Limbus Company – How to Upgrade Gacha Mechanics?

Limbus Company – How to Upgrade Gacha Mechanics? 1 -
Limbus Company – How to Upgrade Gacha Mechanics? 1 -

Hello and welcome, This Limbus Company – How to Upgrade Gacha Mechanics? Guide was created to help you.

This guide will teach you how to upgrade mechanics and gacha mechanics.



You can upgrade Sinners and E.G.O to make them more powerful and unlock new skills. The three upgrades available to you are leveling up Identities, “Uptying” and “Threadspinning EGO”. Sinners will gain experience points from battle and Identity training tickets. Their HP, defense, and skill offense levels will rise when a Sinner’s level goes up. “Thread” can be used to Uptie Identities and Threadspin E.G.O.

When you first acquire an Identity or E.G.O, its Uptie/Threadspin tier will be at 1. At Uptie Tier 2, Identities gain a new combat pa*sive, and their skills and speed range will also be improved. At Uptie Tier 3, skills and speed range are further improved. In addition, a new skill and support pa*sive will be unlocked. The Identity will also get a new artwork at Tier 3, and a short scene featuring their story will be unlocked. The new skill will be shown in close-up when the Sinner uses it in battle.

E.G.O will gain a new pa*sive ability at Threadspin Tier 2. At Threadspin Tier 3, the E.G.O skill is improved, and using the E.G.O displays its own background over the stage.

Your basic LBC Identities and unique Sinner E.G.O. will automatically reach Tier 2 when you clear chapter 1.


Through “Extraction”, you can acquire Identities and E.G.O for your Sinners. Identities of higher grades are less likely to be extracted. On the other hand, E.G.O of all grades have equal odds of extraction. E.G.O you already possess will no longer be extracted, making it more likely for other E.G.O to appear. If you extract Identities you already possess, they will be converted into Egoshards of the corresponding Sinner, 3 shards per 0 Identity dupes (=1 star), 15 shards for 00 (=2 star) and 50 shards for 000 (=3 star) Identity dupes . Egoshards can be exchanged at the dispenser for Identities or E.G.O you don’t own or traded for spindles of Thread. You can also acquire Egoshards in Mirror Dungeons. You require 150 shards from that same Sinner to buy a 00 identity and 400 shards for 000 and E.G.O attacks. As far I can tell I don’t see a way to exchange egoshards of one sinner for the egg shards of another.

There are 2 types of gacha banners: a banner with specific rate-ups for a Sinner and those with no rate-up at all. Now each banner has 3 rolling options: a single daily pull using 13 PAID lunacy, a single pull using 130 lunacy, and a 10-pull using 1300 lunacy. On 10-pulls, you are guaranteed to get at least one 00 Identity or higher so Single extractions to me sound like a waste of money.

While its pretty random who you will get, rate-ups act in a way that gives you a higher chance of getting the rate up unit. Every time you roll, the game first generate the rarity of whatever it is you are rolling. On a single pulls, you have the following probabilities:

Rarity 1st to 9th Extraction 10th Extraction
EGO 1.3% 1.3%
000 2.9% 2.9%
00 12.8% 95.8%
0 83

If there are any IDs/ EGOs on rate up, after the game rolls what rarity you are going to get it then has a 50% to be the corresponding rate-up of the same rarity. For example on the current banner we can get a 000 Gregor Identity. If we use our Sanity and roll a 000 Identity we have a 50% of it being the Gregor Identity that the banner markets. That being said, it is only a 50% and I don’t see a system in place guaranteeing the rate up so its possible to keep getting 000 identities but not the ones we wanted (different units than the one the banner is showing off are often called “spooks”). Now for EGOs, there are X unique EGO attacks on each banner and you can’t get a dupe (not even on a different banner, each EGO is unique). When you get all of the EGOs available in a banner, the percentages change:

Rarity 1st to 9th Extraction 10th Extraction
000 3% 3%
00 13% 97%
0 84

A Battle Pa*s runs throughout a whole update Season and its split unto free and premium rewards. Level up your pa*s by playing the game and completing special battle pa*s missions (available to everyone even if you didn’t pay). When you purchase the Limbus Pa*s, you can earn extra rewards in addition to those available for free. The items you can earn from the battle pa*s include Lunacy (=gacha currency), E.G.O, Thread, Egoshards, Identity upgrade tickets, Enkephalin, and more.

The E.G.O rewarded by the battle pa*s is distinct from what you can find in Extractions, but if you were unable to obtain the Battle Pa*s EGOs, Project Moon has said that you will be able to obtain them in later seasons. Pa*s missions will still give you bonus rewards even if the pa*s has reached the maximum level.

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