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Loop Hero – In time for lunch Guide 1 - steamlists.com
Loop Hero – In time for lunch Guide 1 - steamlists.com
if you want to kill Lich in 1st expedition without using trial and error method, this guide is the summary of my lucky run.

Tips, items, general idea.

Killing the Lich early on is pure risk-reward and without rng it’s a suicide, while delaying the boss battle lowers your chances to kill him anyway. Start the boss fight before 5th loop = quick death, after 8th loop = long death.
Here are the tips, which will decease your chance of losing the run.

1. the less types cards you have the better, because it would increase the drop of the cards you need.
In my run I unpicked: beacon, treasury, spider cocoon, vampire mansion. However, 8 out 12 works better, so you can keep spider/vampire.

2. place your cards properly.
there are good guides about cards combinations, so you should check them 1st.
Mountain Peak (3×3 rocks/mountains), Blooming meadow required for hp and regeneration per day.
Tiles around your campfire must used, other wise they would be taken by Lich’s Palace, each increases his damage and health by 5%. Place 2 grove on 1st and 2nd tiles in front of camp and 2 on 1st and 2nd tiles behind the camp. Place Road Lanterns and Battle Field around the camp.
Do not waste your oblivion cards, you should use them to destroy the goblin’s camps.
And of course place the monster spawning cards properly, in way that you can farm them with decent timing, but at the same time without overwhelming yourself with enemies.

Loop Hero - In time for lunch Guide (типа гайдич)

(I didn’t make a better sceenshot)

3. equip the right items.
Farming requires tenacity, boss fight requires dps. You must have full health before the Lich fight and you shouldn’t use the farming items during the boss fight.
When farming the monsters equip regen ring, while mixing it with attack speed (weapons/shields) and vampirism armor. Keep farming until you have a high level sword axe, shield and armor (items without bonus traits are fine, the higher the level the better). Unfortunately the regen is useless with Lich, so use the ring with evasion/attack speed.
Loop Hero - In time for lunch Guide (типа гайдич)

Written by First Chaplain

This is all about Loop Hero – In time for lunch Guide (типа гайдич); I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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