L.A. Noire – Completely Unlock FPS 60+ FPS – Ultrawide Support – Borderless Window – Custom Resolutions

L.A. Noire – Completely Unlock FPS 60+ FPS – Ultrawide Support – Borderless Window – Custom Resolutions 1 - steamlists.com
L.A. Noire – Completely Unlock FPS 60+ FPS – Ultrawide Support – Borderless Window – Custom Resolutions 1 - steamlists.com
A guide describing how to download, install and use a community patch intended to fix common issues and extend the limitations of the game according to modern computer specs.


What is V-Patch?

V-Patch is a small community patch I made to address commonly experienced issues with the game L.A Noire. Here is a list of all features: 

  • A totally uncapped FPS using a new method. Previous ways of unlocking the framerate would allow only 60 FPS and if you happened to drop a few frames below 60, your game would run slower. Now, the game can now run at any framerate (60+) and the game speed will always be correct, even if you’re dropping frames. Please note that your GPU driver might still limit your FPS based on your current monitor’s refresh rate. 
  • Corrected braking speed on high FPS. No more gliding on ice. As a side-effect, the case “The Golden Butterfly” is beatable again. 
  • Support for Ultrawide resolutions using built-in FOV correction. Now, there is no need to install and use special tools. 
  • Ability to set a custom FOV. You can set a custom FOV multiplier in the config file, in case your game feels too zoomed in/out. 
  • Support for aspect ratios slimmer than 16:9. The black bars on 16:10, 4:3 or 5:4 have been removed and the game now uses your whole screen. 
  • Borderless window support. The game now runs in a borderless window by default, which allows you to alt-tab faster and also has the effect of disabling v-sync. 
  • Custom resolutions. You can force the game to run in a resolution of your choice by modifying the config file. This is very useful if you’re trying to run the game on an unsupported resolution, like it is with 21:9 screens.


Downloading & Installing the patch

The supported game builds are 2617 and 2663 (current version as of May 2021), including both Steam & R* Launcher releases. 
Installing the patch is extremely simple. 

  1. Download the latest version of V-Patch from github.com – https://github.com/VaanaCZ/LANVP/releases/ or https://www.moddb.com/games/la-noire/downloads/v-patch-for-la-noire-working-on-the-latest-version
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file 
  3. Simply drag and drop dinput8.dll inside the game folder (same location as LaNoire.exe)

That’s it! You’re done. Just run the game as usual. No special setup required. 

Configuration & Troubleshooting

When first launched, V-Patch creates a configuration file inside the L.A. Noire game folder. By default, it bears the name lanvp.ini. Here you can enable/disable or change the features mentioned above. 
An explanatory comment is included above each option, just in case you get lost 😉 
Known Issues 

  • Car steering is more sensitive than it should be. 
  • Certain graphical menu transitions (e.g. when switching outfits) fade out/in slower. 
  • The map has a much lower mouse sensitivity on high framerates. 
  • When force_resolution is enabled, changing the resolution via the in-game settings breaks the GUI. It is recommended not to change the resolution in-game or disable force_resolution in the config before doing so.

Bugs with High FPS 
Some missions or activities may be unbeatable when playing with a high framerate. If you encounter such an issue, disable the FPS unlock in the config file (lanvp.ini in the game folder), by changing the option fps_unlock from: 




Then, restart the game, pass the current section and re-enable the FPS unlock in the config by changing the value back to 1. Make sure to restart the game again. 
If you are experiencing a problem, please report it via the Steam or ModDB comments, or via GitHub issues so that we can work on a fix 

Written by Vaana

Hope you enjoy the Guide about L.A. Noire – [2021] Completely Unlock FPS (60+ FPS – Fixed braking) – Ultrawide Support – Borderless Window – Custom Resolutions…, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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  1. You are an absolute legend. Just reloaded the game with my new triple monitor setup and it didn’t work. Tried to use FlawlessWidescreen and it required me to put –windowed in the launch commands but rockstars new launcher only gives you one chance to put in launch commands when the launcher is installed for the game the first time, so I had to uninstall and reinstall it and the command line still didn’t work.
    I also spent hours trying to get to my old Rockstart account that steam knew and would let me play the game but Rockstar launcher didn’t know and wouldn’t let me log in. (the launcher is amateur garbage)
    All in all, it took me three hours and it didn’t work.
    This took me 2 minutes and worked perfectly straight away. This is awesome, wish there was a way i could donate you some money.

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