Knights of Pen and Paper 3 – Orbs & Socket Upgrades Guide

Knights of Pen and Paper 3 – Orbs & Socket Upgrades Guide 1 -
Knights of Pen and Paper 3 – Orbs & Socket Upgrades Guide 1 -

Welcome to this post This Knights of Pen and Paper 3 – Orbs & Socket Upgrades Guide was created to help you.

Although the idea of upgrading equipment with different effects has been around for a while, KoPaP 3 has made it a new experience with Ascension or Orbs. This guide will cover orbs, their uses, effects, and how they can be used (effectively).

What Orbs and How to Get Them?

The act of inserting orbs into eligible equipment is referred to as socketting. The orb will have a positive effect, depending on what it is.

Orbs can be used to create effects when inserted into equipment. Because of their utility, orbs are extremely rare and powerful. Orbs can be awarded as quest rewards. They are also dropped by enemies such as the High Zombie, who dropped a fire orb, and the White Mage, who dropped an ice orb. One of the bosses may also drop the void orb. They can also be found in the Dungeon, but they are uncommon.

How to get able to socket orbs/ Ascension

You must upgrade the Forge building in each player’s miniature town to socket orbs. You should know the level requirements to socket orbs. Every level is covered. Level 2 for 1 socket, level 4, for 2 sockets, level 6, for 3 sockets. Ascension unlocks at level 7. Forge.

Ascension is determined by the level of the item and the forge. Normal equipment can be upgraded to level 10, but in order to ascend, you must be at least level 10. Ascension grants additional stats to equipment and is required to unlock stronger content. In the future, I may create a detailed ascension guide, but not right now.

The effects of orbs, and their combinations

Orbs can have varying effects depending on the orb being socketed into an item.

For Single Orbs –

An Ice Orb grants Icy, “Creates an Ice Shield at the Start of Battle, absorbing 200 Damage.”

A Fire Orb gives Fiery, “Deals 10+ damage.”

A Void Orb gives Leech, “Drains Health for 25% of the damage done.”

For Dual Orbs Of The Same Type – (information thanks swetybalzack- Smart and Helpful)

2x Ice Orb grants Frozen, “Creates an shield at the beginning of battle, absorbing 350 Damage and increasing damage done by 20%.”

2x Fire Orb gives Flaming and “Deals +25% Damage.”

2x Void Orb gives Vampiric “Drains Health for half the damage done”.

Information from swetybalzack – Triple Orbs of the Same Type

3x Ice Orb gives Ice Cold, “Creates an Ice-Cold shield at the beginning of battle, absorbs 450 damage, increases damage done by +25%, and reflects a spell to the attacker.”

3x Fire Orb gives Blazing, Deals +35% damage to target and adjacent enemies

3x Void Orb gives Sanguisuge. “Drains Health and Energy for 75% damage dealt.”

For Combinations Of Orbs – (additional help from swetybalzack – thanks so much!

For additional effects, you can socket orbs together. This is especially useful for weapons that have more orb slots.

Ice Orb + Void Orb gives Frigid. “Reduces inbound damage by 20%.”

Fire Orb + Void Orb causes Dark Rupture. “Killed targets explode, inflicting 90% damage to all foes.”

Ice Orb + Fire Orb gives Frostburn. “Targets hit take +50% skills damage for 3 turns.”

You can also combine all three Orbs: Ice, Fire, or Void to give Elemental, “70% chance of reflecting debuffs back at the attacker.”

It is possible to use three or more of the same orb to create two different effects.

2x Ice Orb + Fire Orb gives Flaming & Icy.

2x Fire Orb + Void Orb gives Flaming & Leech

2x Ice Orb + 1x Fire Orb gives Frozen & Fiery.

2x Ice Orb + Void Orb gives Frozen & Leech

2x Void Orb + Fire Orb gives you Vampiric and Fiery.

2x Void Orb + 1x Ice Orb gives Vampiric & Icy.

It can also be done as a 2 orb combination + 1 of the exact same type as the orb.

It’s checking combos from left to right, as far as I can tell. – swetybalzack

” Thus, you can do

To get Dark Rupture + Leech, combine Fire Orb and 2x Void Orb (in the order of FVV/VFV).

To get Forstburn + Icy, combine 2x Ice Orbs (in the order of FII/IFI).

To get Frigid + Leech, Ice Orb + 2x Void Orb (in order of IVV/VIV).

Frostburn + Fiery: Ice Orb + 2x Fire Orb, in the order of FIF or IFF.

Void Orb + 2x Fire Orb in the order of FVF or VFF to get Dark Rupture + Fiery

Void Orb + 2x Icy Orb (in order VII or IVI), to get Frigid + Icy


These are all the effects and orbs we have so far!

Thank you so much swetybalzack for the additional information!

We are grateful that you took the time to go through the Knights of Pen and Paper 3 – Orbs & Socket Upgrades Guide, and we sincerely hope that you discovered it to be of assistance to you in any way. You are more than welcome to point out any mistakes or make suggestions for changes in the comments box below, and we will attend to them as quickly as we can. My warmest thoughts and prayers are with you today. The author and creator Zen_Stef inspired this post. Also, don’t forget to Bookmark Us if you enjoy the post, we add new posts daily with more content, so check us often for more posts!

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