Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Late Game Orb of BLC farming

Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Late Game Orb of BLC farming 1 - steamlists.com
Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Late Game Orb of BLC farming 1 - steamlists.com
The ‘what you need and why’ of getting as many Orb of BLCs as possible in as little time.


What is this?

A guide to making Orb of BLCs spawn faster for you. 
If you’ve just unlocked Leaf Sink Harbor (or even just the Volcano) you’re probably well and truly sick of crunching, waiting for an hour or whatever to get enough flasks to make it worthwhile, and repeating the process. You don’t want to do that. Nobody wants to do that. 
So lets not do that. 
If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t want to wait around for things to happen, then this guide will tell you a completely different way of waiting around for things to happen, but in a more effective manner. 
For those who haven’t read the title of this guide, this is for late game BLC generation. Mid game can benefit from parts of this slightly as more Orbs are never a bad thing, but you’re probably going to be better off just crunching and saving your orbs for later. I’m sorry. Yes, feeling bad for yourself is appropriate and you have the condolences of all of us who’ve been there before. 

What do you need to get Orb of BLCs?

You should probably already know all this, but at the minimum you need the following: 

  • The Volcano (!) area (costs 500m BLC) 
  • BLC Shop ‘Unlock Artifacts’ upgrade (costs 500m BLC)

Those two things are required to get Orb of BLCs. You don’t need to unlock Lava Leaves, just the area. You don’t need to find any of the ‘starter’ artifacts (because you only care about the Volcano one and that it spawns as fast as possible, not where they spawn or how fast). 
And while this doesn’t sound like much this is just the minimum, and you’ve already spent 1b BLC on it. 
And I know you want more. 

What do youwantto get Orb of BLCs?

In a word? Lots. 
Firstly, assuming you’ve unlocked the Lava Leaf shop, you’ll want to unlock: 

  • Ice Leaves (from the Lava Shop) 
  • Obsidian Leaves (from the Ice Shop) 
  • Pets (from the BLC Shop, costs 10m BLC)

Secondly, go to these shops and grab the following upgrades: 

  • From the Obsidian Shop
    • Fruitifacts (10/10 levels) 
    • Durable Artifacts (all 60 levels)
  • From the Coins Shop
    • Fruit Fertilizer (50/50 levels) 
    • Fruit Trees (unlimited levels, get as many as you can)
  • From the BLC Shop
    • Fruit Magnet (1/1 level) 
    • ALB <3 Artifacts (1/1 level, 10m BLC) 
    • Perma HP Regeneration (1/1 level, 75m BLC)
  • From the Pets shop
    • Flocko (2b BLC)
  • From the Gems Shop
    • Faster Artifacts 
    • Super Durable Artifacts

You should be able to easily access all of this, with the possible exception of the Gems Shop upgrades if you’ve been wasting your gems on useless upgrades. 
Like… who even gets the Ultra Fruits upgrade? Ever? Definitely not me when I didn’t know any better. 
Once you’ve got all this, you’re basically done and can close this useless trash masquerading as a ‘guide’ whenever you feel like it because you probably know enough by now to know how this all works. 

What do I do now?

Still here? I can pad this out more for you. 
Before you get all click happy with your artifacts, it’s crunch time. 
To get most of these things I mentioned above you’ll have spent at least 1b BLC, and probably a lot more. Unfortunately, while Orb of BLCs are absolutely fantastic for generating BLC coins, they work off a percentage (kind of like seeds) so you need to have a large amount of starting BLC coins before you waste your Orb of BLCs and complain that you got nothing for it. 
So, like, 30-50 billion. 
Yes, really. You can start with less, but that just means it’ll take you longer. Which you might be fine with (because this is an idle game) but I’m assuming you want to be at least a little bit proactive. 
So I’m sorry, but crunch. Figure out a nice sweet spot for crunching (enough BLC coins, but not too much time between crunches), sit in the volcano to collect Orbs, and just slog it out. You’ll end up with a nice collection of Orbs by the time you’re ready to spend them. 

What does all this evendofor me?

This is for those who want to know what’s actually happening. The core of Orb of BLC farming is the Obsidian Shop Fruitifacts upgrade that reduces the spawn time of a random artifact by 1 second per level. There’s 10 levels, so that’s 10 seconds reduced per fruit. 
That’s right, fruit actually has a use for existing now. I was as shocked as everyone else when this became a thing. 
1. seconds doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but that’s where all the rest of the upgrades come in 
Faster Artifacts (Gems Shop) and Flocko (Pets shop) both reduce base artifact spawn time by 30% and 20% respectively, meaning everything takes half as long to spawn by default. You don’t even have to do anything once you have these active. Which is always important for an idle game. 
Fruit Fertilizer (Coins Shop) increases the chance that fruits will spawn, up to a maximum of +25%. Fruit Trees (Coins Shop) improves the number of fruit spawned every time they spawn. There’s no maximum for this one, so pump it because when you grab 6 fruits you’re reducing artifact spawn time by 1 whole minute, and at the rate they’re spawning you’ll be getting a lot more than just 6 per spawn. 
Durable Artifacts (Obsidian Shop) and Super Durable Artifacts (Gems Shop) both increase the expire duration of already-spawned artifacts, which is a sort of ‘hidden’ bonus unless you pay close attention. The Fruitifacts upgrade that reduces artifact spawn time by 1 second per level is, as mentioned above and in the shop description, random meaning you could end up reducing the spawn time of every artifact other than the Orb of BLC. Except it can only reduce the spawn time of artifacts that aren’t currently spawned. 
Meaning that once every other artifact is spawned, the only artifact that can be ‘randomly’ selected to have its spawn time reduced is the Orb of BLC. Those two upgrades keep the other spawned artifacts around for as long as possible, letting you focus all your fruit collecting into Orb farming. 
The Fruit Magnet (BLC shop) and ALB <3 Artifacts (BLC Shop) upgrades are there to make sure you collect as much as you can. As long as you’re in roughly the center of the screen the fruits wont time out before they get pulled to you (unlike relying on the ALB <3 Fruits upgrade in the Coins Shop, which you probably have), and artifacts stick around for long enough that there’s (practically) no chance they wont get picked up. You don’t need these unless you’re idling but… You’re going to be idling. 
Perma HP Regeneration isn’t required for sticking around in the volcano area, but you’re going to (or should) have it by this point anyway, and it saves a lot of faffing about with spending flasks on things they’re practically wasted on. 

What else can I get?

Not enough? Want to get more? Prestige. 
Once you get everything previously listed, there’s nothing (at time of writing) that will make things faster except for prestige Coins. 
Another list? Another list: 

  • From the Coins Shop
    • Prestige++ upgrade
  • From the BLC Shop
    • Prestige+++++ upgrade 
    • Crunchy Coins (10/10 levels) 
    • Bigger Bag (x/260 levels)
  • From the Artifact ‘shop’
    • Time Crystal 
    • The Compass 
    • Water Seal 
    • Zoo Necklace
  • From the Pets shop
    • Raccoono
  • From the Farming Shop
    • Absolutely everything
  • From the Gems Shop
    • Prestige Coins x3 
    • More Seeds

Prestige coins are gained by gathering leaves, but only to a certain point after which you basically have to collect seeds to progress to the next coin step. Once you hit your maximum amount of leaves, your progress slows down again, but you still gain a very small amount of progress by collecting seeds. 
Most important of these are the Crunchy Coins (BLC Shop) and Bigger Bag (BLC Shop) upgrades. You need to crunch to get a starting pool of BLC coins, but you also need prestige coins to get the two fruit upgrades, so even one or two levels of Crunchy Coins helps with that. Bigger Bag, on the other hand, is what you really want more of. The more leaves and seeds you can collect before maxing out, the faster you generate progress towards more prestige coins. 
Bigger Bag also means all your numbers get bigger, which is more important than literally anything else in this game. 
The various ‘get more prestige’ upgrades will very slightly increase the amount of coins you get each time your prestige. Only purchase the Coins Shop one if you’ve already bought as much Fruit Trees upgrades as possible. Only purchase the BLC Shop one if you have so many BLC coins that you wont notice spending them (as in, literally, if buying the upgrade wont change how many BLC coins you have displayed). Only purchase the Gems shop one if you’ve got gems to burn. 
The Farming Shop and Raccoono gets you seeds faster, for getting prestige coins faster, but only use Raccoono if you’ve got the Zoo Necklace that lets you have two pets. Flocko is more important than Raccoono at this point. Yes you can try to juggle the pets. No you wont be doing that. 
The other artifacts don’t really help, but they let you know what’s going on instead of blindly trusting some random guide by some random user on the internet. Honestly, what is wrong with you people? There’s, like, zero quality control here and I can just type whatever I want. 

What do I spend my BLC coins on?*

Or the ‘How do I spend BLC without reducing what I get from the Orbs?’ conundrum, because once you have BLC coins you inevitably want to spend them on Bigger Bag for bigger numbers more prestige coins. 
So here’s the ‘trick’ to it. Bad news is that it takes 49 Orb of BLCs to add an extra digit to your BLC count. Good news is you can get that (somewhat) fast if you have all the upgrades and generate enough fruit. 
If you’re using the default number notation, look at how many BLC coins you have and then buy every upgrade until they start costing more than 1 of the unit before your current unit. 
Examples (in list form, because apparently I like using lists): 

  • You have 23 ‘C’ BLC coins. You buy upgrades until they cost more than 1 ‘c’ BLC coins. 
  • You have 642 ‘e’ BLC coins. You buy upgrades until they cost more than 1 ‘D’ BLC coins.

If you’re using scientific notation, look at how many BLC coins you have and then buy every upgrade until they start costing that amount -e4. 

  • You have 6.50 e48 BLC coins. You buy upgrades until they cost 6.50 e44 BLC coins. 
  • You have 1.00 e120 BLC coins. You buy upgrades until they cost 1.00 e116 BLC coins.

If you’re using one of the other number notations, it’s all the same. Figure out what came before and don’t go past it. Look at how much your Orb of BLC generates if you use them and that shows you roughly what amount you shouldn’t be spending close to. 
Essentially, if you buy something and the amount of BLC coins you have changes? You’ve done the wrong thing. 
Congratulations! You now know how to sit in one area doing nothing. 
What? Stop looking at me like that. 
It’s an idle game. That’s all the reward you’ll ever get. 
*I’m aware the title is reaching a bit, but I decided to stick with the theme. You can’t stop me. No one can stop me. 

What more is there?

I just wrote almost 2k words and you want more? 
That’s it. 
That’s all there is. 
You get nothing. You lose. Good day, sir. 
Do not like and comment. Do not click subscribe and ring the bell. Do not follow me on *insert social media platform here*. Do not check out my patreon or kickstarter or damn there’s a lot of these begging websites to choose from, isn’t sitting on a street corner enough for people these days, when I was a child I had to spend 50 hours walking uphill both ways every day just to find a spot to beg for money. Do not thank me if you see me passing on the street and also could you tell me why you even recognise me you creepy stalker what even the hell. 
With the absolute mostest sincere thanks to all those who asked questions relating to this as if all the upgrades weren’t labelled clearly enough. Which in this case they really are. I couldn’t have done it without you. I wouldn’t have done it without you. I shouldn’t have done it with you. 
(but seriously, tell me if I’ve messed something up. I can take the criticism or critiques. I wont even cry much at all after the first hour, I promise) 

Written by Daunmi

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – Late Game Orb of BLC farming; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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