Lust Theory Season 2 – Unlock Scenes Guide

Lust Theory Season 2 – Unlock Scenes Guide 1 -
Lust Theory Season 2 – Unlock Scenes Guide 1 -

Welcome to Lust Theory Season 2 – Unlock Scenes Guide

We all know what it feels like, you want to unlock those extra scenes but don’t know how. Well, fear not, I’ve got you covered.

Note: While I found some of these items myself, many were provided by kind people in a discussion forum.



All of the secret scenes have been unlocked so far by clicking on an item while in freeroam.

The secret events in this game can be divided into two parts: before and after the “freeze day”. This means clicking certain items before the freeze day will cause nothing to happen. This guide has “before freeze day” and “after freeze day” sections.

That’s it. Good luck!

Before freeze day

These scenes/events should be unlocked before the freeze day. They all lead to one or several scenes. To unlock the scenes, click the following items.

  • Cup on the kitchen counter

Will give you a long scene with Emma (Summer With Mia), which includes a lust-time event

  • The bottom right wheel (the wheel closest to the wall).

Here is a quick scene with Amy and her landlord

After freeze day

  • The roll of tape in your garage


  • Jessica’s room: The vase with a rose inside it

This will open a scene with Jessica, a shopowner, and others.

  • The top drawer in Jessica’s room

This will open a short scene with Jessica, a shopowner, and another scene.

  • Street view: The lamp near your front door in street view

This will open a long scene featuring Officer Kate, which includes a lust-time event

  • Megans’s top circle speaker

We will be sharing a long scene together with Megan, Zoe and Amy.

  • A light switch is located at the bottom of your stairs

This long scene will include Megan, Jessica, and Elizabeth. There are many lust time options.

No f*cks given

These items can be unlocked by following a freeze day. The following items are available:

  • Lamp next to your bed in your bedroom

This will unlock a long story that includes scenes with Megan, Ellie, and Elizabeth

Written by Yoda Gaming

This is all about Lust Theory Season 2 – Unlock Scenes Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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