe sounds of fighting can trigger violent memories. Roll every 10 rounds in combat for a chance to flee.
ButterfingersSweaty palms drop weapons under pressure. Roll for a chance to drop your after every attack.


Employment History

ManagerA bright spark of efficiency and energy set you apart from your fellow drones, and your superiors rewarded your efforts with a corner office and a six day work week.
Lab AssistantA natural aptitude for the sciences led you to a junior position in the Research and Development labs.
VendorEschewing safer avenues of income, you rented a stall in the bustling downtown market buying gently used goods from the landfill looters and selling them back to their original owners.
Trial SubjectWith no better job prospects, you volunteered as a syndicate lab subject for 50 wondoons a week and a few years knocked off your life expectancy.
Syndicate VendorYour business acumen landed you a job with the syndicate vendors, and you pushed the latest tech and newest fashions to desk jockeys and the unemployed in the campus markets.
Dock WorkerSyndicates ship goods across the oceans on hulking ships stuffed with expensive cargo. You’d never been quick of wit, but you knew your way around a forklift.
Gig WorkerA jack of all trades and a master of none. Rejected syndicate applications forced you to bounce between low paying gigs to keep the lights on.
Syndicate SecurityToes rarely creep out of line under unblinking eyes of surveillance technology, but your shined leather boots were there to crush them if they did.
FarmerThe Ci-War ravaged America’s heartland, but scientists adapted soy and wheat to grow in zones with minor radiation. You labored in the fields to produce food for the cities, trading thick smog for toxic pesticides.
TrooperTrained in the basics of melee and range assaults, you joined million of young Americans defending the nation against the ongoing Ci-War rebellion.
ScoutIn the Recon unit, you scouted in rebel territory and radioed back information on the enemy’s movements.
Military EngineerYou have vague recollections of developing psionics and tech for the military, but cannot reconstruct specifics from your memory wipe.
Heavy ArtilleryYou dodged the misery of the front lines as a solider in the heavy guns unit.
UnemployedNot many can afford a life of leisure, but your inherited wealth protected you from the needs of the masses.
NurseCompassion and a steady paycheck kept you at your post day in and day out at the overwhelmed urban hospitals.
DoctorAfter years of study and training, you joined a small army of doctors providing health services on syndicate campuses.
PharmacistPreferring chemicals to patients, you mixed drugs and fill prescriptions in the sterile safety of your pharmacy.
Street DoctorYou never had a formal education, but you knew the basics of first aid and could stitch up a knife wound or remove a bullet with the same keen hand as a syndicate doctor.
HomelessGovernment welfare funds dried up in the first year of the Ci-War, as millions of refugees poured into the safe walls of the cities. You were one of the many fighting for shelter in alleys and tent cities.
PickpocketForced to the streets without the right birth kit and right bank account, you turned to petty theft to fill your stomach.
LooterLike a rat, you rummaged in the hills of trash surrounding the city walls. Competition was fierce, but you usually managed to gather enough to sell or eat.
Wise OneAfter decades of survival in homeless camps, you became a rare figure of wisdom. You used your long years of street smarts to gather followers like a shield, and focused your aging mind on the arts of illusion.
Fortune TellerA natural turn for psionics marked you in the camps, and even those down on their luck would spend a rare penny to hear your predictions.
Data EntryYou joined the masses of office workers who file into the doors of syndicate offices five days a week. Paper pushing is dull work, but it paid the bills.


Written by Charis

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Mechajammer – Character Creation Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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