Library Of Ruina – How to Create Custom Sprites Guide

Library Of Ruina – How to Create Custom Sprites Guide 1 -
Library Of Ruina – How to Create Custom Sprites Guide 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you everything about the Library Of Ruina – How to Create Custom Sprites. Follow this guide each steps.

Have you ever visited the Ruina Workshop and thought to yourself, “Wow, I want to make that”? If so, this tutorial may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The major objective of this tutorial is to teach you how LoR_Steamworks, the thingamabob thingy, works. (Creating sprites, putting them together, and finally publishing them to the Steam Workshop.

Because LoR_Steamworks appears to be a simple tool, you may not need to read the documentation and can use it.

This guide contains minor spoilers (such as the titles of fight pages, game mechanics, and specific combat screen names).

Act 1 – Drawing Your Pages

This section won’t be very useful for you, as i lack artistic talent.

But there are still a few things (a total of 3!). What i already know could be helpful:

  • The recommended resolutions for your sprites are 512*512 and 1024*1024.
  • LoRSteamworks requires that all images face the left of the screen.
  • PNG is recommended as the image format. JPEG will not work.

    I have no idea what else the steamworks.exe would accept, but PNG has always been the standard.

  • There is a Korean guide – []

    It is possible to create sprite characters using a book that discusses the same topics as this one.

    It is also much better than the one you are reading now, so read it instead unless there’s a language issue.


Act 2 – Making your Books with LoR_Steamworks

The LoRSteamworks is a handy tool that was given to me by the director. I can use it for either body or head sprites.

It is a simple subject, so there isn’t much to say, but I’ll do my best.

finding LoRSteamworks.exe

  1. Steamworks.exe may be found by right-clicking Library of Ruina and then clicking Browse local files.
  2. The “Steamworks_LOR” should be in the folder. There you will find LoRSteamworks.exe.
  3. The executable will open with four tabs. Here’s a table explaining each one:

1. Mod Info

(only used to upload to the Steam Workshop).

Name Details
Mod Title The name of the mod can be modified.
Description The description of the mod can be modified.
Tag unimportant.

(Skip this option because you only have one choice and can’t change it)

Content Path File path of your mod should be an empty directory.
Preview File Path The aspect ratio should be 1:1. Any common image file format will work.

2.1. (Custom head) front head sprites

You can skip the next part.

Name (Front) Details
Front Hair,

Rear Hair

The front and the back hair of a character.
Eye The eyes of a character are not changed by changing the front sprites.
Normal Eyebrows

Normal Mouth

Used with the Default sprite body.
Attack Eyebrow,

Attack Mouth

When successfully attacking or blocking an attacker [clash win/clash tie].
Hit Eyebrow

Hit Mouth

When your character is hit, use the Damaged body Sprite.

2.2. (Custom Head) side head sprites

(again, pretty self-explanatory)

Name (Side). Details
Side Hair/Front,

Side Hair/Rear,

Side Eye

The sideways versions of your character’s hair, eyes and back hair.
Side Eyebrow

Side Mouth

The sideways versions of your eyebrows & mouth. Note that will only use these when attacking.

3. Body sprites (Custom book)

Name Details
Default The idle sprite used during the preparation, menu and, occasionally, combat phases.
Move to a different language Use whenever your character is on the move during combat.
Damaged Use this whenever your character is struck.
Guard When successfully blocking a successful attack [on clash wins].
Evade Used when successfully evading attackers [on clash win/on collision draw].
Slash Used to perform a vertical attack.
Penetrate When performing a stabbing, the blade is used.
Hit Used to perform a horizontal attack.
Aim When using ranged fighting pages.
Fire Also used with ranged combat pages.

Slash, Penetrate or Hit are all offensive dice that can be used.


the first and second die of “Steel Knuckles”, both are Blunt type, but die 1 – uses Vertical/Slash, while die 2 – uses Horizontal/Hit/Blunt.

The third die is “Repressed flesh”, which is Blunt in type but uses Penetrate/Pierce as the sprite.

Library Of Ruina - How to Create Custom Sprites Guide - Act 2: Making your Books (with LoR_Steamworks) - CB470CA

On the Custom Book tab you will see options such as Pivot Position Head on/off, Book Name and Book Title. Here is what each of these means:

Name Details
Book Name The name of your game book.
Direction The head sprite used to match the body sprite is determined (front/side).
Head on/off turns off your body sprite when it’s not meant to work with the librarians.
Head Rotation This number value determines whether your head sprite rotates clockwise or counterclockwise when it’s used on the Body Sprite.

Pivot Position

The base of your sprite will always be between the legs of your sprite (assuming you are making a humanoid sprite).

Pivot Relative Head Position

Head controls where the game places the librarian sprites. If you do not want them, turn Head off.

Front Image

The image of what to put in in front both the librarian head sprite and the body sprite.

(body image is on the top layer, head image is on the middle layer and the bottom layer is body sprite.)

Note that all these symbols will be a layer beneath the Battle Symbols for the librarian if Heads is on. )

Library Of Ruina - How to Create Custom Sprites Guide - Act 2: Making your Books (with LoR_Steamworks) - 8CC4C3E

Act 3 – Publishing your Books on Steam

After you finish creating your sprites, you can save them to your local drive or upload them directly to the steam workshop.

There are two buttons in the “Save/Publish”, tab of LORSteamworks.exe.

1. “Save without publishing”

The program will save your mod on your device. It is stored in the Content Path folder. I’m not sure why it is necessary, as you can’t open saved mods.

2. “Publish To Steam Workshop”.

Clicking on this will (obviously), add your mod to Steam Workshop using the Mod Info information. It’s important to note.

Always upload hidden files


This will also save your mod as a.dll file in your Content Path.

Act 4: Final Remarks

You’ve probably already read the rest, since you’re on the bottom page.

I hope you now understand how Steamworks works.
Book of popular memes – []

, or that
Book of a furry character – []

, or that
Book of an Anime Character – []

I sincerely hope the Library Of Ruina – How to Create Custom Sprites Guide was enjoyable for you to read. Please let us know in the comments box below if you find any errors in the post or have any recommendations for how it may be improved, and we will do our best to solve them as soon as possible. Thank you for your feedback! Don’t stress about it, and have a wonderful day! This post was motivated by the work of creator and author 오티스 Also, if you like the post, don’t forget to add this website to your bookmarks; we publish new posts every day with additional material, so be sure to check back with this website frequently for more posts.

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