Last Christmas – Walkthrough and Secrets Achievements

Last Christmas – Walkthrough and Secrets Achievements 2 -
Last Christmas – Walkthrough and Secrets Achievements 2 -

Welcome to this post Last Christmas – Walkthrough and Secrets Achievements guide.

Complete guide with 100% achievements for the game available in English.

This guide to Last Christmas (Politely Games) provides an easy and quick adventure that should only take 10 minutes or so to finish, though some achievements might take more time to find. I hope this guide can be of a*sistance in that regard.

This game contains four main puzzles, and the fastest way to complete them is to collect all objects at once and put them to good use immediately – this requires one stroll around the house followed by another to use all objects available.

As such, this guide will outline exactly what items and actions need to be completed in each room – not necessarily in any particular order – so you can customize your experience without forgetting anything essential.


Frankie arrives at the house, and the first objective is to enter the cabin.

To get inside.

– Take the rock to the right of the house, near the pine, left click it on your inventory to get the key.

– Use the key with the front door so you can get in.


Things to pick up:

– Open car door.

– Take the air purifier from the car.

– Take the Wham! mix from the car radio

– Go to the right of the screen, next to the neighbors gate you can take some mistletoe.

To do:

– Open the maintenance cupboard and open the gas (only after repairing pipe in KITCHEN)

– Cut the pine with the axe (from BATHROOM) to get it.

– Cut the stump with the axe to get a log.

– Open the Outhouse with the small key (from KITCHEN), then take the newspaper.


You get there going up from the LIVING ROOM.

From here you can access BATHROOM (right), BEDROOM (left), and CHILDREN ROOM (left)

To do:

– Close the dumbwaiter door so you can use it from downstairs.

Children Room

Things to pick up:

– Chewed candy from the rightmost bed (on the pillow).

– Matchbox from the leftmost drawer.

Living room

Things to pick up:

– Take the curtain cord from the window.

– Then also the curtain.

– Take two plates from the walls: one plate is on to the stairs. The other on the far right.

– Also take the pot from the chimney.

To do: Festive Joy

– Use the cord with the Sky hook, then hang the Mistletoe (from OUTSIDE).

– Put the pine (from OUTSIDE) inside the floor hole.

– Use the aluminum foil (from KICHEN) on the tree.

– Use the pieces of the chair (from BEDROOM), log (from OUTSIDE) and newspaper (from OUTSIDE) on the fireplace, then light it with the match box (from CHILDREN ROOM).

When everything is done, you will have a vision.


Things to pick up:

– Take forks from the novelty clock on the rightmost part (on the dumbwaiter)

– The grapes from the fruit thing.

– The note from the fridge (mull wine recipe).

– Candles from the cupboard under the sink.

– Yeast from the upper cupboard next to the window.

– Gla*s cups from the upper cupboard.

– Aluminium foil from the rightmost cupboard.

– Wire extender from the second drawer. (ACHIEVEMENT ALERT: Check “Don’t feed the birds”)

– Wine bottle from the pantry (leftmost door)

– Take the dishwasher bottle from behind the curtain near the sink!

– Press the button on the dumbwaiter and open it for a small key (do UPSTAIRS first)

To do: Eat & Drink

– Move the bin three times to see a broken pipe.

– fix the broken pipe with sticky tape (then open gas OUTSIDE).

– Put the pot on the cooker.

– Combine grapes and bottle. Use yeast on it to make wine.

– Throw in the pot the ingredients: air purifier, chewed candy, and wine.

– Use a matchbox on the pot to mull wine, then fill the bottle.

– Use a festive sheet on table

– Put forks, plates, gla*s cups and wine on the table.

When everything is done, you will have a vision.


Things to pick up:

– Axe from the door

– Olde Spice from the cabinet on the left.

To do: romantic bath.

– Use the dishwasher (from KITCHEN) in the bathtub.

– Put ca*sete player (from BEDROOM) on the shelf next to the bathtub.

– Put the Wham! Mix (from OUTSIDE) on the player.

– Use a wire extender (from the KITCHEN) on the player.

– Use candles (from the KITCHEN) on the bathtub.

– Light candles with the matchbox (from CHILDREN ROOM).

When everything is done, you will have a vision.


Things to pick up:

– Ca*sette player from the wardrobe.

– Sticky tape from the drawer.

– Festive sheet from the bed.

– Bits of the chair (touch the chair first)

To do: early night

– Use the curtain on the bed.

When everything is done, you will have a vision.


Once you have seen all four visions, Frankie goes to sleep.

When he wakes up, the power is off, and some things are missing.

ACHIEVEMENT ALERT: Check for “Who you gonna call” and “Good night Vienna”.

– Go outside.

– Go to the neighbour’s cabin.

– Try to go there again and the lights will flash.

– Go inside.

Here you can choose one of the four endings just by “going to the light” in any of the four rooms where you had a vision. It is a good moment to SAVE GAME if you want to see them all.

– Go into the light.

– Note for Betty.

– Frankie.

That was it!


not 100% sure yet, as they don’t show immediately; I’ll keep updating this.

Some of these achievements are needed to complete the game while others are not, the game is short and some of them have to be earnt at specific moments (most of them before completing the list), as said before in the guide.

Last Christmas - Walkthrough and Secrets Achievements - Achievements - 1E60061

Good night Vienna:Try all the light switches after waking up, while the power is off.

Who you going to call?: Try to use the phone when the power is off.

Great Scott: read the newspaper for a Back to the Future reference.

4. Don’t feed the birds: Try to use stuff with the birdhouse in the backyard. Using the wire triggered a “I can’t use it like that” message.

Agent orange: interact with the orange in the kitchen, it’s there with the other fruit.

Who’s Bill?: Turn on all the lights at the same time.

Dutch Blue: look at and try to take all the plates.

Toilet humor: Look at the toilet to read a bad joke.

Jingle jingle: touch the wind whistle enough times. You can find it in the backyard, through a door in the kitchen.

Waste management consultant: after moving the bin, check whats inside.

I’m a lumberjack: Chop a pine tree.

Mixologist: Prepare the mulled wine in the pot.

Mix it up!: Play the tape in the bathroom.

Light my fire: Light the fire in the living room.

Arts & Craftsy: Decorate the tree.

Top gear: Interact with everything in the car.

Call lovejoy: Break the chair.

One in the oven: Kitchen vision.

Hanging around:Living room vision.

All washed up: Bathroom vision.

Master in the bedroom: Bedroom vision.

24. Completionist: Get all other achievements.

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