Library Of Ruina – Character Argalia and Weapon

Library Of Ruina – Character Argalia and Weapon 1 -
Library Of Ruina – Character Argalia and Weapon 1 -

Welcome to Library Of Ruina – Character Argalia and Weapon Guide.

A basic guide to Argalia contains weapon builds and classes.

Key Page

Library Of Ruina - Character Argalia and Weapon - Key Page - 4ED5BB6

Nuovo Fabric: You can be a little more resilient, but it can save your life in certain situations.


Assemble It’s very unusual. When the target vibration is less than Argalia speed, it gives you a damage booster and allows you to draw 2 cards. It can be inconsistent at times, but it’s very nice when it activates.

The Blue Reverberation: This can be very strong or weak, depending on the reception. You take 0 damage when you use ranged attacks.

Cards (pre-distorted ensemble)

Library Of Ruina - Character Argalia and Weapon - Cards (pre-distorted ensemble) - A3D0629

The Argalia deckbuilding process before the distorted ensemble fight is quite simple. Put every page into the deck; voila, you have an argalia deck.

Largo: This is a basic light-regeneration card. If it triggers Argalia’s Resonance ability, it draws a card. It also serves the purpose of removing Vibration stacks if larger than 6.

Allegro: This is the heart of the build. Each hit from the blunt and slash dice builds 2 stacks of Vibration that are used by its ability.

Resonant Scythe: Although this page can be risky, it can do you good. If Argalia’s speed equals the resonance stacks on a target, it deals bonus damage. However, it huts if activated.

Trails of Blue: This powerful null card is not affected by buffs and debuffs.

Tempestuous Danza: This is a mass attack. It reduces stacks’ vibration on the target to 4 if they are too high. You can use this card to lower them, like a mass attacking Largo.


To make him more consistent, you can give him passives.

Library Of Ruina - Character Argalia and Weapon - Passives - DCE6464

Battle ready: This passive can help you give the deck more consistency by combining it with the Resonance passive. You can draw 4 cards per round.

Dark Cloud Blade: If you want to do more slash damage, it’s a good idea.

Razor Blade: This can be useful if you use Hod’s floor or Greta’s page.

Library Of Ruina - Character Argalia and Weapon - Passives - 613ADAA

Haulers: While both passives of the Hauler are excellent, they can make it a bit more tanky and consistent.

Library Of Ruina - Character Argalia and Weapon - Passives - 4AE284B

Four Trigrams: This gives you 4 pages that can be used for extra pages, regen 1 light, extra damage or protection, and it’s great if you want more options in your build.

Library Of Ruina - Character Argalia and Weapon - Passives - C84F7DB

Fervor: This passive gives you +1 damage for every 3 emotion levels or higher. You can also get a nice damage boost with longer receptions.

Build (after distorted ensemble)

The builds become more consistent after the distorted ensemble fight.

Library Of Ruina - Character Argalia and Weapon - Build (post distorted ensemble) - 63A7877

Controlled Resonance: This page is obtained after completing the distorted Argalia. It makes the build more consistent by activating the Resonance ability with 4+ Vibration.

Crescendo: This is a mass attack. It can be used as a finalizer and can kill large groups of guests.

Grand Finale: This card is obtained after you use the Crescendo Card. It’s a 30-40% damage mass attack that is good for killing large groups or at least stabbing them.

Another Build

Library Of Ruina - Character Argalia and Weapon - Another Build - 65B2411

Myo’s Prowess, and The Strongest: This setup will give you a speed die with maximum speed. It will also do extra damage due to Myo’s Prowess. You can also get a fast Allegro at the beginning of the Act, making connecting with it easier.

Battle Ready: It makes the deck more consistent and easier to obtain the Controlled Resonance cards.

Haulers: Health Hauler and Mind Hauler are options. It makes Argalia less tanky.

Razor Strike: This passive can be swapped for the Hauler passives. It’s great on Hod’s floor or if you want to bleed characters.

Library Of Ruina - Character Argalia and Weapon - Another Build - 4C64068

Start by using Allegro to create Vibration on the targets. The Myo’s prow is next. It should be easy for The Strongest. Next, you can use the Controlled Resonance Cards to activate the resonance ability. Finally, you can use Crescendo and end the reception.


He can be used with any character and in almost every floor. However, there are some characters that I like more.

The floor of Wife Murder: Loland’s Floor can be used to buff Argalia and make him do much more damage.

The floor of Literature: This can be used in conjunction with the abno, which gives you more damage per slash. You can also stack a lot of debuffs and bleeding.

The floor of Natural Sciences Tips is a great tool for stacking many debuffs, just like Hod’s floor.

The floor of Philosophy: My main reason for using Binah is my Oedipus Complex, but I like the birds, especially the Apocalypse Bird. Plus, the Fairy Damage is very nice.

얀샋ㄷ요무 Page: AKA Yan’s Page. The buffs this page gives are nice and make Argalia more consistent.

Mirinae: Similar to Yan’s Page, the buffs look nice, but there’s more RNG involved.

Nikolai: Another character giving buffs. You can pick your favorite or place them in the same reception to get crazy buffs.

Purple Tear: She’s a good page in general, but Regalia is better when focusing only on one target. Iori can clear the nuggets.


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Written by Raviolli

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Library Of Ruina – Character Argalia and Weapon, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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