Last Epoch – Physical Spriggan Equipment & Weapon Stats

Last Epoch – Physical Spriggan Equipment & Weapon Stats 1 -
Last Epoch – Physical Spriggan Equipment & Weapon Stats 1 -

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Physical Spriggan Equipment & Stats


(Gatestaff) with increased Cast Speed, Increased Spell Cris Strike Chance and Increased Stun Chance


(Ancestral Crown and Living Seed, Ancestral Garb and other pieces with resistance/crit) and to build for:



  • 1500 Health
  • 40-60% Endurance
  • Endurance Threshold rolls
  • +60% Resistances
  • Armour Shred Chance (On Gloves, Amulet, And Armour)




  • +60 Attunement
  • Spell Critical Chance (on Amulet and Relic)
  • Crit Strike Multiplier while Transformed (on Body Armour and Helmet).
  • + Skills with higher spell damage come with additional levels
  • + Levels to Maelstrom (on Body Armour).
  • + Levels to Entangling Roots (on Helmet).
  • + Levels of Spriggan form (on Relic)
  • Cast Speed Increased (on Gloves, Relics)
  • Physical Penetration (on Amulet)
  • Increased Critical Strike Probability (Gloves, Amulets, and Rings).
  • Increased Spell Damage (on rings)
  • Increased physical damage (on Belt, and Rings).



You can either use a pair of Grand Heorot Idols (3×1-), 2 Ornate Heorot Idols (4×1-), and one Large Nomad Idol (1×3-), or a set 2 Huge Nomad Idols (1×4-), 2 Large Nomad Idols (1×3-), and one Grand Heorot Idols (3×1-). In both cases, you have a slot for a Stout Lagonian Idol (1 -, or Humble Eterran Idols) -, or Stout Lagonian Idol (1x2x1-

You should be looking for: Physical damage to yourself and your minions; Spell damage while transformed; Critical Strike Chance; Physical and poison damage.

Spell damage to yourself and your minions, % health, and armour

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