Krunker – How to combat hackers

Krunker – How to combat hackers 1 -
Krunker – How to combat hackers 1 -
Tired of running into hackers? here i will show you how to spot, report, avoid and even DEFEAT hackers


1. Spotting hackers

To spot a hacker, you must spectate them. "spectator mode" button is right above "click to play" text. 
there are several sus things you should keep an eye on: 
1. inhuman flicks. When somebody is behind a hacker and they turn around in literally just a milisecond and hit a perfect headshot, they are most likely hacking. 
2. pre – scoping. This one basically means that a hacker sees their foes through walls, in other words, is using esp. If you see somebody face directly a head of somebody and is even scoping at it without having a chance to see them before, it may and may not be a hacker. It might be just somebody who knows the spawns, so high lvl players might do this often, but this does not prove them guilty. 
3. killfeed. if killfeed is filled with hacker’s ign and it shows headshot symbols and wallbang symbols suspiciously often, they might be hacking. Again, pro players know which walls are penetrable and which ones are not. they also might be good headhunters too. 
4. stats. to track down a hacker, look at some of the most sus stats, like ammount of nukes (if low levels have them, they are likely hacking), accuracy (anything above 50% is starting to look sus) wallbangs/kills and headshots/kills ratio (to get this number, take walbangs or kills, depending on what are you counting and divide them by amount of kills, multiply this by 100 and you have wallbang or kill ratio in percents. for wallbangs, anything above 1% starts to look sus and for headshots, anything above 60% starts to look sus). Stats may only help as additional proof, but can never be accepted alone. 

2. Reporting hackers

Reporting via video proof 
To get a hacker banned, you need to get video proof of a hacker blatantly hacking. one kill won’t do, unless it’s very sus. 
Most viable screen recorder can be xbox game bar, it doesn’t cause a lot of lag unlike other screen recorders. You might have it already on your pc/laptop, to find out if you have it, press win+G and if it appears, you can use this recorder. You also must label the client you’re using as a game so that it can capture screen (note: this will slightly decrease your performance, but you can disable it anytime you want, however you won’t be able to capture clips if it is turned off). You can also clip last 30 seconds of the game by pressing win+alt+g if a hacker suspiciously killed you. 
To record a good evidence, you must spectate the suspect, not play with them, record until you get like 4 – 5 sus kills/shots, Also please, do not hackusate the hacker or say that you are recording or otherwise the hacker may either leave or turn off his hacks. 
Once you are done recording hacker, you must publish it on one of following sites: YouTube (video), Streamable (video), Loom (video), or Twitch (clip). Any other site will be rejected. 
Once you are done publishing, you can report a hacker via krunker hub or krunker bunker discord server (best if you do it on both). At Krunker bunker there is a report-hackers channel where you have to publish it. Info about how to do that in depth is explained by a pinned message. 
Reporting via KPD 
Another way to report hackers is to call KPD, which gets unlocked after lvl 25. chances of getting answered are small, but they are increasing over time, as more moderators are being accepted every update (soon shall hackers go extinct). 
Call it only when you are convinced that there is a hacker in the lobby or otherwise your trust score will decrease – > lesser chances of a response next time. 
After calling KPD, you will have a 10 minute cooldown. 
If you call kpd, DO NOT VOTEKICK. wait around 5 minutes and if you get no response, move on, or attempt votekick. 
also, don’t mention KPD, or otherwise the hacker will leave 
If you are lucky enough, you can see a message saying "[Hacker’s name] was arrested by K.P.D." which means that a hacker got hackertagged by a moderator. 

3. Avoiding hackers

There are several ways you can avoid or get rid of hackers. Here are good tips 
1. Don’t play during peak hours or play on abandoned servers. Play at night, best is past 9 PM respectively to server’s timezone, because hackers are already going to sleep, since they are just salty and toxic kids. If you aren’t willing to wait, just play on abandoned servers, that have 1000-100 players (also pick wisely, try to choose a server close to your region) 
2. Votekick hackers. To votekick a hacker, you have to press alt and then click on "votekick" button next to a hacker. By doing so, you will start a votekick popup that if reaches required ammount of "yes" votes (50% of the lobby), will kick a hacker from the lobby. Hacker free servers are usually 24/7 ffa servers, however, these servers are full of tryhards and you might get destroyed if you are new. but tryhards know how to vote, and people with lvl 50+ have vote weight 1,5x (their vote counts as 1,5 votes). Another way to get rid of hackers is to play on custom servers. Now by that i don’t mean Official customs, although they might be less filled with hackers, these servers are hosted by Yendis, so you can votekick hackers, but on Custom games, host can kick or even ban hackers, without votekicking them (it is also abused by salty hosts) 

4. Killing hackers

Hackers can be killed even defeated if you are good enough. You might want to just move on, but try to at least ruin hacker’s killstreak, so that they don’t have nukes. here is how to counter hackers depending of which classes they use: 
If a hacker is using sniper rifle, use LMG 
if a hacker is using LMG, use crossbow 
if a hacker is using crossbow, just keep your distance and avoid getting hit and they will miss every shot (with aimbot indeed), its best to use sniper rifle by the way 
If a hacker is using revolver, use crossbow 
if a hacker is using any automatic weapin, use either shotgun, crossbow or LMG. All 3 are viable against 
if a hacker is using semi auto, either use LMG or pray for headshots and try to kill them with a revolver. 
By being 1 step ahead and having some decent skill, you will be able to kill a hacker or maybe even win against them, this was a simplified way of countering classes hackers use, here are other things you can do: 
Avoid long range, unless the hacker is using crossbow or shotgun 
if you are going into a long hallway, try to fool hackers by pretending that you are coming out but stay in cover. Hackers will pre fire and expose their location. You can also wait till someone gets killed by a hacker or vice versa and then rush them, while they are vulnerable. 
if desperate for points, use throwing knife 

Written by _Majo_

This is all about Krunker – How to combat hackers; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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