Krunker – How To Play Detective

Krunker – How To Play Detective 1 -
Krunker – How To Play Detective 1 -
How to improve fast at Detective class in Krunker, and why its the best class in the game.


The Basics

Detective is one of the most subversive classes in Krunker, its a natural counter to the most played class Hunter. The Detective has 100 HP, moves fast, and cannot wall-jump or wall-ride. The Detective has a clip size of 6 shots, if you play your cards correctly you can kill about 5 people before having to reload. With a headshot, the revolver will deal 97~98 damage, while this isn’t enough to kill most classes it will kill anyone who plays as: 

  • Hunter (Sniper) 
  • Vince (Shotgun) 
  • Marksman (Semi) 
  • Deagler (Deagle) [Only available in custom games]

In my opinion, Detective is the best class in the entire game (I have 30+ hours in this class alone). In the following sections I will explain why. 

How To Counter Each Class

  • Triggerman (Assault Rifle) 
    In a fight, most experienced Triggermen players will attempt to circle around you while slide-hopping. In this situation you may panic and empty your entire clip, missing all of your shots. What you should do is take your time with each shot, line them all up and you should secure the kill. 
  • Run N Gun (SMG) 
    Run N Gun (The class with the fastest base movement) will naturally gravitate towards you during fights. If they are slide-hopping straight towards you, your best option is to slide-hop through the Run N Gun and shoot them in the back. 100% of the time you will out-range a Run N Gun, so another viable strategy is to pick them off from a safe distance. 
  • Spray N Pray (LMG) 
    Spray N Pray is extremely slow and their gun is in-accurate. Most of the time this class won’t give you any issues. You can pick them off from a distance, get close quarters headshots, or kill them by throwing your knife. However, Spray N Pray has 170 health, so multiple headshots are required for a kill. 
  • Vince (Shotgun) 
    Vince encounters are (moslty) easy to deal with. Most Vince players will just charge towards their enemy, giving them easy opportunities for headshots. There are some Vince players who will make use of the shotgun-jump. Make sure any time you fight a Vince you should know they have the option to launch themselves high into the air. If a Vince does this, they will most likely try to kill you mid-air with their secondary, so its best to kill a Vince before the get the opportunity to shotgun-jump 
  • Marksman (Semi-Auto) 
    The least played class for a reason, the Marksman has only 90 health, has a low damage output, and is pretty slow. The Semi-Auto is akin to a watered down sniper rifle, so as Detective its in your best interest to close any gaps and get right in their face. 
  • Rocketeer (RPG) 
    Another class you won’t encounter very often is the Rocketeer. Most of the time, these players are guests or extremely low level and have no idea how the game works. The RPG has a laughably small damage output, most of the time a point blank blast will not do more than 30 health. Unless this class gets a buff in the future, you won’t have any problems here. 
  • Agent (Uzi) 
    Agent is extremely similar to the Run N Gun class, they both have high fire-rates, move fast, can wall jump, and will attempt to get close to you in any fights. The Agent does have one fatal flaw making it marginally worse than Run N Gun, its bullet spread. The Uzi’s are very in-accurate and this forces most Agents to crouch and stop moving once they get close to reduce bullet spread. Once they are standing or crouching in front of you, just get a headshot and secure the kill. 
  • Bowman (Crossbow) 
    WATCH OUT FOR THIS CLASS! Most of the time Guests will play as this class not having any idea of how it works, but very rarely you will come across a player who has mastered Bowman and will torment you! The Crossbow shoots a pretty slow projectile that does 200 damage (Enough to kill any class no matter where they are hit). Bowmen will corner you, or get extremely close and one hit kill you. Your only chance to survive is to bait out their first shot and kill them while they are reloading (They only have 1 bullet in their clip and their reload time is very slow). This class is also very reliant on their knife (Which is also a one hit kill on every class) so back up if they switch to it! 
  • Commando and Trooper (Famas and Blaster) 
    These classes are extremely similar to Triggerman, with Trooper being more noticeably different. Famas and Trooper players will attempt to circle you, just cut them off and get your shots in. 
  • Hunter (Sniper Rifle) 
    The class you’ve been waiting for, the legendary AWP. The Hunter is by far the most played class in Krunker, and you are the perfect counter! The Hunter is a glass cannon, only 60 health. Because of their low health, the Revolver can kill this class anywhere except for the feet. Just remember, don’t try to fight a Hunter at long distance unless your movement is A1.


Written by murk

This is all about Krunker – How To Play Detective; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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