Lightless: The 21st Sacrifice (Episode 1) – Lightless Achievement Guide

Lightless: The 21st Sacrifice (Episode 1) – Lightless Achievement Guide 1 -
Lightless: The 21st Sacrifice (Episode 1) – Lightless Achievement Guide 1 -
This is my first Steam guide, prompted by the number of discussions I saw concerning the photo achievements in particular. This guide is not spoiler-free.


Story Achievements

These are part of finishing the game and cannot be missed. 
It Happened! 
Just take a picture of the blank canvas over the hotel bed. 
The Red Brush 
After you unlock the bathroom, grab the broken bottle and use the paintbrush on the resulting puddle of blood. In some cases, you may have to draw the first symbol to get the achievement. 
Welcome to the Light 
Complete the banner in the upstairs hallway. 
Complete the banner in Iraj’s bedroom. 
Saeed’s Room 
Open the floor cache in the hotel room. Be sure to get the Follow My Point achievement first! 
Hello Iraj! 
Unlock Iraj’s computer. 
I Swallowed a Bullet! 
Use the boxcutter on the doll in Raha’s bedroom. It must have fallen down first. 
Full Circle 
Complete the game and ascend the stairs outside Raha’s house. 

Missable Achievements

Collect all of the letters/newspapers. They are found: 

  • On the floor of the hotel room after things go creepy 
  • On the floor in the living room 
  • Beside the closet in the room above the basement 
  • In front of the shower in the downstairs bathroom 
  • On the toilet in the upstairs bathroom/laundry room 
  • Beside the lamp in the office 
  • In the trashcan in Iraj’s bedroom 
  • On the shelf on the left side of the basement 
  • Under the bed in Raha’s room 
  • On the sink in the downstairs bathroom (late game only)

No Selfies! (photo) 
When you first enter Raha’s house, go straight to the back door. Look out the window at your hotel room and take a picture. Be sure to do this the first time you look out the window, or the opportunity will pass. 
I Saw You Rock! (photo) 
After turning off the radio, you will hear someone downstairs. Go take a picture of the rocking chair in the living room. It should be moving. 
The Light Behind the Window 
Not a paranormal photo, but take a picture of the symbol on the wall of the room above the basement. To do this, use the light bulb in the above-basement room and look through the window of the study. 
Follow My Point (photo) 
When you go back to the hotel room with the boxcutter, you will see a shadow on the back wall. Despite the achievement’s name, I recommend taking a photo of the shadow’s head rather than its hand. Make sure to get this achievement before opening the floor! 
This Trike Is MINE! (photo) 
After digging up the well, photograph the tricycle in the basement. Again, the alignment is finicky, so it may take several photos for the achievement to work. 
Shadows From the Past 
When you’re in the final area (the dark hall with all the busts and names), go to the far end of the hall. Click on the light and wait for Navid to say something about shadows. 

Written by Gale

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Lightless: The 21st Sacrifice (Episode 1) – Lightless Achievement Guide, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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