Marvel’s Avengers – Iron Man Guide – Basic Information

Marvel’s Avengers – Iron Man Guide – Basic Information 1 -
Marvel’s Avengers – Iron Man Guide – Basic Information 1 -
Guide on how to be the best genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist on Earth.



Not a lot of people realize how strong Iron Man is in this game. Tony’s not lying when he brags about being a living tank. He can shock enemies like Thor with his EMP, destroy enemies like Hulk with the Hulkbuster, deal high damage in mid-distances like Kamala with his lasers, shield teammates…etc. In this guide I will try my best to teach you how to be the Invincible Iron Man himself.Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

General Information

Most of the heroes at launch are close to mid-range combat brawlers, that’s why every squad needs an Iron Man, as currrently, he’s the only one who specializes and excels in long range combat.
His playstyle is one of the most complex in the entire rooster, and that makes him suitable for almost every situation.

What makes Iron Man special is the amount of weapons that he have. ALL of the weapons alter his Heavy Attack moveset. EVERY weapon is useful for specific situations. He is a living Swiss Army Knife. I hope I will be able to review every weapon accurately in this guide.

Sections :

WeaponBest Usage
MeleeEnergy regaining
RepulsorsClose-range/Mid-range combo linker
LasersAny range, the most versatile weapon
RocketsShield Breaker, Crowd Damage
Shield/Energy BarrierEscape, Energy regaining, Critical damage boosting
HulkbusterTanking, Point holding, Breaking up crowds



Probably the ability that you’ll be using the most as Iron Man. His flying makes him one of the fastest characters currently in the game. You should use this for dodging unblockable attacks or attacking enemies from a distance. I recommend always staying in the air unless you’re using lasers.

One of the abilities I think you should definitely have is :

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

When you’re up in the air shooting or punching enemies, this ability is REALLY useful. It can break off ANY ranged attack coming at you, and it’s 360 degrees, unlike the energy barrier. It can be used even if you’re not in Flight mode.

However if you have weak gear or gear that doesn’t boost you ranged attack, you should equip Air Superiority, as it boosts your ranged attacks by 15%, even when not in Flight mode.

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

About Flight mode, even though you can use your weapons during it, it doesn’t mean you should always use it. Only use Flight mode when you’re taking out turrets in an outdoor area or in a Warbot.


The most iconic weapon of the Invincible Iron Man. This is the most preferred weapon of choice when dealing with low health enemies such as turrets. The range is quite far and is perfect for sniping people out. It should also be the only weapon you use while in Flight mode. The lasers and rockets are quite ineffective when used in Flight mode, as the aim isn’t as good.

When using the Repulsors in the Repulsor Strike combo ( Light Light Light Heavy ) , use Power Pulse ( Hold Heavy ) to knock the enemy off their feet, leaving you an opening. I find this the most effective way to use Repulsors while in close combat.

So the best sequence would be :
Repulsor Strike > Power Pulse > Muon Shotgun > Power Blast > Repeat

Repulsor Strike :
Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

Power Pulse :
Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

Lasers ( Important )

The Lasers are undeniably the best weapon of Iron Man. With the right skills and gear, it makes Iron Man one of the best heroes in the game. It deals increased damage against an enemy the longer you use it ( like the Unibeam ), and it’s heavy attacks are completely broken. It’s basically a potentially infinite version of the Unibeam ( with less damage obviously but still a lot ) , which I will get to.

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

So what you want with Lasers is, to make it kill small enemies all at once, and stun heavy enemies (etc : Riotbots, Adaptoids ). We can achieve this by using gear that grants more stun to Laser and selecting these perks.

These are the perks that help with the stun :

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

Equip gear that grants the Laser Pym Particles damage, it’ll wipe out regular enemies even quicker.

So basically what you want to do with Lasers is, to get on ground, and keep spamming your Heavy attack. While you’re spamming the Lasers, you’ll need to keep executing Takedowns too. With mission modifiers that stop health regeneration, you can easily regain them with this perk :

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

You should also tell your teammates to equip perks that boost Takedowns too, that way they can produce even more Regen Packs or damage, by taking down the enemies you stun.

Well….what if you run out of energy? I will cover that in the next section.

Arc Overload ( Specializations )

Arc Overload is the ‘Support’ Heroic ability of Tony, and it fits the description well. It’s one of the most important abilities, as it is what makes the Laser overpowered. Both specializations of the skill work well in my opinion.

If you are low level and playing easy missions, I recommend using the EMP specialization along with the Amplifier.
Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

The reason is because Takedowns in lower levels usually deal a lot more damage ( ratio wise ), that way you can efficiently take down enemies. The enemies in low level missions also have less shields. ( as in health not the Riotbots )

If you’re in those missions where health drops aren’t turned off and enemies have a lot of health, then use the Arc Field along with Defensive Field.

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

Since projectiles pass through the protective bubble, you can safely spam the Heavy Laser move without worrying about any incoming damage or staggers. Those unblockable projectiles will also get deflected.


Melee is also a very important aspect for Iron Man when you’re not in Overcharged mode. It is the most direct way to get Energy.

Even though it is important, you should still be using your ranged weapons as long as they’re available. My advise is for you to always try your best to stay in the air ( even when melee comboing).
You can achieve this by trying your best to start combos with Thruster Uppercut.

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information


The thing Rockets do best are to break enemies’ block. It works in cohesion really well with Lasers. One thing I suggest about rockets is, NOT to sleep on the Smart Rockets skill. The seeking ability of it is the best weapon you could use when your teammates are performing Takedowns.

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

So yeah, they’re totally worth it. Don’t use Smart Rockets in any other situation though, there’s no knockback to it and the delay in the explosion affects it’s effectiveness. The regular rockets are pretty good on their own, as they can deal crowd damage ( Although not as well as Lasers ).


Last, I recommend not using the Rocket Heavy attacks. They aren’t really useful because of the slow fire speed and the auto aim. You can’t really do crowd damage.The combo that sends enemies flying away can be slightly useful in some really specific situations though.


The Unibeam is extremely versatile for both crowds and boss enemies. However, what I recommend is constantly changing the skills for it. In my opinion, it all depends on the mission.

One skill I don’t recommend using is Reserve Capacitors :

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

The reason is that, it does absolutely nothing on high levels. It isn’t enough to kill a small trooper ( with a shield or not ), and it also does little to no damage to a boss. This skill is better off for lower level loadouts.

One other skill you DEFINITELY shouldn’t use is :

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

The Omega Beam is also useless in high levels, and it completely takes away your Unibeam gauge once triggered. The damage isn’t a lot higher than a full fledged Unibeam swipe. You also can’t burn multiple targets with it, since it’s more of a concentrated fire.

So in conclusion, just use Precision Refractor by process of elimination and use Triple Down for a chance at Supercharge spamming.

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

Energy Shield/Barrier

You will be using the Energy Shield a lot during close range combat, as the Energy Pulse triggered during a perfect parry, is broken as hell. With the right perk and gear, the shock damage will be insane and you’ll dominate in close combat. That’s why you need this perk :

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

The Energy Barrier is also very important. In text, the reflective skill probably sounds the most tempting. However, what I recommend is the perk that boosts the critical damage. When you set the Energy Barrier ( it can also be set mid-air ) , ANY damage done near it is boosted in critical stats. That means even your teammates damage, whether it’s projectile or melee. When you set that Barrier down and stand behind it, engaging a laser or a unibeam would be completely devastating to enemies if your base critical damage is high.

The critical perk :

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information


At first I thought the Hulkbuster would deal a lot of damage in this game, however that does not seem to be the case. However, it’s still incredibly useful in this game, but not as an attack move.

The Hulkbuster excels in spreading out crowds and saving your teammates. Since damage doesn’t transfer to Tony when you’re in the Hulkbuster, it’s the perfect machine for you to save your teammates in. The Heavy move that rushes forward, grabs a regular sized enemy and breaks up the entire crowd, it easily solves the problem of your teammates being overwhelmed.

Nevertheless, the Hulkbuster can still do some serious damage through one move. And that move is the Magno Missiles. However for it to be more broken than it is, you need to equip this skill.

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

Always use the Magno Missiles when your Hulkbuster is almost trashed, so you don’t waste any chance in your mission of sponging damage for your teammates. One tip is to always use your Magno Missiles against the enemy with the highest health, it’ll easily pierce through his shield.

For the other perk, use this :

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

It allows you to last longer than the skill that supposedly lets you last longer. Yeah…


I’m willing to hear more opinions from other Iron Man pros out there, so I can make this an in-depth and perfect guide.

Marvel's Avengers - Iron Man Guide - Basic Information

By Tatsuya Suou

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Marvel’s Avengers – Iron Man Guide – Basic Information; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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