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This is a guide on how to farm all the resources!


Material Sources

Before we can figure out how to farm it, we should know what we’re farming and what gives us the material. This will also be a useful source for you to figure out specific builds to farm for specific materials. Feed a man a fish and he will not be hungry for a day, teach a man how to fish and he won’t be hungry for his enitre life. 
Note that most sources, if not all, only gives the shard, not the whole material. Also, Wood, Stone, Metal and Food are considered “Basic Material”. 

Whole Material (Material Shard) Card Source/Other Monster Source Source outside Expedition Chapter Restriction
Stable Wood (Stable Branch) – Upon placement: Forest/Thicket 
– Passing through: Grove, Ruins 
– Treasury**
Treasure Chests/Mimics as Rogue, Flesh Golem, Scarecrow, Wooden Warrior Alchemy, Lumberjack with surrounding Forests None
Preserved Rock (Preserved Pebbles) – Upon placement: Rock/Mountain 
– Passing through: Cemetery, Ruins 
– Treasury**
Alchemy, Miner’s Pick (Supply) None
Stable Metal (Scrap Metal) – Passing through: Ruins 
– Forgetting Equipment* 
– Treasury**
Alchemy None
Food Suppy (Ration) – Upon placement: Meadow/Blooming Meadow 
– Passing through: Wheat Fields, Ruins 
– Treasury**
Flesh Golem, Scarecrow, Field of Blades Alchemy, Farm with surrounding Gardens, Skinner’s Knife (Supply) None
Orb of Expansion Fights with more than 4 Enemies (the higher the number, the higher the chance) so it requires a full tile of enemies AND a Vampire-/Watcher-/-mage or Archers Alchemy None
Orb of Immortality None Defeat Chapter Bosses (Lich, Priestess, Hunter, Omega) Alchemy None
Book of Memories (Memory Fragment) – Passing through: Cemetery while Graveyard (Camp) is built 
– Forgetting a Card*
Watcher, Watcher Mage, Tome Alchemy None
Metamorphosis (Noticeable Change) Causing Tiles to transform (Exceptions: Reed) Alchemy, Dismantling Supplies None
Orb of Afterlife (Pitiful Remains) Skeleton, Skeleton Archer, Cracked Skeleton, Ghost, Ghost of a Ghost, Prime Matter, Vampire, Vampire Mage, Swarm of Bats, Ghoul Alchemy Not available in Chapter 1
Astral Orb (Time Shard) Prime Matter, Vampire Mage, Watcher, Watcher Mage, Tome, Dark Slime Alchemy Not available in Chapter 1
Orb of Crafts (Craft Fragment) Chest, Tome, Gargoyle, Living Armor, Scarecrow, Wooden Warrior Alchemy Not available in Chapter 1
Orb of Evolution (Living Fabric) Slime, Ratwolf, Spider, Mimic, Goblin, Goblin Leader, Goblin Archer, Bandit, Harpy, Flesh Golem, Mosquito, Field of Blades, Scorch Worm, Fishman, Siren Alchemy Not available in Chapter 1
Orb of Unity (Shapeless Mass) Slime, Blood Clot, Ghost of a Ghost, Swarm of Bats, Field of Blades, Jellyfish, Dark Slime Alchemy Not available in Chapter 1

* “Forgetting” something refers to your inventory/hand being too full to accept new Equipment/Cards so the game converts the oldest Piece of Equipment/Card into their respective material. For Equipments it’s the bottom right corner of the inventory and for cards it’s the leftmost card in your hand. 
** The Treasury generates 1 random Basic Material Shard when you place something in the 8 tiles adjacent to it. Once you completely fill these 8 tiles, it will generate 26 Basic Materials randomly split across all 4 types and then transform (granting you 1 noticeable change like with most tile transforms) into an Empty Treasury. At the writing of this guide, the Treasury does not grant the 26 additional materials if you changed the game speed value in the variables.ini file. 

Monsters and where to find them

The previous section mentioned monsters as sources for certain materials. Here’s where to find certain monsters 

Name Source Name Source Name Source
Slime Wasteland (5% chance per day) Ratwolf Grove (1 every 2 days) Spider Spider Cocoon (1 every day)
Skeleton Cemetary (1 every 3 days) Skeleton Archer Chapter 3+: Cemetary (1 every 3 days) Cracked Skeleton Chapter 2+: 50% Chance after killing a Skeleton/Skeleton Archer
Chest Battle Field (once per loop), Shipwreck (once per loop) Mimic Battle Field (has a chance to replace the Chest) Blood Clot Blood Path (overlapping Battlefields) (1 every 4 days)
Ghost Killing something with a soul in a Battle Field (chance) Ghost of a Ghost Killing a Ghost in a Battle Field (chance) Prime Matter Killing a Ghost of a Ghost in a Battle Field (chance)
Vampire Battle on a tile influenced by a Vampire Mansion Vampire Mage Battle on a tile influenced by a Vampire Mansion and an Abandoned Bookery Swarm of Bats Chapter 2+: damage a Vampire or Vampire Mage below 50% hp
Watcher Battle on a tile influenced by a Temporal Beacon Watcher Mage Battle on a tile influenced by a Temporal Beacon and an Abandoned Bookery Tome Battle on a tile influenced by an Abandoned Bookery
Goblin Goblin Camp (1 every day, may spawn a Goblin Leader instead) Goblin Leader Goblin Camp (1 every day, may spawn a Goblin instead) Goblin Archer Goblin Lookout (Goblin Camp adjacent to a Swamp)
Ghoul Ransacked Village (Village adjacent to Vampire Mansion) (<=4 per loop for 3 loops) Bandit Bandit Camp (Spawns for every 2 Village adjacent to one if there’s space) (1 every 2 days) Harpy Mountain Peak (9x Rock/Mountain in a 3×3 square) (1 every 2 days)
Gargoyle Empty Treasury (place something in all 8 tiles around a Treasury) (1 every 3 days) Flesh Golem Blood Grove (1 per loop when ready) Living Armor Smith’s Forge (1 for every 6 items exchanged)
Mosquito Swamp (1 every 3 days) Scarecrow Wheat Fields or Overgrown Field (1 every 4 days) Field of Blades Overgrown Field (when there’s space in the battle left)
Scorch Worm Ruins (1 every 2 days) Fishman Reed (River adjacent to road) (1 every 3 days) Siren Shipwreck (Battlefield adjacent to River) (once per loop)
Jellyfish Chatper 4 only: summoned by Siren Wooden Warrior A Village? (spawns for every 10 Forest/Thicket tiles placed) (1 every 2 days) Dark Slime Goblins with no home (play Oblivion on a Goblin Camp/Lookout when Goblins have spawned)


Example Deck

Here’s one Omnifarm deck I made for the Rouge 
Loop Hero - Taka's Farming Guide 

  • Best Golden Card for Rogue, giving him the Amulet slot so he can have Magic HP


  • Basic Material on visit 
  • Scorch Worms give Living Fabric on kill 
  • Do not chain Ruins, as Scorch Worms are archer units

Vampire Mansion 

  • Vampires give Pitiful Remains on kill 
  • Vampires spawn Swarm of Bats which give Shapeless Mass on kill 
  • Vampires are present on full tiles as well, so these battles can drop Orbs of Expansion


  • Turning a Bookery into an Abandoned Bookery will add Tomes to adjacent battles 
  • Tomes give Time Shards on kill 
  • Tomes will turn Vampires into Vampire Mages 
  • Vampire Mages give Time Shards and Pitiful Remains on kill

Smith’s Forge 

  • Every 6 items you turn in lets it spawn Living Armor 
  • Armor drops Craft Fragment on kill


  • Just a filler, since you need at least 2 cards in that category 
  • Can be combo’d with Vampire Mansions to spawn Ghouls who also give Pitiful Remains, however that’s inadvisable as Rogue. You will get overwhelmed easily.

Forest/Thicket, River, Desert/Dunes 

  • River + Desert/Dunes gives Noticeable Change 
  • Forest/Thicket gives Stable Branch 
  • Forest/Thicket, Desert/Dunes generally give good stats for the Rogue. River doubles effects of an environment tile adjacent to it.


This is all about Loop Hero – Taka’s Farming Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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