Lumencraft – Metal Mining Breakdown

Lumencraft – Metal Mining Breakdown 1 -
Lumencraft – Metal Mining Breakdown 1 -

I decided to do some testing on the different metal materials and wanted to share my breakdown.

The Why(and How)

Initially while I was mining I went for the “Better Metal” as soon as I could mine it since I figured it would be faster to mine but after a while I felt like it actually wasn’t and wanted to test it.
For testing I set up a custom world with the three types of metal set up in huge straight swathes. I then gave my character all the stamina and speed upgrades so getting around didn’t take forever.
I also created a basic autohotkey script to drill and move to the right for 100 seconds. I then loaded in and mined each of the three metals three times each with each tier of drill that is currently available.
For clarification I’m going to describe each of the three metals and use the name the map editor has for them.
Metal is the rusty brown material that you can mine straight away.
Better Metal is the gold/silver colored metal that you have to upgrade your drill to mine.
Super Metal is a purple obsidian looking material that requires tier 5 drill to mine.(Also, I don’t think it’s actually on any of the official maps from what I saw.)

The Info

The three numbers between the : and the ; are how much of that type of metal I got after mining for 100 seconds straight using the autohotkey script. The number after the ; is the average of those numbers. This isn’t perfectly accurate since I had to line up the player myself and sometimes it drifted.
Drill tier 0:
Metal: 146, 145, 145; 145
Better Metal: 0
Super Metal: 0
Drill tier 1:
Metal: 232, 230, 232; 231
Better Metal: 126, 126, 128; 127
Super Metal: 0
Drill tier 2:
Metal: 357, 352, 374; 361
Better Metal: 226, 220, 226; 224
Super Metal: 0
Drill tier 3:
Metal: 489, 489, 484; 487
Better Metal: 316, 318, 320; 318
Super Metal: 0
Drill tier 4:
Metal: 636, 640, 639; 638
Better Metal: 450, 462, 460; 457
Super Metal: 0
Drill tier 5:
Metal: 703, 704, 704; 704
Better Metal: 578, 580, 584; 580
Super Metal: 308, 308, 308; 308


When mining metal you should always go for the Metal over the Better Metal or Super Metal unless there is a long walk to get to it or there’s a lot more of them close by.
I would also avoid mining the Super Metal unless you absolutely have to because of how long it takes.

Written by Tealc

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Lumencraft – Metal Mining Breakdown; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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