Love Tavern – Character Favorite Gifts

Love Tavern – Character Favorite Gifts 1 -
Love Tavern – Character Favorite Gifts 1 -

List of character favorite gifts (+150 exp)

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Love Tavern - Character Favorite Gifts - Sort by Character - 778DDC5
Natsumi (Angel *5)
Love : Latte, Cherry, Lip Stick, Can of Sport Drinks
Lilith (Succubus *5)
Love : Red Bra, Ice Cream, Pack of Card, Red Crystal Heel, Golden Watch, Mapple Leaf
Emily (Lich *5)
Love : Rubik, Golden Watch, White Bra, Pair of Dice, White Pantsu, Victoria Hat
Toyo (Human *5)
Love : Fancy Pen, Victoria Hat, Polka Dot Umbrella, Porcelain Teapot Set, Mapple Leaf
Miwa (Lamia *4)
Love : Cookie, Magazine, Strwaberry Ice Cream, Pack of Card, Red Bra, Donut
Sakura (Dryad *4)
Love : Porcelain Teapot Set, Magazine, Strawberry Ice Cream, Polka Dot Umbrella
Leona (Cervitaur *4)
Love : Coffe Ice Cream, Strawberrry, Pair of Dice, Teddy Bear, Fancy Pen
Nadia (Mermaid *4)
Love : Latte, Green Bra, Cherry
Nozomi (High-Elf *3)
Love : Bag of Coffee Beans, Sticky Note, Rubik, White Pantsu
Izumi (Werefox *3)
Love : Sticky Note, Red Ribbon, White Bra, Christmas Bell, Red Pantsu
Tamiko (Wererabbit *3)
Love : Wooden Comb, Red Pantsu, Green Bra, Donut, Bag of Coffee Beans, Christmas Bell
Flann (Weresheep *3)
Love : Paint Brush, Red Ribbon, Coffe Ice Cream, Green Pantsu, Strawberry, Ice Cream
Slyvia (Harpy *3)
Love : Ruby Ring, Lip Stick, Pantsu, Teddy Bear, Red Crystal Heel

Sort by Gift

Gift Character
Cherry Natsumi, Nadia
Strawberry Flann
Cookie Miwa
Donut Miwa, Tamiko
Ice Cream Lilith, Flann
Strawberry Ice Cream Miwa, Sakura, Flann
Coffe Ice Cream Leona, Flann
Can of Sport Drinks Natsumi
Latte Natsumi, Nadia
Bag of Coffee Beans Nozomi, Tamiko
Porcelain Teapot Set Toyo, Sakura
Red Bra Lilith, Miwa
Red Pantsu Izumi, Tamiko
Green Bra Nadia, Tamiko
Green Pantsu Flann
White Bra Emily, Izumi
White Pantsu Emily, Nozomi
Lip Stick Natsumi, Slyvia
Victoria Hat Emily, Toyo
Red Ribbon Izumi, Flann
Red Crystal Heel Lilith, Slyvia
Ruby Ring Slyvia
Golden Watch Lilith, Emily
Fancy Pen Toyo, Leona
Polka Dot Umbrella Toyo, Sakura
Pack of Card Lilith, Miwa
Pair of Dice Emily, Leona
Rubik Emily, Nozomi
Sticky Note Nozomi, Izumi
Magazine Miwa, Sakura
Teddy Bear Leona
Christmas Bell Izumi, Tamiko
Wooden Comb Tamiko
Paint Brush Flann
Mapple Leaf Lilith, Toyo

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