Limbus Company – What is Uptie system

Limbus Company – What is Uptie system 1 -
Limbus Company – What is Uptie system 1 -

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Lead your group of twelve Sinners into the Lobotomy Corporation’s underground facilities as the executive manager of Limbus Company in order to stake claim to the Golden Boughs.

Introduction/Uptie system

Three stars are by default much worse than 1 star because of a mechanic called ‘uptie’.

It’s a tier from 1(default) to 3(maxed), with each tier costing ‘threads’ that you can get by exchanging any character medal.

This system not only improves all skills quite significantly but also unlocks 3rd skill and a character passive.

The main difference of 1 and 3-star units is honestly just flat stats and a ‘different'(not necessarily better than lower-star unit) skill setup.

So a 3-star unit with uptie 1 is pretty much only having a weak version of skills and lacking the best skill outright.

1-star default units and default EGO get those upgrades for free on chapter 1 and 2 completion.

2-star units cost 10 and 40 threads(tier 2/3)

3-star units cost 20 and 80

This is quite a considerable investment for just 1 unit you might not even use.

But this is not the only reason.

The true reason is that you can have 5 EGO per character. And each EGO gives some passive bonus, making you more versatile.

EGO also have ‘upties’; hence they will likely be the primary goal of f2p thread spending.

That does it for the short introduction of ‘why’ 1-star units are excellent early on.

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