Marble Computing – How to Build Using Source Code

Marble Computing – How to Build Using Source Code 1 -
Marble Computing – How to Build Using Source Code 1 -

Build the game from source code.

Code Reference

Yes this project is open source! You can browse the source tree here – [] 
However, it is still under full copyright — please do not re-distribute the code elsewhere. It is only available for personal use.

Brief tree overview // build script

// Source code
fishladder.c // Main game program file
fishladder_resources.h // textures, sounds, shaders, text etc...

// Tooling
mdlcomp.c // (legacy) model compiler
qoiconv.c // Texture compressor
fontcomp.c // Bitmap to header file

// Resource folders
sound/ // Compressed audio files (.ogg)
textures/ // Uncompressed (.png) textures
fonts/ // Compiled fonts
maps/ // Map source files

// Enngine code
| config.h // Key bindings, achievements, etc..
| template_game.c // Blank game file
| vg.h // Main engine header
| vg_audio.h // Audio thread
| vg_console.h // Basic console interface
| vg_debug.h // Utility
| vg_gldiag.h // OpenGL information
| vg_input.h // Keyboard/mouse/controller input
| vg_io.h // File management
| vg_lines.h // Debug line drawing
| vg_m.h // Maths library
| vg_platform.h // Platform specific code and types
| vg_shader.h // OpenGL shader management
| vg_steamworks.h // Steamworks bindings
| vg_tex.h // OpenGL texture interface
| vg_ui.h // Dumb immediate mode UI
| vg_vector.h // Unused

// Third party code
dr_soft/ // Audio
gl/ // OpenGL/Glad/Glfw
phoboslab/ // Texture compression
stb/ // Image loading / memory management
steam/ // Steamworks SDK


Build for Linux

Find a snapshot

You can view the entire source tree, and find specific commits here: – [] 
Its probably a good idea to pick the latest version, the example will be using the commit ‘b5886bcf2a79ad14e586d69ee9fd01f87bac9c95’

Actually making the thing

Dependencies (Arch)

sudo pacman -S gcc glfw-x11

Download snapshot

curl -L -o fishladder.tar.gz \
";a=snapshot;h=$commit_id;sf=tgz" - [] 
mkdir fishladder
tar -xzf fishladder.tar.gz --s*rip-components 1 -C fishladder
rm fishladder.tar.gz

Build Project

cd fishladder
./ -s -t


Build script reference

The script contains a few switches to make building easier

-r|--release This sets all compiler optimisations to be on.
-p|--play Runs the game after build completed
-s|--no-steam Recommended to build without steamworks
-n|--nobuild Dont build anything
-t|--tools Build all tooling applications (fonts,texture compiler)



There is no well defined process for building on windows, however, the build script is setup to run on a windows platform. You just need to have a console emulator capable of running bash.
Dependencies (glfw3, opengl) will probably need to be manually installed.

Written by Harry

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Marble Computing – How to Build Using Source Code, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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