Lords and Villeins – List of All Storage Type in Game

Lords and Villeins – List of All Storage Types in Game 1 - steamlists.com
Lords and Villeins – List of All Storage Types in Game 1 - steamlists.com

Everything I’ve learned about storage.

Types of Storage

Chest – hides, wool, money. Apparently more secure then other storage.
Regal – meals, meat, sausage, fish (not sure if it holds vegetables and fruits or not).
Cabinet – clothes, capes, robes
Bookcase – books I guess haven’t build one yet.
Barrel Rails – Holds the alcohol your brewer makes
Barrel – fish, crops, fruits from trees, blueberries, maybe mushrooms if my foragers will ever pick them
Weapon Rack – weapons
Silo – grains (note grains are the product from wheat, rye, barely, oats, or rice after it has been threshed)
Storage Box – flower, grains, money, fruits and veggies.
Meat Hooks – meat
Knackery – corpses (best to keep one at the butcher only to facilitate delivery of corpses).
Ground Storage – Almost everything. It won’t store the below which is maybe why you have trash piles laying around and your pawns are stuck paying their taxes to you forever.
What a ground storage won’t hold.

  • Corpses
  • Hides, Wool
  • Any food except unthreshed staples (e.g. rice, oats, barley).
  • Money
  • Clothes, Capes, Robes
  • Silk, Yarn


Trash Piles

If you the rightful ruler of the land do not provide receptacles to put things in their proper place then villeins will pile items willy nilly. This is really bad.
Ha ha!
No really.
Trash blocks paths. Two trash piles next to the only bed access will block the bed. Trash in front of the Cauldron will block cooking. Yes just like in real life garbage piling up would slow down production and make it nearly impossible to work.
How do I fix this?
If you notice trash piles it’s really important to “clean” it up by providing the correct storage. Let’s say your farmer has a trash pile in their home. Click on the pile and it will say what is in there – maybe it’s eggs. If it’s eggs then you would need to place either a Regal or Storage box in one of the zones controlled by that villein’s family.
What about ground storage?
You try balancing 100 kilograms of eggs on a wood pallet and let me know how it goes. I’m sure his majesty the king would be totally fine if you ship his fine silk upon a dirty wooden pallet. Ground storage is essentially a wooden pallet – which can store a lot of things, but not everything is palatable.

What Storage Each Industry Needs

The easiest way to tell what storage an industry will need is to click on the zone and then build one of each storage furniture that appears under uses. The knackery and store are the only exceptions.
Farm example:
If you click on your farm zone you will see barrels, silos, storage boxes, ground storage, the knackery. You will also see production furniture like the threshing spot and churn, as well as “action” building items like plant tree and till soil.
You should only place a store in the zone if you want people to sell from their own zones. If you are using a market don’t place stores in the industry zones.
The only knackery I have is in the butchery zone and it seems to work well.

Written by MGFilbert

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Lords and Villeins – List of All Storage Types in Game, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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