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As you all know every gear need Dark Cube to be upgraded
T1 Gear need T1 cube, and +14 T1 gear will be upgraded to +0 T2 gear
T2 Gear need T2 cube, and +14 T2 gear will be upgraded to +0 T3 gear

it will be an easy feat to find T1 and T2 cube either from monster drop, gift , or gear grinding , but finding T3 is a bit hard..

In Santonia Island there is an NPC that can convert 50 T2 cube to 5 T3 cube, with a cost of 5k shards and 50k gold , pretty expensive isnt it ? it have a 10 to 1 conversion rate.

Luckily there is an alternative to get T3 cube with a higher conversion rate (for now, maybe the dev will change it later)

So here is the way,
first, when we forging the T2 gear we see that there is thing called Fail stack , whenever the forge fail 5 times it will reach 5/5 , the next forge will be a 100% chance .

second, lets upgrade any T2 gear we have ( that dropped from mobs or boss) to be a T3 gear, and then we grind the gear, which will gave us 5 T3 Dark Cube !!!

so here is the math :
+13 T2 gear need 24 T2 cube to be +0 T3 gear => 4,8:1 conversion rate
+14 T2 gear need 12 T2 cube to be +0 T3 gear => 2,4:1 conversion rate

note : +13 have a success rate about 8%, and +14 success rate is 5% , i assume it will be failed since the odd are very low..

additionally , you will want to forge the low forge level of T2 gear first , as we know even they have a higher chance to success, sometime they still failed, but whenever it fail it give the fail stack , and when it is full (5/5) , use it to forge the +14 gear ( give us 100% chance), this way less cube need to upgrade the gear to be a T3.

Still, we need to balance how many T2 gear that need to be sacrificed to get the T2 dark cube

Cheers.. i hope that help..


T3 Dark Cubes



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