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Lonesome Village – Cipher Notes Guide 1 - steamlists.com

A useful guide fortransliteration chart of the cipher text in Lonesome Village. Also, a few notes.
The single dots (similar to the center of the O, but they lack an outer circle) are like that. When the (is present, spaces are produced.

S and R can occasionally be swapped for one another (. They might have argued over whether or not S 17Y was that on the nose. As the game is still very early on, I could have missed any additional substitutions, but I haven’t noticed any. I’ll keep you informed if I find any. No updates are anticipated for this. If people want the message to be understood and don’t want to take numerous screen captures to get the letters before they disappear from the screen, it’s intended to save them some time.

The intro movie and at least one statue break contain text, but it is only visible briefly. It’s simple to overlook these, so be ready to snap a quick photo when a cutscene starts. Text that doesn’t seem to be moving can be captured with even a brief one. Every time you enter the room, you can read the text that appears at the start of each puzzle again.

The Chart

Lonesome Village - Cipher Notes Guide - The Chart - EAF09CA


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