Limbus Company – Basic teambuilding tips

Limbus Company – Basic teambuilding tips 1 -
Limbus Company – Basic teambuilding tips 1 -

Hello and welcome, This Limbus Company – Basic teambuilding tips Guide was created to help you.

Coin System explanation

Saw this as a question in steam forums, so I decided to copy my lengthy post into the guide.

Each coin can roll heads(positive) or tails(negative)

Let us assume there are 3 coins on skill.

Each power roll has a range which is decided by base and ‘+’ factor, from 5 to 14.

Let us say you roll 0 heads – you will get a ‘5’ roll.

Let us say you will get 3 heads – you will a ’14’ roll.

Each head basically adds amount of power until max available. In our case 5+3+3+3 = maximum 14

So a power of 5-14 with only 1 coin would always be either a 5 roll(tails) or 14 roll(heads).

The way this system is displayed is:

1) Inside character menu open character and open skills tab

2) Check any skill – for example skill 3 of default Faust.

On the left is a number ‘6’. This is the default power.

On top is a small ‘+2’ number. This means each ‘heads’ is +2.

And then there are also an amount of ‘coins’ displayed by.. well.. coin icons above the name of the skill.

She has ‘2’ coins.

This means her skill 3 range is 6-10.

However, this amount can be modified in battle by a lot of factors, mainly however by % inside the chain.

For example, the %(the displayed +/-X% in battle when doing a chain) outright modifies this range by said %.

So a 6-10 with +100% would become 12-20.

And just like in Ruina – whoever gets a higher roll – wins.

Coins also serve as the amount of ‘clashing’ you can do.

If you win a clash – you remove one coin from the enemy, making his power roll max lower but you CONTINUE to clash until coins are gone. You can still in some cases lose despite removing one coin from the enemy. This usually happens when you had massive luck and the enemy had disastrous luck.

This is why I told you one coin can often suck, especially if the coin power modifier is high… Imagine facing an enemy with 4 coins who can win if you roll ‘tails’ and he rolls at least 1 heads.

This means you need to win against him 4 times and he ALWAYS has a chance to win against you.

After a clash is won – you will get all your coins back regardless of how many you lost in the process of clash.

You will still roll heads/tails so can still end up with bad luck/low damage obviously.

The final damage you deal will be amplified a bit by how long clash lasted.

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