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This guide will cover the cheat system that was added to Patch 325_5779766. This guide also covers all items that can now be spawned using the new system, as well as their effects.


You can use the following commands by pressing enter when you are in the first or third person view.

/cheats: Enable or Disable cheats

/help: Lists cheat, help, list, and give commands

/list: Lists all objects and reagents available for the give command

/give– Gives or places any object that is shown with the list command

Reagents and objects

These objects can be created with the following: /give <Object Name> Some objects may also accept an amount modifier. /give Water 15 will give you a bucket with 15 water instead of the default 20.


Items are case sensitive

– Object– Description/Effect –
BananaA Banana that can be juicened
BananaSeedFor planting a Banana Plant, you will need a seed bag
BombSpawns a Bomb to clear dirt plots
BucketSpawns an empty Bucket
ChestSpawns an immovable box (You probably shouldn’t use this)
EggSpawn a Kobold egg
EggplantYou can juice an eggplant from Spawns
EggplantSeedFor planting an Eggplant, you will need a seed bag
EquineDickSpawns an Equine Toy
GlovesSpawns Gloves are available in a variety of colors.
KoboldSpawns a randomly selected Male or Female Kobold
HardhatWearable Hardhat
HeartSpawns a Heart That Can Be Juiced
HighHeelsSpawns high heels that can be worn
IceSpawns Ice can be juiced
KandiDickSpawns a two-tone Equine Toy complete with piercings
KnottedDickSpawns a dog toy
MelonSpawns a melon that can be juiced
MelonSeedFor planting a Melon plant, you will need a seed bag
NippleBarbellPiercingsEquippableSpawns Nipple Piercings are available in a variety of styles that can be worn
NipplePumpA Nipple Pump is a good choice
OnaholeSpawns a Sleeve Type Toy
PineappleYou can juice a Pineapple from Spawns
PineappleSeedFor planting Pineapple plants, you will need a seed bag
PlantSpawns a fertilized egg that can be watered as a normal egg
ScannerA scanner device is used to verify content amounts
SpikeCollarWearable Spiked Collar
SpikeyBraceletGet a pair of wearable Spiked Bracelets
TailbagWearable Tailbag (. Currently does nothing when worn).
TailCollarSpawns a wearable Spiked Tail Ring, (Bugged. If worn when a game loads), it will reset the color to default.
TaperedDickSpawns a Lizard-shaped Toy
TroughSpawns a Trough
WateringCanSpawns a Watering Bottle
PachinkoBallSpawns the Pachinko ball (Cannot interact with, rolls continuously in one direction)
TopHatSpawns a Top Hat (Not allowed to be worn)
MiniRadioSpawns the item playing music at the 99 Club
DebrisThis) spawns a giant version the rocks from farm plots (. Bombs are not an option.
MoneyPileSpawns a Money stack with $0 value
FluidProjectileSpawns is a non-collidable fluid which has a chance of covering you in an oily sheen. (Can be washed with water)
SoilTileThis) recommendation does not recommend that you spawn an immovable farm plot. It functions exactly as the normal spaces.
StarDoorSpawns a Zero Star Door
ExplosionPrefabLiteral Explosion
MushroomYou can juice a mushroom (to make you skinnier, smaller, and more vibrant)
WheatSpawns Wheat can be juiced (. No observable effects on)
WheatSeedA seed bag for planting wheat (2nd stage explodes into wheat)
FishSpawns a Fish which explodes into Ground Beef if touched
SteakSpawns Ground Beef (- Can be juiced into ground beef liquid, gives energy slowly when consumed)



Items are case sensitive

– ObjectDescription / Effect
BloodGives a bucket full of blood (. No observable effect on)
EggGive a Kobold egg
EggplantJuiceGives you a bucket of eggplant juice
ExplosiumGives (a bucket of liquid explosive) No observable effect
FatGives you a bucket of fat (.) is very slow to digest
GrowthSerumGives you a bucket of Growth Serum
IceGives Ice
IncompleteGrowthSerumAGives you a bucket of incomplete-growth serum
IncompleteGrowthSerumBIt doesn’t matter
LoveGive a bucket of love
MelonJuiceGives a bucket full of melon juice
MilkGives one bucket of milk
MilkShakeMakes a milkshake (. Makes you thicker by)
PineappleJuiceGives Pineapple juice
PotassiumGives banana juice
ScrambledEggGives you a bucket of scrambled eggs (.) gives you energy slowly
WaterGives a bucket water
WoodGives you a bucket of liquidwood (, but does nothing)
♥♥♥Gives a condom (bucket)
MushroomJuiceGives you a bucket of mushroom juice (. Makes you smaller, skinnier, and gives you the color)
PineapplePopsiclePopsicle (Fast energy)
FlourGives a bucket (to restore a small amount) of energy.
DoughGives a ball (of dough.) slowly restores a small amount) of energy.
BurgerGives you a burger (Gets you a lot of energy quickly with)
GroundBeefGives a bucket (of ground beef) restores a small amount energy very slowly
BananaSplitGives you a banana split (.) slowly restores energy slowly
CakeMakes a cake (quickly restores energy and makes you fat)
EggNogEggnog (slowly restores energy)
YogurtGives Yogurt (slows down the release of energy and increases metabolism bar)
PieGives a pie (and restores a decent amount) of energy slowly
EggDinnerGives a bucket (of Egg Dinner). Restores a decent amount energy slowly)



Items are case sensitive

– Object– Description/Effect –

Money Amount>
Gives the specified amount of money

Stars Amount>
Gives the indicated number stars



Because of the current nature and complexity of the game, effects and commands can change between patches. As I learn of any changes or additions within the game, I will try to adjust this guide.

Written by Cale

Hope you enjoy the Guide about KoboldKare – Cheat Commands, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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