Lust Academy – Walkthrough – Minigames & House Points

Lust Academy – Walkthrough – Minigames & House Points 1 -
Lust Academy – Walkthrough – Minigames & House Points 1 -

Having trouble with some minigames or want to more about them?

Magery Practics

Available during the morning and day on weekdays located in classroom 1
You will be rewarded +5 leonheart points and and increase to spellpower for the practiced spell. The higher your spell perfection the higher increase to spellpower you recieve.
Combat bolt – A small zigzag shape starting from the bottom moving upward, medium
Episkey – A circle which charges counter clockwise, slow
Incendio – A triangle-like shape, medium
Rictusempra – A leaf-like shape, very slow

Alchemy Practics

Available during the morning and day on weekdays located in classroom 2
“Choose any three ingredients and try to mix them. If you’re lucky, you’ll learn a new recipe. Or click on the learned recipe to select required ingredients.”
You will be rewarded +5 leonheart points and and given the potion you worked on
Lesser Heal Potion – Icelandic cetraria + tears of woodland deer + unicorn hair powder
Stoneskin Potion – Manticore lard + dragon scales powder + dry vampire blood
Magic Reflection Potion – dryad leaves + dandelion dust + bouncing berries
Inspiration Potion – butterfly wings + fireblossom leaves + mermaid blood

Fishing for Gordon Chompsky

Available on weekends
You will be given 1 minute to collect as many fish for him as you can.
In order to catch fish faster you must click on the bobber area multiple times and as quickly as possible
You will be rewarded $1 per fish caught.

Work in Cafe

Available during the day or evening
Leonheart points +3, Money $10 – $35
Basic memory game.

Dueling Club

Available during the evening at the academy entrance
Using spells learned from and potions earned you must defeat the opposing student
Able to “skip to win” battle. Multiple levels. Each level increased gets you more house points but also raises the stamina of the opponent. When you win the opposing teams house will lose points as well.
Combat Bolt – Medium reduction in opponenet stamina
Rictusempra – Medium reduction in opponent stamina. Chance of small stun.
Incendio – Medium reduction in oppontent stamina. Chance of medium burn.
Episkey – Medium heal. Chance of small heal over time.
Lesser Heal Potion – restores small amount of stamina
Stoneskin Potion – next time you get hit by a spell you’ll lose 25% stamina
Magic Reflection Potion – for 1 turn reflects your opponent attacking spells back
Inspiration Potion – for 1 turn makes your attacking spells more effective

Lost foliants

And, alas, some folios are temporarily lost… Many of our students never return their books. But it’s not always their fault. These pixies are nothing but trouble! Students swear that pixies steal their books and other things from their bags. And then they scatter our books all over the academy grounds. The library suffers! So many interesting works are lost! I’m running the library all by myself. Bring me all the books you find lying around the Academy grounds. I’ll gladly reward you with housepoints for them.
Available to turn in to in the library during the morning and day.
Reward: 1 leonheart point per book returned
Before starting any of your classes or talking to anyone search the campus and academy grounds for books and turn them into the library. Time does not skip when turning them in.
Book locations:
Campus living room – around and on couch
Academy inner garden – around and on fountain
Academy right wing – on the ground against the walls or pillars
Academy left wing – on the ground against the walls or pillars
Classroom 1 – on a desk
Classroom 2 – on the ground or against a pillar
Cafe – on a table
Main hall – on a table, seat or below the seat

House Points

Under Construction

Written by chaoticjailmen

This is all about Lust Academy – Walkthrough – Minigames & House Points; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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