Limbus Company – Teambuilding Affinity and Tactics

Limbus Company – Teambuilding Affinity and Tactics 4 -
Limbus Company – Teambuilding Affinity and Tactics 4 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, This Limbus Company – Teambuilding Affinity and Tactics Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope that you do.

An overview of mechanics, teamwork, and strategies.

Teambuilding, affinity, and tactics.

Now for what trips people up the most.

The long and short of team building is this: focus on a few affinities to keep your egos fed.

Limbus Company - Teambuilding Affinity and Tactics - Teambuilding, affinity, and tactics. - 7F626CF

Mousing over an affinity will tell you which units you have that can trigger it. Individual attacks decide this. In the previous section, look at the example image again. Notice the color and icon on the top right of the attack illustration. In this case, it is blade affinity (or whatever the ♥♥♥♥ it’s called.).

Using this ability will give you one-blade affinity. Some, especially skill threes, can provide even more.

This is the currency used for EGO attacks.

Limbus Company - Teambuilding Affinity and Tactics - Teambuilding, affinity, and tactics. - F5BF7F8

In this example, you need five water and 1 DNA. (again, not what they’re called, but ♥♥♥♥ me if i can remember all that.).

Now, this is where the secret sauce comes in. The whole point of team building is to build teams that can fuel the affinities necessary to use powerful egos. Rarity is not important whatsoever, instead, how your team syncs together is.

This game has no roles, or characters who are mainly defensive or based on dodging and whatnot – every character is designed to throw down and win clashes in their own way. What sets them apart is effectively just flavor and affinities.

Limbus Company - Teambuilding Affinity and Tactics - Teambuilding, affinity, and tactics. - 475EE59

Here is an example team, my default team.

You might notice that all three units that generate water are on this team. As five water is quite expensive, I’m constantly generating water affinity by using the attacks I would be using on those three characters, Sinclair, Ishmael, and Don. The only other thing it takes is one DNA, which multiple characters generate on that team. With this, I can consistently put out his EGO move, which is a powerful AoE.

I won’t go into the details on this particular team, but all but Sinclair will have their egos up consistently. Every affinity this team generates is also used by this team, save for one, the dark thorns. (I need to look up these names.).

In this case, I avoid using the thorn abilities if I need to generate ego desperately. As it so happens, the thorn abilities are generally the heavy hitters on this team, anyway.

To elaborate, every unit has three skill 1, 2, and 1 skill 3 abilities you can use in sequence before it resets. If a unit’s skill 1 is a particular affinity, you will naturally generate more of that affinity as the fight continues.

However, it is important to note that trying to fuel every member of the team’s egos is most likely a fool’s errand. It is best to focus on just a few that you can output consistently. For instance, Sinclair literally cannot use his ego on this team. It requires the green affinity, and not a single sinner on this team has a green affinity attack. Sinclair exists because his attacks fill an affinity gap on the team. Nobody else can output fire here, yet Yi Sang requires a small amount of fire to trigger his EGO.

I hope you’re getting the idea behind the team building. Feel free to copy my team, but the idea is to use this knowledge to build your team.

Remember this: teams are built around egos, and identities fuel the ego. Some are better than others regarding raw damage, but since every unit does raw damage one way or another, it’s also important to consider affinity. If you throw all your highest damage units on one team with no consideration for affinity, then you are ♥♥♥♥♥♥.

Now, you might ask, “why is ego so important? is that extra damage really so valuable?”

In essence, they are important for this reason: winning clashes.

Often you will be forced into a clash you know you are almost definitely going to lose, and since auto-targeting is a thing, you might be in a really bad spot because of this. That’s when you bust out your ego, and clash with the ego. Any ego will almost definitely win any clash, though it’s not technically a guarantee. Not only that, but you will likely do enough damage to stagger the opponent, or at least set them up for a stagger.

With proper ego usage, you can turn a situation where you would have gotten your sinner staggered and thus starting a domino effect where you get team wiped, to instead taking zero damage and staggering the opponent, thus starting a domino effect in a direction you want, and shifting the momentum of the fight.

But to be able to do that, you need the juice to do it. And to get that juice, you need your sinners to support each other properly.

And that’s about it. Please leave comments if you have any valuable input. As this is just day one, some information may be wrong or misguided.

(Comment and rate if you will, if enough people want ill sit down and properly format and organize this, and elaborate on specific team comps and difficult levels as I plan to blow through chapter 3 tonight.)

We are grateful that you took the time to go through the Limbus Company – Teambuilding Affinity and Tactics, and we sincerely hope that you discovered it to be of a*sistance to you in any way. You are more than welcome to point out any mistakes or make suggestions for changes in the comments box below, and we will attend to them as quickly as we can. My warmest thoughts and prayers are with you today. This write-up was inspired by a piece written by the creator and author Ghotty Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website on a regular basis for more posts.

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