LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1 – Points Modifiers Guide

LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1 – Points Modifiers Guide 1 -
LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1 – Points Modifiers Guide 1 -
Affection point modifiers lifted from script


Points from dialogue choices

While this game is not hard at all, I lifted the point modifiers from the script to make it even easier. 
There are two points in the script where you can choose to play as Kairi or Ranko. If you’re looking for full gallery, you have to play as both. 
When playing as Ranko there are a few additional choices to make that matter: What snack you buy on the first day (covered in the points list) and whether or not you buy the vibrating egg on the second day. You should buy the egg when playing as Ranko, as you’ll automatically see the other scene when playing as Kairi. 
Only point changing choices are listed. You won’t see all choices in every game, due to the Kairi/Ranko branching. 
Without further ado: 
“Hello… Good morning!” +1 
“Wh-Why are you staring at me!? HELP ME!” -1 
“That just makes you even more suspicious! Help, help!” -1 
“It’s my pleasure, Ranko-san!” +1 
“You look extremely good!” +1 
“To be honest, I thought you were a lot older.” -1 
“Do you really care about what’s happening to me?” +1 
“That’s none of your business! Go away!” -1 
“You’re the best, Ranko-san!” +1 
“This can’t be true… You’re just another scammer!” -1 
“Sometimes I say things without thinking… Sorry!” +1 
“So… I think LIP! is a lousy and horrible name!” -1 
“Yes! I love that idea!” +1 
“Isn’t that a little bit too much, Ranko-san?” -1 
“It’s not polite to secretly listen in on others, you pervert!” -1 
“Uhm, well… I guess that’s my fault.” +1 
“I’m so happy to see you!” +1 
“How dare you make me wait so long?!” -1 
“This place is a mess!” -1 
“Y-Your office looks very cozy” +1 
Play as Kairi: +1 / Play as Ranko: Snack: dars or pocky +1 
“But we just got here. I’m not sleepy yet.” +1 
“N-No way! I want to leave this place right now!” -1 
“That sounds so cute, and sensual… I love it!”+1 
“Stop being so nervous already. We have work to do.” -1 
“Do you like what you see, Kairi-chan?” +1 
“I bought it today, especially for you…” +1 
“Please don’t stop, Ranko-san…” +1 
“Y-Yes, please… I like it…” +1 
“Stop it, Ranko-san… W-We have to keep working!” -1 
“That’s because your hands feel so good…” +1 
“N-No! I’m not feeling anything!” -1 
“I don’t feel anything.” -1 
“I like it… I like it so much…” +1 
“That’s because I like what you’re doing.” +1 
“Sh-Shut up! Don’t touch me anymore!” -1 
“You look so beautiful, Kairi-chan!” +1 
“Oh, come on… Stop being so ashamed of me.” -1 
“I was so excited to see you!” +1 
“Stop saying I’m cute… I don’t believe you!” -1 
“I’ve already been giving some bit of affection to myself…” +1 
“Thank you so much for your help, Ranko-san!” +1 
“How dare you do this to me?! PERVERT!” -1 
“Coming from you… I just expect the worst.” -1 
“I just wanna go for a walk… with you.” +1 
“You put a lot of effort into the photo shoot.” +1 
“Yes, and you better not be so nervous next time.” -1 
“You look so cute when you’re happy…” +1 
“Enjoy it. It will be the last until the next session.” -1 
“You look so beautiful, Kairi-chan…” +1 
“Stop shaking already. Don’t be a scared little girl.” -1 
“And they would feel better if you weren’t so scared.” -1 
“I love to touch them… you know that?” +1 
“That’s the idea, Kairi-chan.” -1 
“Don’t worry. I promise I’ll be subtle.” +1 
“Stop fooling around and look me in the eye.” -1 
“Hmm I could do this all day.” +1 
“I had a great time with you…” +1 
“They could have caught us back there. You’re nuts!” -1 
“[[Invite her to the new karaoke place.]” +1 
“You still don’t remember that I don’t like alcohol?!” -1 
“[[Have a toast with her.]” +1 
“N-No way… You’re crazy!” -1 
“If those are the rules, I’ll have to accept…” +1 
“I’ll undress you, Ranko-san!” +1 
“This just keeps getting worse!” -1 
“Th-That was more intense than I expected…” +1 
“I must admit that it was quite the experience.” +1 
“I never want to do it again in my life!” -1 
“No way, that’s too lewd for me!” -1 
“M-Maybe we could try it…” +1 
“D-Do you promise that you’ll be gentle with me, Ranko-san?” +1 
“Stop! Get away from me with that thing!” -1 
“K-Keep going like this…” +1 
“G-Get that thing away from me!” -1 
“No way! I won’t let you!” -1 
“O-Okay. Let’s try that function…” +1 
“I can only think of you!” +1 
“I just want to go home!” -1 
“D-Do you promise that you’ll be gentle with me, Ranko-san?” +1 
“Enough! You’ve already touched me too much!” -1 
“K-Keep going like this…” +1 
“Th-This is so embarra*sing!” -1 
“No way! I won’t let you!” -1 
“O-Okay. I want to feel it…” +1 
“Ahh… That was amazing…” +1 
“Hmm. It could’ve been better.” -1 
“Better than ever…” +1 
“Okay… Let’s go!” +1 
“Uhm, I think I have some things I need to do… Bye!” -1 
“Aww… THANK YOU!” +1 
“I can’t accept it.” -1 
“But you look beautiful in it…” +1 
“You’ll never be a true lewd idol without it.” -1 
“You’ll do it, whether you like it or not!” -1 
“Don’t be so nervous. I’ll help you with everything.” +1 
“No way, pervert!” -1 
“Why did you stop?” +1 
“Ahem… No. Definitely not.” -1 
“I definitely love this uniform, but…” +1 
“Did I say something wrong that made you sad?” +1 
“You’re an old and frustrated former idol… right?” -1 
“Really?! You’re the best, Ranko-san!” +1 
“Stop! You’ll get me nak*d again!” -1 
“Thank you! I’m very excited to see it.” +1 
“Good thing you couldn’t film me nak*d, you old pervert!” -1 
“You’re proud of me… That makes me so happy…” +1 
“That… That was good. So good.” +1 
“I didn’t like it at all!” -1 
“I-I’m so sorry!” +1 
“I’m totally excited!” +1 
“I don’t want any silly companions in the group… I’m the one and only!” -1 

Written by Franka_Scythe

Hope you enjoy the Guide about LIP! Lewd Idol Project Vol. 1 – Points Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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