Limbus Company – Noteworthy 2/3 stars types

Limbus Company – Noteworthy 2/3 stars types 1 -
Limbus Company – Noteworthy 2/3 stars types 1 -

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The only difference between a 1 and 3 star unit is flat stats and a ‘different’ (but not necessarily better than a lower star unit) skill setup.
So a three-star unit with uptie 1 has mostly weak versions of skills and lacks the best skill entirely.

Noteworthy 2/3 stars

Currently, the following are certainly worth threading up:

2 Star:

Kurokumo Hong Lu – this is pretty much arguably the strongest unit in the game right now.

What it does is one shot of almost any non boss enemy without bleed.

This makes him a particularly deadly early combat(usually the hardest part of combat) character since a good matchup for him pretty much ensures you have 1 less enemy to take care of.

Needless to say if you have him – he is by far top priority to thread up.

3 star:

Tingtang Hong Lu – yep, it’s very sad that pretty much all Hong Lu are top tier… but what can you do.

This Hong Lu is a bit more tricky to use and it’s main use is the fact that it’s strongest skill can kill 2 enemies in 1 turn.

Basically if enemy dies with his strongest skill – he will use the skill again on someone else.

Only works once, so can’t chain kill whole enemy team.

I would say he is not worth if you have 2 star one since the 2 star one is just too good.

Also requires ideally manual play to make use of him.

R corp Heathcliff – he is an ammo user and if you were remotely into speedrunning of Ruina then you know that ammo is the true king if you use it correctly.

That being said he is a ‘rusher’ rather than boss killer. Similar to 2 star Hong Lu he shines at considerably improving the early battle portion of the game.

The only downside is having to bother with manual’ing him. For example sometimes it’s better to just defend instead of wasting ammo.

I would say those are the only characters that stand out as ‘worth it’/outright better than 1 star units.

3 star units are GENERALLY better of course when fully uptied, but it’s honestly simply not required for any content in the game atm.

The above 3 units stand out as something that feels like might last even through some powercreep if we get one.

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