Krunker – Is Worth Playing? Players Reviews

Krunker – Is Worth Playing? Players Reviews 1 -
Krunker – Is Worth Playing? Players Reviews 1 -

Krunker was released on Steam 2 Feb, 2021, and was developed by Yendis Entertainment Pty.

PS: The game was developed over 2 years ago!


About The Game:

An easy to get into fully moddable First Person Shooter with advanced movement mechanics. Fully Customizable with Mods, Custom Maps and Thousands of Items to Unlock.


Shoot your way through 12 rotation maps to earn rewards. Master the highly skill-based movement system unique to Krunker. If dropping Nukes and Quick-scoping people in pubs isn’t your thing, Krunker also offers thousands of custom games to choose from.

Infected, Parkour, Free for All, Capture the Flag and much much more. With Krunker’s robust modding and mapping tools – there are no limits to what you can create and experience.

Krunker also features a Thriving Economy with thousands of Skins and Items to Unlock, Sell and Trade.

Dedicated Servers on every Continent & an easy to use server browser. You can host your own custom server with 2 clicks!


Krunker is Minecraft style shooter, if you like Minecraft games then you gonna like this game too.


To be able to play the game is Requires 3rd-Party Account: Krunker Account


Let’s see some Players Reviews what they say about Krunker:

Thumb UP Reviews:


Addictive fast-paced shooter where your mechanics are the only thing holding you back.

Extremely performance friendly, Tons of community content and modding capabilities..
however plagued with Hackers and Server issues.

Would be nice to see more steam integration too, (Joining Friends, Steam stats, more achievements)



Spent 2 years playing this game before it’s transition to steam, a large turning point in the game’s lifetime. And over those 2 years, I spent my time in almost every available facet of this community. What it truly comes down to, is that this game, if you dig hard enough, is made for everyone. The customization limits of the game itself is only limited by your creativity and willingness to be apart of the community that plays this game.
What really makes this game something to check out is what you can do with so little. You have mods, maps, casual and competitive gameplay options, the bounds of which this game is limited to grows with every update.
With a game being extremely community driven and involved, skilled people have the perfect place to fit in and highlight their ability to contribute complicated content such as mods and maps.
Furthermore, with developers constantly driven to add what they believe is best for their players, the game is constantly receiving updates and content to freshen it up.

If you have an interest in the various things I’ve mentioned, maps, skins, market trading and economy, competitive, mod creation or even just simple causal gameplay, I will recommend krunker to you to try.

HOWEVER, being honest with myself and anyone else reading this, this game is NOT without its fair share of issues, which while addressed by the developers, do unfortunately drag the game down a few pegs for those who run into such issues often. I believe such issues will be resolved to the best of their ability, however in the game’s current state, the content depth and involvement for anyone is something to undoubtedly check out.



THIS IS A MOVEMENT BASED FPS GAME. I’m seeing a lot of bad reviews about speed-hackers and there’s no such thing. Think of it sorta like Titanfall’s movement. Slide hopping is the main movement mechanic and certain weapons and classes allow even more movement opportunities (shotgun/rocket jumping, wall jumping, wall grinding).

As someone that’s played the game for about 2 years now, I can attest to how addicting the game and its mechanics are. The community is tight-knit and welcoming (especially on Twitch), there’s market and trading features similar to CS:GO, there’s a comp scene with weekly cash-prize tournaments, there’s loads of ways to customize your game including custom mods, scopes, and overlays, and there’s an endless amount of content to be played with the thousands of custom games people have made.

There’s also some big things coming up on Krunker’s roadmap, including a FACEIT Ranked system, survival mode, battle royale, and scripting for customs (coding your own games with Krunker’s engine).

I highly recommend this game and becoming a part of the community, as I feel it has become a home for myself. I also highly recommend using code Moon when buying KR 😉


cue uwu

I’ve been playing krunker for 2 years now, and played in varies turnaments! Here’s what you need to know.

From an outside perspective the game seems and looks like your average f2p FPS shooter you’ll find on newgrounds etc.
But the game has a rather dedicated community and for good a reason. The game has a really high skill ceiling with many different mechanics for you to learn and perfect, which easily can take you 100 of hours to get down.

Some pros and cons about this game:

Since the game has transfered to steam the game has seen a spike in hackers lately, Thankfully the kick system is easy to use, but you wont always be in a lobby with people who has figured out what a “kick vote” is yet… So sometimes it can take you a couple of minutes before you find an enjoyable match.

If you’re new to the game and are trying to get into krunker it can be really upsetting and demotivating to face “tryharders” and again hackers almost every match. Here you’ll just have to take a slap on the wrist and go with it :/

The games hitboxes are a mess and always has been.. from what I’ve been told the game runs on 6 tick servers which leads to a lot of moments such as: “How did I even get that kill.. and it was a headshot?!” and “How the ♥♥♥♥ isn’t he dead I penetrated his skull with 20 bullets”. I’ve personally in my +500 hours of krunker not experienced many exceptions of this, It always feels rather cheap whenever I get a kill or die.

Like every community you have the toxic kids and man children.. Unavoidable you’re just gonna have to put up with being called anything from Idiot to the n-word from time to time

Unbalanced classes and maps makes some games unfair and not enjoyable in the slightest

Back to the skill levels. Casual play has no limits with who you get queud up with.. Either you destroy, get destroyed or it’s “even” (which is rare)

Comp is just awful don’t bother

Super high skill ceiling which feel really rewarding in some aspects to master and perfect

The game has ingame skins and economy if you’re into that stuff

Many communty maps to play and have fun on. Getting away from the normal krunker gameplay can sometimes be a nice breath of fresh air

As much as I wonna give a lot of the maps in this game a bad rep, they’re actually really good and I can’t deny that (even tho some maps is an opvious rip off of varies CS maps)

An insane amount of settings, mods, etc. for you to customize your game experience just for your personal needs.

Good gun mechanics, however not the best but certainly good for the type of game krunker is (f2p browser game)

100% free with no P2W aspects what so ever

Movement is like no other game I’ve ever played.. It’s kinda like CS with B-HOP on steroids which is insanly fun

“Charming” graphics, which also on a plus side can run on my toaster energised by potatoes

Give it a try if you’re looking for a fun shooting game to play in your free time.
Be patient with the game and don’t give up on it after playing against 1 hacker.. Yes they’re annoying but put up with it and you’ll be rewarded with fun and unique gaming experience that no other game offers in the same way (IMO)


Thumbs Down Reviews:


So many cheaters, dont cheat ingame cheat on your wife



~ TL;DR – Malware concerns, poor optimization, bugs, cheater-infested, but a game with potential ~

I’m writing this review as a Krunker 2018 vet, verified player, ex KB Discord staff, etc etc (Most of you would probably recognize me by the name Sej or Sejotaa).

For now, if you INSIST on playing, I urge you to just play on the official client or the browser version- not on Steam.

I want to preface this by saying that I personally can’t verify this first critique, and that you shouldn’t base your opinion on reality solely based off of this review, but I thought I would include it anyway: I’ve heard rumblings of code exploits within the Steam version that allow malware injections due to poor optimization and code exploits. This in itself is enough to put me off the game (and led to me immediately uninstalling from Steam just to be safe), but there are other issues I’ve found as well.

EDIT: I have been hearing mixed things from different people regarding the malware exploiting. like I mentioned initially, don’t take my word as fact and do your own research. I’m just stating what I have heard from others.

Aside from generally being buggy, the game itself appears incredibly poorly optimized on Steam compared to the client and browser versions, and despite the constant delays the Steam version had to allow for anti-cheat that complied well with FaceIt partnership standards, cheaters appear to be just as rampant (if not more so) than normal.

In short: just play on the official client or other proven-safe clients, to your preference. You have absolutely no reason to play on steam, especially if the rumors of malware injections are true. I have my own personal opinions about Krunker and its community and its management, but these observations of mine are taken into account impartially and aside from all of that.

While the game has great potential, the community, its poor optimization and bugs, as well as cheaters make the experience more negative than positive for me, and I eagerly await for these problems to be resolved so that I can enjoy the game like I did back when I began playing three years ago. The game has a staggering amount of potential that I feel is wasted on needless and superficial improvements like the skin economy, childish cosmetic options, and an unnecessary emphasis on pampering streamers and youtubers (some of whom are great CCs, don’t get me wrong). As a legacy player, I feel disenfranchised from a game that is moving so far away from the core concepts and ideas that made it so unique and fun at first, and despite the technical improvements to things like the map editor and coding for customs, I cant bring myself to play or engage with the community as often as I once did because of these things.

I very much want to totally enjoy Krunker- it has promise that could be so much more if the creators executed on that promise, but right now it feels very much like the core focus of Krunker is bringing in the most players as possible, regardless of the experience that the new playerbase has with the game and how superficial that experience may be.



Too many cheaters, first game, found a cheater, same with my friend. Lower the K.P.D Level requirement or pay for a battle-eye AntiCheat please for godsake


MelonBoy the Shy Guy

The ranking system is non-existent and anti-cheat is a myth.

The regular game is fun but if there’s a level 100 person destroying level 1-10 people there’s a problem.

Hackers are also hard to find out since level 100 people are either pros or hackers.

Here’s what I think: Get an anti-cheat and make a ranking system based on stats.

I’m only not recommending the matchmaking the normal game has a lot of gamemodes and a lot of fun to have.

A level editor also allows for the community to make maps for free.

Final thoughts: Only play custom games with friends until the developers give you a chance to win.


Overall Reviews By Steam Players:

Krunker has 760 Positive Reviews and 250 Negative Reviews, overall the game is Mostly Positive, they have 1700 Players online right now in the game and is Rank 321 in Top Most Popular Games in Steam ( by Date 7 Feb, 2021 ) Krunker is not in Top 100 Most Popular Games


Is it Worth Playing It?

After reading a lot of reviews in Steam, we suggest Yes and No ( Yes – 60% and No – 40% ), Most of the bad reviews they are complaining about to many hackers and they don’t have any protection at least for now to stop them, so if you want to play a game where a random hacker can break your fun then give it a try, The game is free to play so you don’t lose any money doing this. Most players are hoping the developers will add some kind of anti-cheat but we believe they will not add it soon, the reason is, the game was the first release ( not on Steam ) 2 years ago, they have over 2 years to find a way to stop the hackers before they release the game on Steam and looks like they didn’t do … so we don’t want to say 100% sure they will not fix the hackers issue but if they didn’t fix it in 2 years don’t expect they will fix it soon.


Hope this post helped you decide if you want to try playing Krunker or not, if you want to add more information or you play the game and you believe we need to add more details please let us know via comment.

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