Little Nightmares II – Modding Tutorial + Downloads

Little Nightmares II – Modding Tutorial + Downloads 5 -
Little Nightmares II – Modding Tutorial + Downloads 5 -
Some test files (Character Swap) and short Tutorial



If you want to use a character swap, just download them 
(on – under Optional Files) 
and extract it to the game folder where the Helios-WindowsNoEditor.pak is. 
X:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Little Nightmares II\Helios\Content\Paks\ 
That’s it! 
Little Nightmares II - Modding Tutorial + Downloads 
Little Nightmares II - Modding Tutorial + Downloads 
Little Nightmares II - Modding Tutorial + Downloads 
Little Nightmares II - Modding Tutorial + Downloads 


If you want to modding, maybe that helps you: 
First I want to say that is the way I modded it. 
Maybe some things are wrong or unnecessary 🙂 
In this example I explain how to replace Six with Mono: 
You need this tools: 
-Unreal Engine Editor 4.24 (Creator) – under Main Files, for creating .pak files) 
-UnrealPakViewer (to extract your .uasset and .uexp files) 
-Any 3D Program that support .psk files (3D model psk files) 
1. Open Helios-WindowsNoEditor.pak with Unreal model viewer 
(Example: C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Little Nightmares II\Helios\Content\Paks\) 
AES Key: 
2. a. In Unreal model viewer go to Game/Characters/Player and doubleclick on 
SKM_Player02.uasset (that is the model of Mono) 
b. Select Unreal engine 4.24 
c. Then Tools/Export current project (for example as .psk model file, export where you want) 
3. Copy all textures-files in the exported ‘Textures’ folder into ‘Player’ folder 
4. a. Open your 3D programm and rename there the Mesh SKM_Player02 to SKM_Six 
b. Select all and export it as SKM_Six.FBX like this: 
c. Rename now the mesh in your 3D program again: SKM_Six to SKM_Six_Jumper and export it again as SKM_Six_Jumper.FBX 
5. a. Open Unreal Engine Editor 4.24 and create a new blank Project 
b. Create there in folder “Content” a new folder named “Characters”. And in “Characters” 2 new folders named “Player” and “Six” 
c. Drag&Drop SKM_Six.FBX file in to the Unreal Engine Editor into folder “Six” and click on “Import” 
d. After compiling Shaders close the Message Log Window 
e. Doubleclick on SKM_Six, search for the Element “MAT_Player_Clothes_ncl1_1” and Replace it with “MAT_Player_Clothes”. 
Because the game not use this generated file. Save it and close the window 
f. You can now delete MAT_Player_Clothes_ncl1_1. If you haven’t such file, ignore it 
g. Rename SKM_Six_Skeleton to SKEL_Player (thats the original Skeleton name) 
h. Move SKEL_Player to the “Player” folder (because the original SKEL for Six and Mono is in this folder) 
i. Move all MAT_ and TEX_ files to “Player” folder (because Mono need his textures and this his folder) 
j. In Menu File/Package Project/Windows (32 Bit) package your project as .pak file 
k. Do step 5 again with the file SKM_Six_Jumper.FBX (new project or just delete all previous files) 
6. a. Open UnrealPakViewer and open your first package (the .pak file) 
b. Go to WindowsNoEditor/NAME/Content/Characters/Six/ 
c. Export only SKM_Six.uasset and SKM_Six.uexp 
d. Do that again with your another .pak file 
7. a. Copy/cut this exported files and drop it into Helios/Content/Characters/Six folder from the pack_tool 
b. Doubleclick on START_pack.bat 
c. You have now a Helios-WindowsNoEditor_MyMod.pak. Rename it after _ 
d. Copy it to the game folder, where the Helios-WindowsNoEditor.pak is 
e. Copy/paste now Helios-WindowsNoEditor.sig and rename it like your mod (example: Helios-WindowsNoEditor_MyMod.sig) 
Start the game and test it! 

Written by Shaklin

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Little Nightmares II – Modding Tutorial + Downloads, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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